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(SSSC) A Gnawing Hunger.

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posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 05:59 PM
Only a silver sliver of the moon shone weakly through dense dark clouds, diffused even more by the overhanging branches. The wind had died suddenly in the last few minutes and Chris could smell the approaching storm, ozone and damp, dank earth. The sounds of the night had also ceased as though sucked upwards into the heavens by some great intake of breath.
"Maybe God is watching", thought Chris to himself, an evil grin contorting his features.
He had short blond hair and pixie like ears, a long thin face, pointed nose and a wide slit like mouth. Tall and wiry he resembled an awkward cross between a human and a praying mantis, Chris liked that description, he had always been treated like some kind of insect growing up and it seemed somehow appropriate that he should resemble one.
Though he didnt look it he was strong, more than one bully had learnt that the hard way growing up. He was cruel too and without mercy. All of these things Chris new about himself and coveted it. He knew it, and now so did she.
He could hear her clumsily crashing through the underbrush, she had stopped screaming at least. It was no fun when they screamed, he wanted to hunt them down, to track them using his senses. The screamers were the worst, it made it too easy to follow them through the forest in the dead of night.
"Hmmm, now she's gone quiet", he smiled again. "This ones smarter than the others".
"Where are you hiding my lovely" he whispered into the night.
Ears pricked for the slightest tell tale sign of her hiding spot, Chris lowered himself to the ground and slithered forward on his belly, as silent as a snake, and just as deadly. Beneath the lowest bushes he crept, careful not to make a sound. He smelt her before he heard her whimper. She was the lighter outline of shadow huddled against the trunk of a tree only metres away, turned ever so slightly away from him. She was watching back the way she had run, never thinking that he may have circled around.
Licking his lips ever so slightly he moved forward once again, moving now on fingers and toes only, his torso raised just above the earth, ready to pounce.
She turned when he was only a few feet away, he had exhaled purposefully onto her neck, he needed her to know she was about to die. The scream that escaped from her mouth lasted only a second before his hands wrapped themselves around her beautiful pale throat.
She fell backwards into the brush and Chris fell on top her, pinning her frantic struggles beneath his lithe form. The arousal came quickly this time, the blood rushed like a torrent through his body, flooding him with ecstasy. His back arched in triumph, his fingers clamped ferociously about her throat as her struggles began to slowly cease and he felt the life leave her fragile frame. He lay atop her lifeless body for an hour or so, spent, replete, satisfied.
Then as the sun reached it's slim fingers of gold above the horizon he began to feast. His first bite into her throat was tentative until the warm liquid reached the back of his mouth, then he began to tear at the flesh in a frenzy, sucking at the torn and ripped skin.
Sated now he sat next to her ravaged body, her lifes blood smeared across his face and down his chest when he saw the cockroach scuttle up her leg across her chest and into the hole he had made within her. He waited for a moment before quickly reaching into her throat with his claw like hand and pulling the squirming insect out. Without hesitation he placed the filthy creatures head within his mouth and bit it off and swallowed, then placed its headless body on the ground and watched it run wildly about.
He laughed and laughed until he thought he might stop breathing, then the humour of it all washed away just as quickly as it had begun. He reached down and picked up the wriggling decapitated body of the roach and placing it reverently again within his mouth bit down hard and sucked at the bitter juices contained within, then swallowed it whole.
He waited to vomit, but this time the nausea didnt come.
"Yes", he felt like screaming, at last they had allowed him to keep their flesh. He felt it even now, the cells of the tiny creature interacting with his own, its hungry thoughts forming symbiotically within his mind.

"Hello Chris, how are you today".
"Oh good thanks Annie, and you".
"Aww you know, same #, different day".
"Yeh, i know what you mean", Chris licked his lips nervously,"what can i get you today".
Annie smiled to herself, she was so good at this game she sometimes felt sorry for the poor guy's she played with.
"I was just looking Chris, i dont have any money until pay day, you know how it is".
"Ohh, yeh sure, well i could always let you have something on credit, if you like".
"Really, you are such a sweet heart Chris". It really was too easy thought Annie, especially the geeky ugly guy's.

to be continued next post

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posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 06:00 PM

It was just after 9pm when Chris finally made it home, it had been about four years now since his mother had passed away. He had never known his father and he thought that was probably for the best. The house was his now.
He kept it as dark as he could, only ever using lamps to light the rooms. And warm, he had to keep it warm as well, he left the heater running constantly. They preferred it dark and warm and moist.
He whistled quietly as he entered the kitchen and began putting away the groceries he had picked up on the way home. In the fridge were numerous plastic containers, some seemed to contain wriggling dark shapes while the others were just amorphous lumps. Chris opened one of the containers and pulled out a thick hairy caterpillar and held it up over his open mouth, before dropping it in and chewing away on its succulent body. What had tasted bitter and acidic only the day before now tasted sweet and tender.
A cockroach hustled from beneath the fridge across the tiled floor and squirmed beneath the stove. Chris smiled benignly and went into the lounge room, flicking on the television as he passed it before sitting down.
On the screen was one of those plastic talking heads that made him sick with their smug arrogance.
"...and news just in, a local farmer has discovered the body of a young female while clearing brush, police have yet to confirm whether this latest discovery is related to the other recent.....", Chris tuned out, he had hoped that the body wouldnt be found so quickly, it might make his next hunt more difficult.

The hunger was upon him again, he had tried to keep it at bay but it had been gnawing away at him all day. He preferred to hunt when it was darker, but now it was a largely cloudless night and the moon was a lot fuller than it had been two nights ago. He had followed her to her home and now waited impatiently in the shadows outside. It seemed an eternity before the last light was turned out and he felt safe enough to move closer to the house. It took only a moment to pick the lock of the door at the rear of the house and creep quietly within. He had a chlorophyl soaked cloth in his hand as he slid silently into her room.

Annie suddenly came awake, something had pricked her subconscious, like a second hand itch she felt another presence. A pale light shone through the partly open curtains revealing weird shapes and shadows within the room, and one of the shadows moved.
"Aaaahhhh, get out", Annie screamed as the shadow detached itself from the wall and propelled itself towards her supine form.
She leapt from the bed and dashed past the flailing shape that fell onto her bed, its fingers scraping against the bare skin of her midriff. She turned and ran for the large double glass doors that opened onto the verandah at the side of the house, struggling to open the lock as she heard footsteps rushing at her from behind.
Annie turned and ducked as the intruder flew through the air past where she had stood a moment earlier and crashed through the glass door.
Just to the left of the door stood a small wooden statue on a pedestal which Annie picked up and swung as hard as she could just as the shadow raised itself up and came back through the smashed doorway. It too ducked and Annies arm holding the statue thumped into the doorframe.
A large piece of glass that hadnt shattered in the initial impact dislodged itself from the top of the frame and fell directly onto the back of the neck of her adversary who was still down on his haunches after having ducked her flailing arm. The glass sliced straight through sinew, bone, tendon and flesh severing the head from the torso. A fount of rich crimson blood erupted from the neck of the torso as the head fell to the floor with a sickening thump.
Annie staggered backwards and fell to her knee's gasping for air. Her head swam with terror and her body shook uncontrollably with the rush of adrenaline flowing through her body.
She bent forward and vomited onto the floor in front of her.
A scrabbling noise caused her to look up in fear, the headless body of the man she now recognised as Chris from the local book store was crawling around on its hands and knee's through the broken glass as though looking for it's head. One of his hands found the head and grasping it by the hair picked it up.
Annie fainted.

He came slowly to his feet, his head held under his right armpit, blood filled his eyes and he couldnt see but he could sense where her body was lying, unconscious.
"I thought you were smarter than that Annie, you should know that cockroaches can live without their heads"
He picked up the wooden statue with his left hand and smashed her skull time and time again, pounding it into a bloody grey pulp. The bray of sirens filled the night and a light from next door flashed on.
Taking but a moment Chris bent and grabbed a handful of the jellied grey matter, for his little brothers and sisters.
Quickly he strode back out the way he had come and dissolved into the shadows. He was safe now, they would not find him in the dark.
His senses heightened he followed the way left for him by his family, their scent strong as it led the way home.

Chris sat before the mirror of his bedroom dresser and admired his handiwork. It had taken hours but he had managed at last to sew his head back onto his neck using fishing line and a large darning needle. It was slightly crooked and a bit wobbly but it would do for now.
He had punched a steel skewer up through the ragged stretch of neck below his chin and into his head and tied the protruding end to his vertebrae for added stability. All he needed to do now was find the old neck brace his mother had worn after the car accident that had eventually claimed her life.
The brace should cover most of the damage and some well placed bandages would take care of the rest. He was mad with himself for allowing it to happen but perhaps it was for the best, things were hotting up around here now anyway with all the deaths lately.

Just before dawn he pulled out of his driveway and headed out of town, he couldnt see very well but his brothers and sisters were his senses now. On the dash sat a cockroach its feelers waving about, in the backseat roaches swarmed over the open containers feeding hungrily on the assorted snacks within.

He wasnt sure what the name of the next town was but he was beginning to feel hungry again, he would have to stop soon and hunt.

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 06:59 PM

Nice job writing this gruesome tale Mojo.

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 08:11 PM
Cheers elaine, thats much more Halloweenie (see essedarius) than my other one i think.

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 08:33 PM
Damn Mojo, when you put your mind to it you kick ass buddy...and of course you knew I would love it!!!

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 08:47 PM
Thanks AD, well you did throw down the gauntlet. Thanks to you my sick, twisted and bitter side has now emerged.

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by mojo4sale

I do have a way of doing that don't I? Well I could have written a Vamp story...but it would have been x rated!!!!

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 01:02 AM
MOJO! You frightened me. And here I have always seen you as such a sweet little monkey. Back in your cage beastie!

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by antar
Back in your cage beastie!

It's being cleaned.

I'm a rather messy monkey, what with all the poo flinging, banana peels and empty beer bottles.

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 02:44 PM
A good ol' fashioned gore-fest!
I dig it, mojo.

The visual image of Chris's head lolling gently on his shoulders as his bug-infested car rolls out of town is...well...(wipes a tear away)'s what this holiday is all about.

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 03:33 PM
Holy Crap!!!

I was getting all weirded out, and started scratching at my arms. Got all wrapped up in your story.

You'll give Clive Barker a run for his money for sure.

Fantastic my friend!!

Flagged and starred!

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 05:09 PM
@ essedarius,
i was actually giggling to myself when i wrote that last bit, imagining it just as you did.

@ Ducky ( my not so secret crush
), thanks for the kind words, it means heaps coming from you. I must say im a little disappointed you didnt get anything in for this contest after your last great effort.


[edit on 30/10/07 by mojo4sale]

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 08:57 PM
don't know why you would think that no one would like this?
It's gruesome, creepy and absolutely perfect, I loved it!!!!
very nice job've become quite a writer over the years


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