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How to unite capitalists, communists, and socialists

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posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 06:56 PM
We have common interest to better the world, correct? Capitalists, Communists, and Socialists should unite to become what I call Commonists. I'm here to convert all of the society. The APPS (Active Participation Pay Society) is a new society I propose to plant in the minds of everyone that will change the world from nation to nation. How does it go? Well, imagine money flowing in reverse to a society with a minor catch.


You get paid to faithfully:

1) live in a particular apartment or house. (example: so if the rent is $1000 a month--instead that's what you'll get by the month)
2) own a particular automobile.
3) watch a particular program.
4) listen to a particular radio program.
5) use a particular business/company service or product. (example: if a box of crackers costs $2.99--instead that's what you'll get from the cashier. You get it now?)
6) wear particular hats, chothing, and shoes.
7) go to a particular school.
8) use utilities (like electric, gas, and water).
8) etc. else I cant think of right now.

EVERYTHING you would normally pay for in life pays you instead. The catch is this, you got to have a non-paying job (all jobs will be non-paying in this kind of society) which you pay to work for. You'd only be required be an active consumer and to pay-as-you-gain-along all that money you obtained to that employer you work for. In turn that employer would only use that money so their product/service can pay its consumers.

^^^Would that kind of reverse society work better than how this current capitalist society works? How do you think the economy would be in this kind of society?

In this I think companies/businesses would try to employ more so they can have more offered for growing consumers. That's a good thing, correct? There would be no more poor class since everyone is a consumer. And I think there would be no more need for credit cards any further. More ppl would have the means to put together a company or business plan and build that company or business, and get paid doing so.

Some ppl would think to say: Wouldn't ppl then only work at one kind of easy job?

^^^I dont think so. Money wouldnt flow if there were, say, too many DQs around because there wouldnt be that many DQ consumers to where it be an open season to where ppl could only then work for an easy job such as DQ. As easy jobs get filled, by less educated ppl, to the max capacity they would be taken off the average job seeker's list of a job to work for of course. Therefore job seekers would know they would have to be able to branch out into a well enough array of fields inorder to find that non-paying job they are more than likely qualified for by their educational/training background.

In this kind of society those that cant land a job, who dont wish to start a business/company, would have to pay for education. And if they wise it would be an education that would benefit them into the future. Let me make something clear... To avoid paying for, say, higher education one would somehow have to get themself what they can such as a low-skilled job to work until they finish their higher education to then get a job in the field they like that they are qualified for.

And understand those who get fired in this kind of society wouldnt be under the APPS until they get hired again.

^^^And the money saved over before APPS hit the society is what they'd have to live off of while being unemployed. Plus, if they got friend under APPS they'd be doing o.k. in living.

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posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 09:40 PM
The incentive to do a good job is still there because you could still get fired. Then you'd be out of the APPS.

I tell you, the companies by demand would create good products. Plus, the governmental laws in place to protect consumers would still be there. You know, so no one gets lead poisoned or killed by a product. The money a company pays out depends on how many employees that are active consumers they have so money can be obtained from them. Folks wouldn't have any business getting everything they could but if they did that would make it be more created jobs to meet the demands of the consumers. But to be wise about it... Every company should set up a pre-order system that ties into their consumers somehow. Imagine pre-ordering something at a store and maybe putting a down payment on it by the internet or by phone or in person... This way ppl would know ahead of time what all they'll be able to get with competing consumers to keep in mind. If the company wants more loyal consumers they would TRY to put each consumer first over an over wanted quantity from, say, one particular consumer. And consumers would know this and respect it we can only think. So companies would just work to balance out their pre-orders to meet the desires of more than just one single consumer.

When it comes to food (and just food) it should be so consumers can only own a certian number of each specific item by day or by week without a quantity coupon. A quantity coupon allows a consumer to get more of a specific item than without that coupon by day or by week.

^^^That's under the APPS. Want to stock up on food incase of an emergency? Just use the money save over from before APPS hit society. That way you can buy in great quantities if you'd like. Yes, indeed the old society will still be there to use as back up when and if you become unemployed.

You wonder about property taxes and income taxes in this new society? Well they pay you too!! But when not under APPS you got to pay them their portian for the period you're not under APPS.

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