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Hidden Reality. REALITY

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posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 07:09 AM
So, why is it that religion was invented? Why do all civilisations have very very similar beliefs, just interpreted or symbolised and personified in different ways? Why do "we" disregard the fact that ancient texts, from every continent on earth, and myths and legends from every civilisation all speak of the same things when they talk about creation?
It has been masked.
Mass destruction of information and scholars and scientists and people of non-mainstream beliefs has occured in the past through countless book burnings and crusades. Why? What did "we" know back then that needs to be hidden?
It is obvious, through study, that the world, the whole world, experienced a major major disaster many years ago (say, 3114bc).
This disaster, it seems, also happened before that. The people of the time (in some areas) knew it would happen to them because they knew their true past. They kept history in stories and tales. It only seems unlikely to us because we have been brought-up to believe that myths and legends arent real, well most of them probably are. And when you delve much deeper into this you will start to see that the peices all fit into the big puzzle.
The past has been hidden for good reason. If the public were to know what is about to happen to our world, society itself would grind to a halt, all things would be unimportant. If you knew without a shadow of a doubt, that today was going to be your very last, would you go to work? What if you knew it was your last, say, 62 months? Would you go to work?
The powers that be, back then, decided it would be best if the people of the future didnt know what was true, it would cause anarchy once the time drew close and all things "westernised" (or "romanised" rather), would be a waste of time. So they invented a knew system, and twisted the holy book of the Jews, mixed it in with true dates of astronomical events that "we" already celebrated, they killed of all their threats, teachers and prophets, and over the next few generations they bred a society that blindly followed. A society that still blindly follows.
One day, in the near future (the exact time is known, but you'll roll your eyes if I write it. Study up and you'll know what I'm on about) our Sun, and the solar system, will pass through the equatoral plane of the galaxy, this will put us into the opposite magnetic polarity and our poles will shift. Bad news. While they shift, apart from unimaginable earthquakes, new mountains, new land, sunk land e.t.c., the Earth's magnetic field will temporarily dissappear, 90 percent of us will likely die from massive radiaton and disasters. This aint no s**t niether.
So "they" made up this world "we" live in. "They" have kept themselves in power, through secret societies and monarchies and the like, so as to ensure the secret is kept.
They know.
Have you been under the mountains in Nevada? Under the Vatican? I've heard rumours, that's all, you guys probably know more than me about all this. I do look forward to your views and critisms.
It would be nice to be told that this event can't and won't happen. 'Cos it's not gonna be fun!

posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 07:36 AM
Hi NathanNewZealand

Great post. In short, I totally agree with you - the world as we know it is a total illusion! We are ruled by the few who have dumbed society down to be blind, ignorant followers. We are distracted by the system imposed on us and we are far too busy trying to live within the system to bother finding out what "they" are up to.

Please U2U me the date you are referring to. I have now had 8 dreams of a massive wave hitting the coast of Australia. This thing is far bigger than anything in recorded history, so I am very keen to find out this date of yours.

I have been researching ancient history and hidden mysteries for many years now and find that the deeper I look, instead of finding answers, I find more questions. It can be incredibly hard sometimes discerning the facts from the lies.

Anyway, please, tell me more...

Kind regards,


posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 07:43 AM
.... I was just over that "4 to 5 dimensional" thread and to be honest w/ you here -- we're ruined. "Cosmic catastrophes" black holes and massive earthquakes, pole shifts! Death to 90% of us?! While *they* got the miles-underground bases, we all die and of course, they ain't warning us about this. That other thread should be FLAGGED and FORWARDED to everyone you know -- it's the MATH PROOF of an imminent happening.

Don't want to hear people trying to silence ANYONE starting 2012 threads anymore. Let alone the FACT that the abstract is dated 10/07 and they sort of mention it's happening NOW!

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posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by Dobbie

Hi Dobbie, it's december 21st 2012 my brother.
Be prepared, be ready for the worst.
The centre of most galaxies we study have a black hole in them. We can't see into ours because of too much light pollution But our galaxy is large, and therefore we theorise that it too has a black hole.
Now, as we pass over the magnetic cornia of our galaxy, the black hole will seriously warp our idea of space-time, this will give rise to a new level of awarness and understanding, and also to mass hysteria and madness. All while our planet reacts violently to it's polar shift, rotation reversal, magnetic field collapse and subsequent disruptions. Bombardment of space debris, massive volcanoes filling the atmosphere with sulphur, intense levels of radiation, searing heat and extreme sub zero tempurates, super hurricanes and unbelievable seas. Tectonic plates moving around like a leaf on a lake of lava, rising and sinking and causing new mountains, new continents, sinking old ones. no help, no food, poisoned sulphur water, anguish, for decades to come.
Prepare Dobbie. Something wicked, this way comes.

posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 05:55 PM
Hey Nathan im kinda in the same boat as Dobbie. Would like to be directed to a source to read. Im now starting to question whats really taking place in this world. Trying to obtain peace within and the truth but its hard being raised into a society thats been over manipulated by the so called "norm".


posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 07:22 PM
Dec 21,2012 is the date of the alignment. It is also the date that the planet Nibiru is supposed to be at it's outermost orbit and into the plane of our orbit. There are a great many different things that are supposed to happen on this date. The Myan calender ends on this date, as do several other ancient calenders (these are not exactly on the 21st, but fairly close in December).
But the thing to remember is that the Earth isn't on a switch. You can't just shut it off like a light bulb. The forces that we are discussing here are massive but slow moving. If you use a hurricane as an example, the peak would be on 21 Dec 2012, but you would know about and feel it's effect long before and long after it's peak. There is the period of winds and rising surf before land fall, and the period of flooding and high winds after the peak has passed over. The worst of the hurricane lasts a breif time, but the storm rages for days before and after.
This alignment is a 27,000 yr deal that has happened before. Nibiru is supposed to happen every 3,600 yrs. The Myan calendar ends, but calls for a change and likely restarts(I haven't seen this said, but it is logical that it would restart). The shift of magnetis poles has happened before and will happpen again, it's just a fact of nature. Everything that is about to happen, has happened before and our species has survived it.
No doubt there will be some problems. Our technology will no doubt suffer from the event. But there is going to be more than adequate warning as the forces involved increase in power over the time leading up to 21 Dec 2012. Most of what I have read points to an increase in weather and solar intensity starting as early as 2010. Techtontic and volcanism starting in 2011, peaking in 2012 and tapering off into 2013. By 2014 most of the effects will have receeded and the Earth will stabilize by 2015.
So by this timetable, you have time to learn a few new skills and prepare yourself physicallly, that is by building a greenhouse etc. to fulfill your requirements. There is no need to go hog wild until there are actual solid proof that something is coming. You can do most of what is needed without the neighbours wondering if you have slipped your mooring.
My suggestion would be to start by slowly building a survival supply of foods and water. Just a bit at a time using the supplies that will keep the best. Get a source of heritage seeds and start growing them in your garden and learn how to get seeds from them. Stock up on supplies that will be hard to get such as tools, knives and ammunition, and store them properly so that they will last. Acquire equipment that doesn't run on batteries such as the crank or shake type flashlights and radios. Get hold of or make a crank type generator to use to power your rechargers for things such as walkie talkies and flashlights. A couple solar panels or a wind generator are a good investment and will provide some power.
These things can be done over time and don't stand out. If someone does question you about it, most governments actually encourage their people to make a survival package for the event of storms and power outages. FEMA will actually give you a list and guidelines for such a survival kit. Just be careful about the firearms and ammunition. People get a bit squirly about stockpiled ammo, so keep it quiet and sealed up out of sight. Sealed in a zip lock bag with a desicant package and locked in a steel container in the back corner on a shelf out of sight is the best bet.
Remember that panic is what idiots do. Honest fear is an friend, panic is your worst enemy. Fear keeps you from doing stupid things and makes you cautious. Panic is fear that you let control you and will do terrible things right up until it kills you. Ther is no reason to panic about this. Being uncertain is a good thing and will allow you to make preparations for the possible event. And if nothing happens in 2012, you will have new hobbies and an effective survival package for the next storm or power outage. The equipment that you have will be very useful for your next camping trip, and if you have been quiet about it, the neighbours will admire your garden as opposed to thinking your the nut next door.

posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 03:30 AM
We have the machinery to live in space or travel to other planets faster than the shuttle (alledgedly) yet our benevolent masters keep us chatting about sports, money and happiness. While we wait for the unknown, which they might know.

posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 03:44 AM
Friday 21 December is a bad day for me! I will probably be out having a beer with some friends. Or maybe i'll be home watching the kids. Could we do this shapeshift/timelaps/dimensional thing another day ?

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posted on Oct, 17 2007 @ 08:20 AM
Hi NathanNewZealand,

Yes, this date is an interesting one. In one of my 8 "tsunami" dreams, I saw my son as a young teenager which is exactly how old he would be in 2012.

I'm not sure if many of us will survive the destruction that I have visioned, but one thing I can tell you my friend - is that our consciousness or spirit is eternal. If we are to be physically wiped out - it won't be the end! Of that, my friend, I am certain!

Warmest regards,


posted on Oct, 17 2007 @ 09:43 AM
I first heard of this back in 2003-2004 I was reading a web page online. It was talking about nibiru and how its gonna come so close to our planet that it will disrupt our magnetic field. The artical whent on to say that once everything gets wiped out the ones that are left are gonna become slaves to the Aliens that inhabit the planet Nibiru. At the end of the page there was a link to this cheesey website that sells cheap bomb shelters!!

Way to sell your crap there buddy!! One thing I didnt understand was why would you want to survive if you know that later some giant Aliens are gonna make you there slaves?

I dunno if I believe it but Like Jim Morrison once said "I wanna have my kicks before the whole s**thouse goes up in flames!!"

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