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confessions dulce base

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posted on Oct, 12 2007 @ 05:56 PM
i put this in the skunk works forum because i have no proof besides this mans word i cant give his name away i talked to him and asked him if i can put his story on ATS he said it would be okay i met him through a dulce investigation group then recently i met him in person he showed me some of his things from when he was in the military his uniform and what not but im going to share with you his story from when he joined our group "Hi,

First of all I want to thank you and your group for letting me join, when i came accross your web site and communication on the subject of (if there was or is an underground base near Dulce N.M.) I saw where I may shed some light on this from what i know, thats how we learn you see from each others knowledge, my knowledge stems from my time in the military over 30 yrs ago, i was in the U.S. Army from Aug 1974 to Aug 1983,I was a Sgt First Class or by military terms an (E-7), I worked as a platoon sgt in a transport unit.
we were dispatched out all over the country to many different installations to deliver different loads dealing with military hardware some of which was classified or of sensitive origin, On this one particular delivery I was driving one of (3), 5 ton trucks with a highly classified load of which we were not told what it was nore were we given the inventories or laden sheets, they were given to a unmarked sadan that followed behind us the men in the sadan though we seldom saw them were in suits ( non military) we found this odd but on several occations this was the case but we did not dare ask questions.
We were dispatched from Fort Hood texas our detination was to an out post some where around 50 miles north of Los Alamos N.M. we were in the middle of nowhere! it seemed and there in the middle of nothing but desert and hills was a small one man guard shack big enough for one man ,about 30 feet to the left of the shack was a white stob about 6 feet tall , mind you this is in the middle of NO WHERE! 110 degrees outside and all the sudden an officer steps out of this one man shack, but looking through the windows of the shack you could plainly see noone was in there a second before...where did he come from? he then orders us to park our trucks in front of this stob come outside our trucks and then stand parade rest facing south away from the trucks and so we did there was no noise mind you no loud sounds we stood there for about half and hour then we were ordered to about face and we did and our 3 trucks were facing the opposite direction and empty!, then we were ordered
back to our trucks and escorted by this sadan back to the main road and returned to Ft Hood. later I asked my B.C. or battalion comander who was a Full Bird Col. which is 1 rank below a Brigadeer General , who i had known along time and we were good friends as well about this situation in the desert he told me that there are secret undergound compounds all over the U.S. and thats what happened to those trucks we delivered there they were lowered down to a lower level in this installation underground and unloaded he said this base was one of the largest & oldest in the country at that time, again keep in mind this is back in 1981, later I over heard him talk about other underground installations in Texas, Arizona, Long island & Florida, and some of the activities that went on in them were mind bending to say the least, Our Gov. is dealing in areas that are Extremly Dangerous and make the Twighlight Zone look like saturday morning cartoons!, Well I am very nervous
right now for even talking about this its been years since i have, there is much much more but this is enough for now. Is there an underground base near Dulce....I can say Yes there is...I was there.

John " i cannot verify that his is true just that he was in the military and he seems credible atleast from when i spoke to him im sharing this because it may shed some more light on the subject. also now we can try to find this gaurd shack if its still there.

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