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EVP conversations

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posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 02:19 PM
a reply to: JasonZeroZero5

If it makes you feel ill get away from it, rest up, eat a hot meal and take it easy. You can always post what they said down the road, in a year or two. I had an experience that involved me being shown a universe or alternative world overlapping ours and I was told that our thoughts do effect them. So I believe you with an understanding that you could be trolling but due to my experience what you posted would fit the scenario I was shown.

Now, please, go eat a hot meal and kick back, you'll be just fine, I'm still here many years later after my experience. And imho going to church does raise vibrations if it's a heartfelt intention. Be happy,


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posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: seentoomuch

Thank you, but I'm not trolling. I'm not that sort of person anyhow, but I guess it's difficult to tell nowadays. I of course still have all the recordings.

Also I should point out, that these are not random noises that I'm mistakenly hearing as voice like sounds. If I didn't hear something, she'd repeat what she said, again and again even. That doesn't happen with random noise. Plus the fact that I didn't record my own questions (would have been spoken much too quietly in any case), meaning that I have no cue any longer for what older recordings might contain, and yet they still are understandable.
Something odd about the repeated sentences, is that if I asked her to start from half way through (from a certain word because I had understood up until that point), she still repeated the whole sentence. This is the only sort of clue if I'm to theorize why they speak as soon as the record button is pressed, that I can use. I think the action of them being connected with the recording device (I know, that sounds bizarre!) somehow causes them to translate into this reality in linear time. It therefore doesn't make sense, if I ask for a repeat of a sentence but starting from midway. They have something they want to say, and the recorder allows it to flow out in a way that makes sense in our reality. Again this is only my basic crappy theory, because otherwise it's a mindf###.
Something else that might help, is that I asked if she could travel through time, and she said yes. She scanned my whole life seemingly, within a few seconds, although she made a mistake with my birth year at first, and gave my sister's, but on the next message without me saying anything (I pressed record straight after hearing my sister's year of birth), she got my year of birth spot on.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 02:47 PM
a reply to: JasonZeroZero5

Good theory! I hope some of the other members show up that are into the mechanics of this.

Thanks for sharing you experiences with us but only share what you feel comfortable with, 'k? Take care of yourself.

Fascinating read!


posted on Feb, 10 2016 @ 07:58 AM
Just letting you know this is my new user name, I lost my password for JasonZeroZero5.
Stupid I know.

posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 10:57 AM
Hi Jason Zero Zero 5,

If you are hearing them on practically every recording, then there are risk, I had a similar very terrible situation arise out of my own experience with EVP. It's a long account, but I'll paste a brief summary below as well as what someone explained to me that has been helping me get out of the mess I got myself into. Not saying your situation is the same, but there are risk: Be cautious

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd share my bizarre and unfortunate story of my experience with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)so perhaps hopefully it may serve as a warning or at least give anyone who is thinking about actively engaging in any sort of ghost hunting or the sort something to consider before they do.

I have always been interested in the paranormal, for many years, not exclusively, but it was something that I would occasionally pick up a book on, or watch shows about. Almost exactly a year ago, I was into this interest again but for the first time, I decided to actively experiment with EVP. I tried it a few times in my home (I know bad idea),

I literally heard nothing on my recordings at first, but I had read that EVP was something you had to put a little time into to get result, so I kept with it for a couple of weeks. Then about two weeks after I first started, I picked up a couple of captures on a recording I did one afternoon.

These were fairly clear, one was a very deep voice. This blew my mind, it was definately a life changing experience. In a few follow up recordings I did that day, I captured nothing, it was only that one recording that I got anything on.

However, within a matter of days, I started to notice very faint voices on my recordings, I would usually have to go over the recording a few times to make out what was being said, but the more I did this, the better I could hear these voices.

This was a critical moment in shaping what was to follow I think, because I truly believe that at this time, something with my hearing was changing, I was tuning in to another plane I believe.

Shortly after that, I had gotten much better at hearing these EVPS, some were still faint, but there were alot of ones that were louder and clearer. I did submit several recordings to a paranormal forum, and others there heard them to. I was getting so good at hearing them, that I actually started to interact with them, getting names, and other info.

Many of these spirits claimed to be people who I had known who had passed on. But all and all, they were extremely benevolent. The whole experience up to this point was nothing but a positive one. That is until a bit later when I started to hear negative comments in my recordings. Things like profanity, threats, insults, etc... It was slight at first, but they started to creep into my EVP sessions more and more until they for the most part came to dominate them.

This is when I knew I had a problem on my hands, and looking back now I wish I had called it quits then and there, but unfortunatley I didn't and I wasn't at all prepared for what was to follow.

Then things really started to go bad, when one day at work, I was near a running fan, and all of a sudden I started hearing these same negative voices coming through the noise of the fan, I mean quite loud and clear. This freaked me out completely so I quit doing EVP right then and there, but unfortunatley it was already too late. In the weeks that followed I had many more instances of hearing these voices.

Alot of times it was over some type of existing background noise, but not always. Actually when I was doing my EVP sessions, alot of times I would play some type of background noise like white noise in the background, this is generally believed to act as a carrier sound, it gives the spirits a source of sound waves that they can manipulate into a voice or speech, so I think that generally, this same thing was going on when I heard these voices coming in over an existing sound.

But I would also hear them in others way, like a faint whisper, or other times, like a voice was talking right into my ear, I sware sometimes I even felt a faint breath touching my ear lobe.

Anyway, these voices were getting worse by the week, then something else started to happen. As I lay in bed at night, I started to feel a weird vibration sensation move around my body and also what I can only describe as the feeling of a finger coming through the mattress and poking me in the back. This made getting to sleep very difficult to say the least.

I started to become very worried at this point and then one day, literally over the course of a single day, things just escalated to an extreme level, where I was hearing these voices constantly and feeling these vibration feelings everytime I sat or lay down. Some of these voices where so intense that I could even feel a vibration, like the ground shaking when they spoke. I can't put into words what a nightmare it was.

My life literally almost fell apart completely. And on top of that, I had a few instances of poltergeist activity, I would hear running through my house, banging on walls a few times, and once a door was literally slamed open right in front of me, whenever this happend, there was no one there but me.

Anyway, I could go on, there's so much more to my tale of woe, but this post is already long enough. I know peoples first thought is that I'm suffering from some type of mental breakdown. Believe me, I almost wish that was the case, but there's just too much that points to something else in my opinion. I never heard voices before I started messing with EVP.

I'm still, the same person I always was, I still work, own my home, everything I always did, I just had this extrememly powerful experience happen to me after messing with EVP. And actually, in the year since this started, I have met others that also had this happen to them from messing with EVP on various forums, I correspond with them all the time and there are alot of similarites to all of our stories.

Maybe this just happens to people who are a bit more sensitive, I really don't know, I know once I got going with EVP, I was getting EVPS fairly easily so maybe that's a part of it.


"What you need to know about these negative
earthbound spirits is that practically every word
that comes out of their mouths is a lie. They'll say
just about anything to get your attention, and they
love to speak half-truths and riddles to keep you
infinitely guessing and totally unsure of yourself.
They want to keep you in a state of indefinite
suspension so that you are subject to
manipulation and control, and never for any
positive reasons"

posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 11:18 AM

here's more advice from the person that has been helping me out alot. I was hearing a mix of good and bad voices both on my recordings and after (once it developed into clairaudience)...again, not trying to throw gloom your way, but sometimes these situations go bad, I'd say take everything you hear with a grain of salt if you are going to continue:

"The reduction of positive and negative voices to
exclusively negative ones is a normal transition in
the phenomenon of spirit attachments. Your friend
Kelly is essentially correct and gave you the
appropriate advice. These entities like to pretend
to be both benign and malignant personalities to
lure you into an impressionable psychological
state over which they can influence, and ultimately
control, your decision-making abilities. Since most
persons will not be immediately influenced by
purely negative verbal suggestions by malignant
personalities, they will also masquerade as benign
personalities to slowly work you down to trusting
them. Their only goal is to get you to continue
paying attention to them and to be influenced by
them, so they will use whatever means necessary
to achieve this. The "good cop, bad cop" strategy
is their favorite ploy to deceive their hosts into
believing their lies. Since the victim assumes that
at least some of the voices are helpful, they will listen to them and thus open themselves up to outside psychological
influence. Paying attention to at least some of the
voices will also keep you tuned into them,
amplifying the voices. Once this no longer works,
the spirit attachments will discard the benign
personalities altogether and become totally
malignant because they have determined that
their passive-aggressive tactics no longer work.
These things are all about going from one tactic to
the next to do as much damage as possible under
any given circumstance. Overcoming their
strategies will always consist of completely
desensitizing yourself to their current form of
abuse so that you are in no way affected by it. It's
an annoying and painstaking process, but I and
others like me are proof that it does indeed work.
In fact, it is the only way to truly deal with them."
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posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 12:11 PM

"you have already noticed that the voices were
weaker in the beginning and progressively
became more distinct and oppressive as time
went on. The real reason that it slowly happened
this way is because these entities were actually
being forced to adapt to your energy vibrations
and learning how to manipulate sound waves as
they travel to your inner ear canal. To explain,
let's look at EVPs, for example. An EVP is
captured by recording empty audio in a silent
room, in hopes that when the recording is played
back, voices will be present. Now, it may seem
that the voices mysteriously manifest in the
recorded audio without cause, but this isn't
actually the case. What is really happening is that
earthbound spirits are tuning themselves to
manipulate low-frequency sound waves as they
travel to the
recorder's microphone, so that while their voices
cannot be heard while the session is recording
live, they can be heard when the session is played
back and amplified. Since the spirits are subtlely
manipulating normally inaudible sound waves as
they travel to the recorder's microphone, only the
recorder picks it up.
In effect, for these earthbound spirits to
communicate with you, they have essentially done
the same thing as with the recorder: Over time,
they've learned how to manipulate low-frequency
sound waves as they bounce off your ear drums,
so that only you can hear the voices. This is why
nobody can hear them but you.

They're actually
manipulating sound waves as they enter your
inner ear canal. Their voices are so quiet that no
one could possibly hear them but you. Since they're spirits, they
don't actually have voices of their own, so the only
way they can communicate audibly is by
manipulating pre-existing audio into

In your case, when
you chose to make EVPs a routine, you were
effectively providing these things more and more
time to learn how to speak to you directly. This is
why, with time, you began to hear EVPs more
clearly, because gradually you and the spirits
were both tuning yourselves to hear one another."
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posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 12:17 PM

and also, asking spirits direct questions about personal info such as birthdays, etc.... is not always that reliable because they can see and hear your thoughts. (though some are better than others at it). You can test this by asking them on a recording to state something that you're thinking about, for example tell them to state a number between 1 and 10 that you are thinking about

everyones thoughts are broadcast out into the astral so interogating them with things that you would only know is pretty much pointless in most cases because your mind will think of the answer and they are seeing this right away
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posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 01:04 PM

Just one more thing. In the past year since this all happend to me, I've found quite a few cases of these malevolent earthbound entities "coming out of the recordings" and wreaking havoc in peoples lives. In pretty much all of our cases, we all started to get EVPs quite frequently and seemingly all too easy in the beginning. Myself, it took about 2 weeks before I started getting EVPs on pratically every recording I did. I correspond with a woman who got a clear EVP on her very first recording attempt ever, and same thing with her, within a short period of time she began to capture them on every recording she did. So I think there are just certain people that are very sensitive and open to the other side and doing things like EVP , or any form of spirit communication puts us at greater risk to unintentionally inviting all sorts from behind the veil. It takes down our blinders so to speak.

In most of the accounts, these malevolent earthbound spirits set people up in the same manner:

They either lure you in to further interacting with them by pretending to be friends or relatives who have passed on, or they claim to be passing on and revealing to you hidden insights about the spirit worlds, parallel universes, etc.....etc....

They base their deceptions around what they think will work on you to lure you in.....they are masterful kool-aid peddlers.

it's also possible that in some cases people start out communicating with benevolent spirits but these deceiving malicious sort break in to the contacts....this happend to some of the more involved ITC contacts that took place in the late 80's and 90's.

these accounts are nothing new, I've found a few going back to the 1800's during the spiritualist craze but these days the havoc that these malevolent spirits cause is more often than not lablelled by the medical community as mental illness. These malevolent entities can cause some of the phenomenon like poltergeist activity, etc....that we see in movies, but their main target is against our minds. Until mainstream science and medicine except the reality of parallel universes, this is unfortunatley most likely how it will continue for quite a long time to come,

again, not to throw a bunch of gloom out at you, just wanted to share some of my experience as I would hate for anyone to have to go through the hell that I went through this past year.

here's an account I found in an old spiritualist book:

Bennington, .N.H., November 12, 1899."

"Dear Sir:
"As I have had some experience with undeveloped or evil-disposed spirits, I will briefly state my case. Five years ago this fall, I discovered that I was mediumistic, and very rapidly developed into a writing medium at first automatic, then inspirational, and finally, I became clairaudient. Soon, I had unmistakable test, and knew I was communicating with relatives and very dear friends. Having been a great skeptic all my life, it was so marvelous and astounding that I could not get satisfied, and passed much of my time writing. Ignorantly I opened the door for all grades of spirits to walk in, and being selfish and earthly, they stayed, controlling me to the exclusion of all my identified friends.
Finally, sad as it was, I was obliged to give to give up all intercourse with spirit-intelligences, and when they found that I would not write for them, they commenced talking, and kept it up tormenting me day and night, for several weeks. The more they found I was annoyed, the more persistent they were, and at last it became unbearable. I had to use all my strength of will to stop it, and I succeeded after a time. They threatened if I would not talk with them, that they would follow me to my death or make me insane. Then I thought it time to see who would conquer. My will was thoroughly aroused. I would not listen to their talk, and when sewing or driving, if alone, would repeat hyms and poetry, and when at the table, I was allowed to do all the talking. When retiring at night, I would read myself to sleep. They would wake me several times in the night, but I always had a book at hand, and would read myself to sleep again. If I relaxed my vigilance for one instant, they were there ready to commence their everlasting chatter and babble. It was nearly two weeks after I commenced this line of earnest, positive and stringent warfare that I got entirely rid of them. I have not been troubled by the talking since.
Once or twice a year I try to communicate with spirits by writing, but apparently the same evil influences - the same demons, always come, and will try to impersonate some of my friends, but I can readily distinguish the difference. I have about given up all expectations of ever being able to excercise my gift, for these evil-disposed, obsessing spirits will not allow it. I will kindly ask you not to publish my name in this connection, for I am extremely sensitive about it. I read an article in a Spiritualist paper once, saying "like attracts like". This I do not believe. Cetainly, it is not true in my case. It is more true that "fools rush in where angels fear to tread." I want no more of this obsessing spiritism."
Respectfully yours,

here's some good insight from ITC researcher Mark Macy from his blog about the dangers when we "take our blinders off"

Fortunately, our human minds and bodies have evolved over the centuries with effective spiritual blinders that block our view of the unsavory shadow world around us. The five senses and brain are keyed-in to the material world. All of the spirit worlds are invisible, and avail themselves to us only if and when we activate our dormant “sixth sense”… that is, if and when our spiritual blinders come down for whatever reason.

Having spiritual blinders is a good thing and a bad thing. On the up side, they protect us from the clamor and frenzy that roil just across the veil from us. On the down side, they keep us spiritually ignorant… caught up in the illusion that the material world is everything… that there is no spiritual reality.

Our built-in spiritual blinders don’t just protect us from the low-level spiritual riff-raff all around us; they also block our view of the vast, ethereal worlds of love and wisdom that hold the key to our divine destiny.

Like the dark, shadowy realms, those finer spiritual realms are also right here, all around us… but while the shadow world is dark and dismal, the finer realms vibrate at a subtler level in worlds of brilliant light.

In effect, our spiritual blinders block the light and stunt our finer spiritual growth, while providing sanctuary from the murky storm."

M. Macy
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Here's a brief account of this I found on the website of a paranormal investigation team's website:

"We took on a case a few years back of a person who started watching all the ghost hunting TV shows and decided he was going to go out to a few claimed haunted locations to try and capture a few EVP (electronic voice phenomena). To his dismay, when he listened to the recordings he discovered that he had actually captured a few interesting voices. Well, one thing led to another and he became so obsessed with capturing EVP that he started doing it in his own home and, again to his dismay, he was capturing voices on his recorder.

After awhile of this he actually started hearing voices with his ear and not on his recorder. This is when we were called in. We did our best to help the individual and we came to the conclusion that it wasn't his house that was haunted -- it was him. We told him to stop recording the EVP and to have a cleansing done on the home, but he refused to listen and continued with his obsession.

It eventually got so bad that he cut off communications with his friends, family and us as well. To this day we have been unable to contact him, but his family has told us on occasion that he is not the same person he once was and that he spends most of his time alone talking to whatever followed him home. Could this be a pre-existing mental illness, an obsessive personality, or an evil entity that found a new victim?"

I kept a journal for awhile, here's just some random notes and observations I made about these earthbound spirits and their tactics

when you first start hearing them outside of just the recordings, it's not usually full force right away

it's most often a steady escalation...this I think is in part, because it actually takes a little time for these spirits to adjust to you, to your energy, to how sound travels through your particular ear canals....when you strain to hear all of the really faint EVPs, you're in essence tuning into them and they are tuning into you

but there usually is a point where they hit with full force.....for me it was literally over the course of a single morning, I was at work and had to leave, the voices just literally exploded all around me to an extreme degree

what these negative earthbound spirits do in the beginning is attack your stomach and your sleep routine

for the first few weeks, every time I lay down in bed to go to sleep, I would feel a finger come up out of the mattress and poke me in the lower bs, that's what it felt like, literally a finger poking me in the back as I was trying to get to sleep.

so needless to say, getting enough sleep became a problem....I was averaging only about 4 hours a night for like 3 weeks straight
I did start taking over the counter sleep aids, but things were just so intense and terrifying at this point that they didn't really do much

another thing they would do is, a single voice would get right up close to one of my ears and just make this annoying humming with that, and the finger poking me in the back.....getting some sleep became a serious problem

they would also create other physical sensations on my body like weird vibration sensations and sometimes a slight stinging sensation

eating also became a problem.....whether it was something they were doing...or just the overwhelming terror of the situation I was in, I could hardly eat a thing for weeks.

so needless to say I was in a very weakened mental and physical state at this time, I basically just stayed in bed all day enduring their torments, or I would go outside and smoke cigarette after cigarette....often having to deal with the football stadium effect out there

it wasn't until I got a prescription of Ambien that I started to get some real sleep again

but yeah, one of the first tactics of these malevolent entities when they strike a sensitive is to go after your sleep and eating

when they hit full force, the voices are pretty much all menacing
mostly they try and demotivate you
they'll call out and focus on every little character flaw that you have, they make every little thing out to be a big deal and they basically try and make you feel like the most evil person in the world

but, then a few benevolent voices show up on the scene, but the things they say are really just more mind games in themselves

like I would often hear a friendly voice say, in regards to how I was dealing with the situation...."you're doing the right thing, but for the wrong reason"

I didn't know what the hell that meant and nor was it explained to just left me more they throw in these friendly voices...that act like they're helping, but they speak in riddles and mind twisters

Another thing this malevolent type likes to do when they first attack is instill paranoia

like I said, one of the first things that they do is try and deprive you of sleep and attack your stomach so that you're barely eating
before long you will be in a very weakened state

this is also when they like to pull their "shock & awe" stunts to further beat you down and freak you out

one of my friends told me that they tried to convince her not to leave her house, that everyone outside was plotting against her
I can't stress this enough, they do everything that they can to get you into such a weakened state that it is very difficult to step outside of the situation and look at it clearly....they basically try and pull you away from reality

they would very much love for you to stay in your room all of the time and give them more opportunity to work on entrenching their illusions into your mind

the first step in beating have to stop "Drinking the Kool-Aid",

don't believe, don't believe, don't believe anything that they say...everything they say is a lie, a deception or some twisted half-truth to keep you wondering and your attention focused on them...don't believe any of it,it's the only way to turn the situation around and take away their power....they are alot weaker than they let on, their strength is in their power to create illusions and get you to believe what they say....they are kool-aid pushers to the extreme, they are not here to punish you or any such nonsense, they will say just about anything to keep you in a state of panic and confusion, they are masters at deception....just brush off everything they say and they will start to fade into the background over time

yes, they can pull some extraordinary stunts like move objects, bang on walls, etc......and talk to you in all sorts of menacing sounding voices

it may seem like they are using "magic"....but the only way out is to realize that they are not......everything they do is through some form of trickery

more from my friend:

They're very good at making you
believe things that aren't true, you see. Illusion is
their forte, and as you already know, it's important
not to listen to or believe anything that they say,
because they're
always attempting to deceive and manipulate you.
However, it's equally important that you know that
they will attempt to deceive you in more subtle
ways, such as tricking you into make false assumptions about them, so you must always be
privy to the lengths at which they'll go to
psychologically overpower you.

They know how
things really operate on the other side, and if you
have any beliefs about the afterlife that aren't
actually true, they'll exploit them to incite fear and
paranoia, their two favorite psychological states.

I have much more I can share with you if you're interested, but my advice, I would get out now while you still can. You already know it's real, but there's just too many risk and from what you've described and your ability to interact with them to this degree, it's likely you're a's safer to just read about it.

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posted on Feb, 14 2016 @ 10:49 AM
Here's another account of EVP going horribly wrong, I correspond with this person. Luckily it's ended for her for the most part, she can stil hear faint whispers at times, but nothing on the extreme level she once did:

"I went my entire life never hearing voices, until I bought a digital tape recorder. I had watched many of those ghost hunting shows where they caught voices or EVP on a tape recorder, and when I tried it at home, I was shocked to pick up voices both in my home, and in my backyard. One voice from my yard gave a deep hello in return to my own, which was clearly audible, that even friends were able to hear, there were other voices people could make out, but were not able to tell exactly what they were saying. However when I listened with headphones I was able to make out a lot of what they were saying, and it was very eerie.

I was alone when I recorded. Needless to say I was shocked, and I continued to record, even though the voices on tape were telling me to stop, I kept delving searching for answers. One night as I asked some questions, instead of hearing them back on tape, they answered me directly without the tape recorder. From then on for 3 solid months night and day, voices were speaking to me constantly

These voices harassed me every waking minute. And soon everything had a voice, cars that drove by were talking. My air conditioner would talk, my microwave etc.. And there was this sound of a helicopter by house only during the day, and never at night.

To make a long story short I was eventually hospitalized and given medication, and thankfully the voices went away. I definitely see the value of medication, and realize it's benefits, but why did a tape recorder bring it on? And how did I manage to capture their voices on tape? Could it have been a form of Paranormal Psychosis?"

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posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 08:49 AM
and it's certainly not just EVP that can cause these attachement issues:, I've found other accounts and correspond with people who also got the same condition from Quija Boards, Pendulums, Automatic writing, there's certainly risk to all of these: Here's another account:

I express my sadness upon reading your accounts.
Interesting that the voices began after paranormal phenomena as this happened to me. I was a Reiki Master and energy worker. Intuition was strong in my family and I just accepted it as part of my life. I first heard a voice one single time in 1994 shouting “Stop, go back, it’s unsafe” or something like that. I did heed the voice and a moment later a car careened out of control and likely would have hit me had I not listened. At the time, it was quite miraculous. I never heard this voice again. However, four years ago, I was using a pendulum psychically.
I began to have a notion to get a yes no letter chart, similar to a Ouija board. Big mistake!!!! At first, received happy messages from relatives that used their distinct turns of phrases. Within a month, I got more agitated messages that I or loved ones were in danger. I began to hear communications in the actual voices of my passed loved ones, and no longer needed the pendulum or chart for messages. I had some skepticism so I had a reading from a respected psychic medium in my vicinity. Without telling her anything about what was happening, she said “I am being told that you are an open channel, very gifted, have you considered using your gifts as an occupation? You are very much loved on the other side and you will be aided.” So this confirmation made me relax that the messages were true and real, even though they were agitated and had no factual basis. I chalked it up to my deceased loved ones not being too clairvoyant about future events. Oddly, I began to have physical sensations corresponding to the verbal messages. Within a few weeks, I received a very scary threatening message essentially that I had been bamboozled, my loved ones had never contacted me, I was now surrounded by demons and that I was being murdered and my soul going to hell. I went to the emergency room and the behavioral hospitals more times than I want to count. I have been in therapy for nearly 4 years, as well as had consulations with priest, charismatic Catholic prayerful intervention, energy work, Reiki, diksha, exorcisms, energy tapping, soul retrievals, Native American home clearings, ghost researchers, hypnosis, spiritualism, Oriental acupuncture, Chrystal work… I’ve spent thousands. Those who work with the paranormal definitely expressed that I was not possessed, but through my openness and tacit permission by using the Ouija-like chart and the pendulum, I had parted the veil and attracted a bad-intentioned spirit, and am channelling a being that refuses to leave. I cannot confirm or deny this. I no longer have clairvoyance, no longer feel energy or Reiki or diksha. The voice and the torture (his word and it is true) has remained. Over the years, he hasn’t focused as much on torturing me. But even at a reduced level, it is still torture, especially as I type this brief account.
I pray and I focus on the good as much as I can. Music has helped me and a few friends did not abandon me. Four long trials of medicine made absolutely no difference and hospitalization increased the intensity of the abuse. I’m heading into year five soon. I look forward to continuing psychiatric outpatient therapy, at the very least, I have a paid “friend” who listens to me with intelligence and probes for some stuck feelings. And I am grateful that my partner who hopes that this will all be resolved when some unknown trauma emerges for healing and integration.
Blessings to all!

posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 08:51 AM
another account:

Hey ALan, I as well was into the paranormal and was listening to evp’s and also meditating allot before I started hearing nasty, condemning and threatining voices that now bombard me 24-7. I am now on 6mg of invega and it helps, but cant go off because iv’e tried and the voices are still there. I wish they had a support group around me but they don’t. Thanks Steve

posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 08:56 AM
another account, and when you get this struck with this spirit attachment nightmare, it's not simple to get out of, many I correspond with went on medications (sometimes they help, but they never usually seems to make the problem go away completely), I correspond with others that had exorcisms, not use there, my own attachment followed my to my church, there isn't anyplace that's off limits to them it seems, here' sanother account:

Like many on the network, I have been hearing multiple voices threatening my life constantly and tormenting me 24/7 since 1/1/14, but mine goes beyond just voices. I just woke up and began hearing voices. First day the voices made me see demonic face patterns on walls and patterend surfaces. That stopped after the first day. Since then, they have been giving me all kinds of physical torment from pulsating head pains and stomach aches to anything u can possibly name except external cuts or bruises. They can inflict pokes, itches, scratches, and pain of all sorts on any parts of the body including the eyes. I have no idea what this is but it's not just psychological. I have no history of mental illness and am straight as an arrow as far as drugs and alcohol.

I believe this may have started when i recorded myself sleeping about 10 months ago and listened to it for 2 weeks. Then I stopped. I heard voices in the recording of all sorts when amplified. Didn't think much of it. Then on 1/1, i woke up with voices in bed. I am new to paranormal and considered this to be Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). I am thinking that I may have opened a portal when I head the voices in the recording.

TY for the reply. I'm afraid that I am very certain this is more then psychological. They actually not only initiate conversation but they also do cause physical sensations symptoms such as muscle spasms, pokes, itches, and pain anywhere they want. This imo is supernatural/paranormal in nature. This is something probably nobody really knows because we assume it's psychological. In some case, they r truelly psychological, but my case is one like maybe few others that also experience direct physical attacks.

I am a very extreme lvl headed person at age of 47 with no past mental history and even almost no physical history. I barely take aspirin and that was decades ago. I was in top physical and mental condition prior to this happening to me.

EVP seemed to have opened some crazy portal to something that always was there. I do not know what they r but they r real

a month ago, i thought it maybe some sort of demon as all it does is torture and even control me physically on the inside. I saw 2 priests and went to 3 churches. They spoke while i was in the church and made fun of the church. One priest said that if i was posessed i would b already behaving differently. He touched me in the forhead and said something i can't remember. The priest was suggesting maybe i had past problems with my physical father even tho i never did growing up. I didn't even tell the priest anything about my father so this didn't make any sense. Right now I am jst stuck with this nightmare. They literally give me bulging pressure sensations in the head any time they wish and control all internal aspects of my body. I know this sounds bizarre and unbelieveable, but it's true. I am scheduled to see psychiatrist on 3/4. Looking for the only last avenue to alleviate or stop this. I am not a christian, but I have growing up gone to church few times. I had stopped being a christian for many years or never really were. I am beginning to think about turning and looking toward christianity as this is beyond anything i can handle in this physical world and nothing supernatural I know of can seem to help me right now

posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 12:12 PM
a reply to: jerseyguy77

Thank you for the huge amount of effort you've put into those replies, I'm extremely grateful for the info you've given me.
I haven't returned to doing any EVPs, I've not really picked myself up. So I'm just going to take my time posting this reply, no matter how slow paced I'm going.
It seems whenever I'm using the computer or if I switch on my voice recorder, I suddenly become extremely tired and drowsy; even being difficult to sit up straight. I can't figure out what would be causing it, because I woke up feeling great, and then turning on my computer and I just totally crashed.
Anyhow, I didn't get much physical sensations. When I was talking to the female voice who I liked, if I didn't go back again at the same times, I'd get this weird pain sensation in the right side of my head, around a largish area over my temple. I didn't think much about it, in fact I thought it was sort of cute if she was causing it to get me to talk to her.
After the two crazy old ones came on though threatening me and insulting me, I got really strange pressure in my head that lasted days, and at one point I wondering if I might be having a stroke or something, because my left side of my face went really weird. All that seems to have calmed down somewhat now, except for the severe tiredness.
I seem to be sleeping fine, even better than I had been doing beforehand, but the tiredness I'm feeling is like I haven't slept for weeks. I haven't even been able to contact a dear friend of mine, whom I'd hate to lose.

I'm actually a skeptic myself, but not a stubborn closed minded one. The first few EVPs I got, I felt must of been interference or pareidolia. I even wrote a short note on my computer in the EVP Folder, that they probably are nothing more than coincidence. The first time this started to change, was when I tested to see what would happen if I tried to contact Peg Entwistle, although feeling somewhat guilty about doing so considering how many people probably disturb her. Well I got a slightly distorted and unclear female voice, that sounded like it said "I'm the famous ghost!" So I thought to myself she sounded slightly distressed, and so I wouldn't bother her again, and instead try contacting the spirit of someone on an ancient Egyptian mural I'd always wanted to contact since I was a teenager. Strangely, on the same file as the "I'm the famous ghost!" I got further much clearer voices, although needing the computer to bring up their volume. One said "my punishment," and the other sounded just as you'd imagine elves speaking "he's here, be deaf." I found them very odd, and the "my punishment" one disturbed my sister.
Not long after this, the same female voice, who said she's the famous ghost, started appearing more often, and it easily became clear it wasn't Peg Entwistle. She told me her age was if I remember correctly, 114 years old, and she'd died in 1997. Well as far as I know, this house I live in, the original owner was a tall female who died in 97, but her age would have been all wrong. So I kind of figured, well much earlier actually, that she wasn't being honest. She seemed surprised I wasn't afraid of her, and gradually we started talking in a very open manner.
This I wasn't going to mention, because I sounds odd and I feel sort of embarrassed, but she fell in love with me. Due to this, she told me all sorts of things I'm guessing they don't want humans to know about. Sadly, due to the short messages I had to record so I could keep the volume high enough for close to realtime talk, I missed out on some info that could be important. For example, I asked how everything started, but I'd only ever get the first part and the sound would drift out. I hopefully plan to come back to some of these files, and see what I can pull out of them using the computer, but I've got hundreds of files and I'm not well organized.

In my opinion, these entities are a sort of reflection of humanity. They swear just like us, and indeed near the beginning when I sometimes didn't understand what she'd say, I'd get a reply of "FFS!" But as I didn't feel that comfortable with the swearing, it seemed to eventually stop being used.
It was nice talking to her, and one of my favourite messages was when I said I had to go, and she replied "please don't go" in the most beautiful feminine way. So yes, I felt love for her too.

I don't know what their agenda is, but I feel it's not understood at all by any person as of this time. It's true they like to feel our emotions, and perhaps fear is the ultimate feeling they can feel from us, maybe somewhat like a drug to them.
I doubt it's feeding, like some people think, but more like the same reason people enjoy roller coasters, these beings feel our emotions even stronger than we do. How they get into our body though, and can connect with our brain, is scary but at the same time amazing. I'm sure all the sensations are caused by them manipulating nerves and brain signalling, rather then really touching us, although in some cases who knows?

Is the finger coming through the mattress below whereabouts your prostate would be? I know that sounds weird, but they seem to breed off of us, but wouldn't explain how it's done. I do know that when she told me she was in my body, it'd often start as, "I'm in the room below yours;" "I'm under your bed;" "I'm in your body." They come up from below, seemingly swimming around through space-time without the effects of gravity.
Thing is though, like I previously mentioned, they believe it's us humans going to them, and going into their mind. They don't seem to believe they're coming here into our world, but instead focusing on something that exists in their mind.

I have a theory that us being adult humans, have never learned how to focus our directed messages we ask them, and therefore they, many of them hear our voice in their head, causing them great irritation. The other thing is, it seems to work backwards there, in that you start the conversation by opening up, rather than how it works here in that you direct a conversation at a person and they choose to listen. This is why they attach. In my case, they've attached to my digital voice recorder, so whenever I press record it opens the direction for them to speak too.
I'll try and explain a bit clearer in the future.

So with some people, or everyone given the time, they themselves open up, and thus the beings are being forced to focus on you, which they see as being impolite, because they don't seem able to understand that it all works different for humans. Basically because you're brain has opened up, and you don't know how to close it, they're constantly focused on you and hearing everything you say in their heads. We are haunting them, and then they think we're demons or just come to completely hate us thinking we're doing it on purpose to drive them crazy.

In some way's I find it mildly amusing that in my case, they've focused on a electronic device, and think that when I use it I am traveling around in there house or wherever it is they are - hence all the aggressive "never come back again," "we told you to not come back," etc etc.

If there weren't so many jokes and hoaxes and silly people who think that any noise they record are ghosts or spirits, it'd possibly be possible to get a proper scientific investigation.

posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 12:43 PM
Oh, and sorry for some spelling errors and bad grammar above.

More info I can give, is that they have a body, and possibly average in height around 4 to 5 foot. The female I talked to, said she was about 4 and a half foot tall. They can play musical instruments, so if not a lie, they must be physical in their reality.
I don't feel their intelligence is any greater than ours, they just have more abilities perhaps. I believe they deserve the right to live and have peace just as much as we do; and I dread the day human technology gets to a point where we can go to their reality. They told me they have no wars there, the only problem they have is that they need human beings.
She never explained why, but it's possibly just to breed, however that is done.
And I was wondering how they looked like, and I think she said, but not very clearly "we look like you," meaning they just look like small humans.

If I can ever go back and be able to speak to them again - they're totally blocking me right now - I must ask who they are, as I'm a human, and I need to know their level of technology, like do they have computers there.

Something odd she told me, was that they didn't exist before humans existed, but I guess that could be due to some sort of belief system they have there, some form of religion. Shocking to me, is that they knew what the Bible was, but then I figured that they seeing us as spirits in their reality means they probably thought spirits were telling them religions of God. This has caused the most trouble for me, because the older two can't seem to get their head around the fact a human isn't a spirit, and thus I must be something evil and attempting to possess their daughter or who ever she is to them.

Just wish I could find a proper scientist, who'd like to get to the bottom of this. Surely it's noble prize winning material, to discover the existence of a new conscious being.

Hmm, and lately I've been having self doubts about myself, like what if I imagined it all, and I'm just crazy?
The facts of what has happened, and me being skeptical in the first place, has really hit me, and left me in a strange feeling of disbelief.
I mean, in the past I was lay on my bed awake, and I felt something climb onto my bed and curl up against my legs. I felt the weight of it and everything, it felt completely real! But me being a skeptic just assumed it was something related to a form of sleep paralysis or something like that. I'm finding it difficult to fully accept that a got EVPs to a level where I could carry out conversation; and even more weirded out that I want to find any way I can to talk again to the person I feel love for.

posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 01:07 PM
Hi Jason,

I don't think you're imagining it at all. I've experienced it as have several others I correspond with (refering to this level of communication)

I destroyed most of my EVPs once things went bad, but a forum thread where I originally posted my first captures is still up, here's a link. On this thread I'm the username jerseydude77, the sound cloud attachments under my name won't work, but if you go down to the post by the username Arizona EVP , that's my friend Ron who filtered my recordings for me, his sound attachments still work

if you follow the thread you'll see how my situation went down hill fast

I sent you a PM with my email, I have alot more stuff you might be interested in about these extensive EVP contacts and attachment situations, it's too much stuff to post here, but I'll send you attachments, I included my personal email in the PM

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posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 01:11 PM
here's one of the last EVP recordings I did, it's faint, but I hear a female voice respond to my question

I've done two more after this but didn't hear anything, which I'm happy about, last winter I was hearing all sorts of faint replies, so hopefully my clairaudience perception is starting to close up

posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 01:54 PM
I'm not sure if you've ever seen this, but here's a very well made documentary about ITC and modern objective research into the after life

As much as I think that this is a great film, what it doesn't mention is the dark side of all of this, ie: the dark cloud of negativity and negative spirits that roam between our plane and the higher spirit dimensions.

If you read the books by some of these researchers they talk about it

unfortunatelly I learned the hard way, that what's called the dismal or shadow realms are much closer to us dimensionally and it's much easier to run into them when doing EVP, etc.....and unfortunatley, if you're a sensitive, they can attach and cause serious serious problems in a persons life
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posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 02:32 PM
here's a short youtube clip of researcher Mark Macy going over the contact field, and how negative spirits can cause it to break down, the first few minutes are where he discusses this, the last part is just about a meditation he uses to focus when communicating

Here's an article from his blog to about how these negative spirits cause distruptions, unfortunately though, if they attach, it's not easy to get out of the situation, it can go on for years, even for life, and sensetives are the most at risk

I wish I just kept to reading about this stuff instead of going active, because "they" are a disruption to my life everyday now

posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 02:40 PM
a reply to: jerseyguy77

After posting the above, I really felt crushed energy wise. I have no idea if they don't want me posting about this stuff, or it's just coincidence. I'll go with coincidence for now.

Personally, I guess because I'm quite skeptical, I don't know if I believe in ghosts or spirits or stuff like that. I love my mother dearly, and she's told me stories where she saw a ghost, and it's difficult not to believe her; but I just can't do that, I'm the sort that needs to experience something first.
Anyway, I don't believe these EVP beings are negative entities, but just like humans they have both good and bad. Based on the evidence I have, there's just a massive misunderstanding. They think we're haunting and trying to possess them, and because humans tend to be untrained in focused "telepathic" communication, we're speaking unintentionally to a whole host of them. In simple terms, we're doing to them what they have been doing to you.

I actually want to help them, but they're so stubborn, that if they aren't massively technologically advanced compared to the war hungry humans, it could be the end of them someday. See, no one is trying to understand fully what is going on, and instead using stories and theories from people who don't actually have a clue, and think ghosting on a camera lens is actually a real orb of a ghost.
There's something very strange about reality, and I can't quite grasp what it is. Maybe the whole Matrix cliché is actually true. What's weird though, is these beings seem to come from us, not from the room we're in. I don't believe (although I admit I'm open to being wrong) that any EVPs are ghosts and certainly not residual hauntings. Nearly every other EVP I've heard posted on the net, are utter rubbish, and somewhat distressing as it puts any scientific research further and further back.
The best theory I have at the moment, even though I don't believe it, is that it's all fractal but with loss of information at each repeat of the pattern. That is to say, in God's mind exists higher beings, perhaps you could call them angels, maybe some other beings, then these EVP beings, then us, and then what people call demons. We exist in the mind of others, Er, I'll write that a bit clearer, let's say angels are a thought in God's mind, some other being is a thought in the angel's mind, these EVP beings are a thought in this higher beings mind, and we are a thought in the EVP being's mind, and then our crappy minds give existence to demons.
This sort of makes sense, because the female (BTW, I don't want to give her name, just in case others could use it to contact her, and thus drive her insane with an onslaught of voices - I do care for her) being I spoke with, told me they were one level higher than us - and my daughter on there side said "humans live in the s#*t," which I agree with, we're the backside of reality, where traveling to distant star systems is probably impossible. There's too many limits in this reality, yet in the EVP reality there seems to be knowledge that other life exists in the universe, and I got the idea can and do travel here and throughout the galaxy.

The best hope for us, is to try and build a society where we don't see these beings as parasitic-emotion-feeding evil creatures, and hopefully they'd share some of the tech that allows them to enter our reality, so we in turn can enter their reality and explore the universe.

Again, thank you for the informative and helpful posts. I can't check out those sites or email you right now. I use Tor, because I'm not sure how safe I am sharing what I've been sharing. Again, I got this info because this being fell in love with me, and it's quite possible the older ones / elders wanted to get rid of me, and faked all the religious crap and thinking that I'm evil and what not.
It's just all completely crazy! Reality is nothing like what anyone thought, and I'm not sure how many people could actually handle the truth.

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