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Toyota is Slipping

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posted on Oct, 16 2007 @ 05:22 PM
Consumer Reports says that it cannot automatically recommend Toyotas because their cars have done so poorly in their most recent evaluations.

Honda and Subaru still hold that distinction. Ford is making gains in quality and General Motors' Buick is the best domestic brand.

Consumer Reports magazine reported today that the quality of cars made by Toyota, long the benchmark for reliability among automotive brands, had slipped so much that the organization no longer will automatically recommend them.

Now, only Honda and Subaru have that distinction. Despite its emerging problems, Toyota, which also makes Lexus and Scion brand cars, still ranks third in reliability among all automakers, behind Honda, which also makes Acuras, and Subaru. The top-ranked domestic brand is General Motors' Buick.

I love my 2003 Honda Accord and I'm so stricken with the new 2007 Accord that I just might convince myself to seek a new, more lucrative employment so as to indulge my lust.

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posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 10:25 AM
Toyota make the best jeeps in the world bar maybe landrover. Over here in the UK theres a programme called TopGear, in that they got a toyota truck and tryed to destroy it and everytime the engine still started was amazing. If you want do a google search for "TopGear Toyota".

After watching that i was tempted to go outside and put a grenade inside my dads toyata truck, but i think if he found out he'd dance on my head. hahaha

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 02:55 PM
Yeah I heard that there are bad reviews on the new Camry, even though I see them everywhere. Weird. Perhaps the complaints are minor.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 03:32 PM
Oh man! I hope the newer models of Toyota Prius have no major problems. I was thinking of getting myself a new, hybrid car to replace my old timer -- a 1998 Ford Mustang. I guess, I'll end up paying for its new transmission soon, if the Toyotas don't get better reviews.

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 03:24 AM
I have a 2006 Scion, and I couldn't be happier with it. Although if I were two inches taller, I couldn't drive it. A bit more leg room would be useful in the future...

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 04:15 PM
I swear by Toyota still to be honest.

In 18 months I put 80,000 miles on a 2001 MR2 (2 seater convertible, not sure you have it in the States), and it didn't need as much as an oil change. It was, just perfect...

I now have one of the very last off the line TF 300 MR2's (2006), and it too showing to be every bit as good as the first one.

My sister has a RAV4 too, she has done 40,000 miles in a year and it too looks like new. I'd never doubt Toyota at all these days.

Conversely... My mother swears by Mercedes, and has a new one every year. Well, I should say 'Had' a new one every year.

She usually went for CLK's 280's and put about 6-8000 miles on them in the year. I have to ask why each and every one she had ended up with at least one issue every 2 months...

Broken radio, flat battery, malfunctioning electric windows, *very* flakey paint... you name it. Put her off for life!

At the moment she is running around in a Renaultsport Clio 182 Cup. Cheap, Bloody quick, and no issues at all in 45,000 miles thankfully!

All in all, I'd never hesitate buying a Toyota.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 04:17 PM

Originally posted by Who Dares Wins
Toyota make the best jeeps in the world bar maybe landrover.

I'd take a Toyota jeep every time over a Landy, with perhaps an exception of a Series 1, or a nice decommissioned 'Pinkie'!

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 12:08 PM
I know I love my 2006 Scion XB,very easy to work on and no problems,I have a Land Rover and have put close to 14 k into it in last 2 yrs,Toyotas rock

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by Oldtimer2

My 1999 T100 work, pickup has absolutly been trashed, abused, hit a cow, poorly maintained and runs better today than when I bought it new.
Looks a little rough but so do I. I don't remember even having a flat on that PU. 200K mi.

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 11:38 AM
I still have a 1997 Corolla (that's 11 years old), and although I usually get another car at about 100,000 miles this one is there and looks like it's still good for a long time.

Aside from routine maintenance, all I've had to do for it is:

Tune up - 80,000 mi.
battery-95,000 mi.
Starter-95,000 mi.
Looks like the brakes may need some work soon.

So far it's been the lowest maintenance car I've ever owned. I think I'll get another one when this one expires. I love it.

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