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Giza: A Warning From Antiquity - Part 2

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:03 PM

Originally posted by Scott Creighton
reply to post by enduser

Hello Enduser,

Thanks again for your post. You write:

Enduser: ...surely the mere fact the queens pyramids are even there would raise questions as to their purpose?

SC: Yes indeed. The PRIMARY function of the queens pyramids at Giza is to present to us the arrangement of the belt stars at their 2 culminations. In this regard I think that the 2 sets of queens pyramids do this rather well. As I said - it is not unreasonable to consider that the 2 sets of 3 queens are symbolic representations of the 3 main Gizamids, symbolising the belt stars at their 2 culminations. The main Gizamids symbolise the belt stars whilst the 2 sets of queens pyramids symbolise the arrangement of the belt stars at their 2 culminations. Without showing us the culminations we simply could not unequivocally identify the main Gizamids with the belt stars. The queens pyramids as precessional culmination markers affords us this certainty. The ancients knew this. It's really that simple.

If you consider the 3 main Gizamids as being symbolic of the belt stars, then what else do you consider the two sets of 3 queens pyramids could be representing? Is it not simple common sense to conclude that these 2 sets of 3 pyramids represent some other attribute of the main pyramid structures i.e. some other aspect of the belt stars - such as the 2 culminations? Is this not the most logical conclusion to draw for these structures?

If not then tell me - what OTHER purpose might the 2 sets of queens pyramids have served? I'd be interested to know your own thoughts on this question.

Best wishes,

Scott Creighton

PS - Please keep in mind that no original burial of any queen has been confirmed in any of the queens pyramid structures.

I find it interesting that the belt of Orion is mentioned in so many movies.

Men In Black
Stargate SG1 The television show

Also, I have said this before, but I believe the pyramids to be "the Ark" of Noah, as the original transliteration of the Tanak gives the building perimeters of 3 each of 100 by 50 and finished to a single cubit "above" with a "rise" of 30 and not one vessel of 300, but 3 each of 100. Inside were to be 3 levels and there was to be a door "in the side". This is where ratio being a "just" measure comes into play. The translation of "Gopher wood" is only found once in the bible, yet it is an unknown wood. After some study, I found that there could of been a mistake in that G and K are very similar, which would of rendered the word "Kopher" which is stone and not "Gopher wood" which there is no record of actually existing.

Also, it says the ark came to rest on Ararat, but this also could be Erets which means "the drain off place" or "Desert".

"God" would have been saying, "I set my bow in the heavens", that is Orions Bow and not a Rain bow.

I have sources if you are ever interested in verifying it. Who knows it could bear a clue to solving this puzzle.

Thanks again Scott.


posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 06:11 AM
I'm looking now at the slides of part1.ppt, slide 18 and 19 where you present the number Pi encoded.
What does the 4th square represent between the pyramid of Khufu and the 3 small pyramids?

posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by Ayrton

Hello Ayrton,

Many thanks for your post.

Ayrton: I'm looking now at the slides of part1.ppt, slide 18 and 19 where you present the number Pi encoded.

What does the 4th square represent between the pyramid of Khufu and the 3 small pyramids?

SC: This small pyramid was discovered by Dr Zahi Hawass in 1991 and is claimed by him to have been Khufu's Cult Pyramid. My own view is that this small structure has much more significance and although it may have been 'appropriated' by Khufu's Cult, this may not have been the original purpose/function for this structure.

Indeed, were it not for this very small structure we would not have been presented with a 'digital' expression of Pi

* * * / * / * * * *

in the satellite pyramids and I would not then have thought of circumscribing this 'implied circle' (clockface) around the three most extreme points of the Giza pyramid field. It's my considered view that this 3-1-4 arrangement of the satellite pyramid structures is a 'clue', a beacon that draws our curiosity to investigate further, to realise that this is no random placement but is unquestionably the work of 'intelligent design'.

In a sense this arrangement of the satellite structures at Giza is like the famous "WOW Signal". An 'intelligent signal' sent to us not across space, but across time.

Best wishes,

Scott Creighton

posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 02:43 PM
Many thanks for the reply.

I just wondered since on the map there was nothing representing the 4th pyramid but I guessed it would have to be a ruin.

Your theories really are quite extraordinary.

I certainly would love to know what's still down there, and up there.

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