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My experience with aliens: part 1

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posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:33 AM
Where do I start?....well, lets see…..
I can’t remember when exactly this all started, 13, maybe 14.

When I was about say…..13, I’d be just about be falling asleep, I’d be quite conscious, when this vibrating, fuzzy, sort of feeling would come over my entire body, I was paralyzed. I was terrified and scared to sleep; I would cry and wont to sleep with my mother if it were to happened again. Basically petrified, I’d wake up sweaty, this sort of thing never happened to me before. What would happen was, I’d feel this pressure, pushing down against my back, tremendous pressure, and I’d feel pain around the sides of my stomach as it was happening. It would happen almost every second night, for at least 2-3 months if I can remember correctly. I though I was going to die, or something close, and so after a while I attempted to fight back against what ever it was. It didn’t accrue to me if it was aliens, or some sort of physical back problem, but I was scared. I began to push against the pressure, or to let the pain commence to see what would happen. Normally I’d to get out of the pressure/force, by shake my head hard, a few times, or wriggle my self, and I was free. I couldn’t open my eyes, and so I didn’t know what to do. When I’d let the pain and pressure keep going without trying to escape what was happening, the pain and pressure would get worse, maybe it would last 5-6 more seconds, and i couldn’t take any more. After a while it stopped, and over maybe 4-5 years I had forgotten about it, it was only late 2005 or early 2006 last year, that it started all over again. But this time it was different. I would still feel the same basic fuzzy vibrations, but there was no back pressure, instead, I would still feel the pain on the sides of my stomach, but this time, it felt as if I was being jabbed with something, like a needle, there would be tremendous pressure of pokes going into the side of me, mostly around the hip / waist.
I would still shake my head, and there would be nothing, no one, switch the side light on, not a thing, now that scared the # out of me. There are so many memories, I don’t think I can remember them all right now, but I’ll talk about a few, I remember early last year I think it was )2006), by the way this stuff, is still happening now, the most recent was just the night before last, anyway, I remember being lifted up while in bed so easily as if I weighed nothing, or what ever was holding and lifting me was tremendously strong, still, I couldn’t see, they took me somewhere, I don’t know where, ufo craft? don’t think so…..maybe, nah, I remember just for a few seconds being able to open my eyes, and i saw, what looked like long thin fingers covering my eyes, like when you spread your fingers and slide each finger inside the gap of the other, like to hands covering, so I closed my eyes scared to know whether if I was allowed to open them, or if I was caught I’d be in painful trouble, so I closed my eyes queries about was happening, a few moments later I opened them again, and I saw what looked like crappy old beds, like that from a hospital, only without the railing on the side, I could only see 2-3, at best, and even now, it’s just a foggy memory, I didn’t really wont to go back to my bed, I was interested in what the # was happening. While I was looking at the beds, I saw what looked like an old man, possibly 60-s 55, maybe stretching it at 70, I can’t remember if he was sitting or lying on the bed, but he was doing one or the other. He seemed to be staring at something past me, behind me, possibly what was carrying me. His face was still; his eyes were wide open, he looked somewhat amazed, so it was a first for him too, after that I woke up in bed, confused, just a second ago I was being carried some where, and now I was back in bed.

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:37 AM
Strange story. Every other story Ive read have been with aliens giving people a sense of calm and joy. This one seems designed to make people fear aliens.

Sorry if I sound blunt, but there IS a disinfo campaign going on, designed to make people fear them, in order to control people and make them come cry for cover in the new world. The government is even said to make abductions themselfs to create fear in people, according to the Disclosure Project.

Maybe you are not part of it, and if so, sorry. Im just saying your story sounds quite designed to provoke that response in readers.

But im a paranoid guy, so what can I say...

[edit on 7-10-2007 by Copernicus]

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:41 AM

Originally posted by andre18
Part 2 of my experience with aliens.

Another time…..i was again, I’m always in bed, asleep, when again the fuzzy feeling happened, I was lying on my back I think…..i opened my eyes, and I think 2 beings of some sort, jumped back, either in precaution, or in shock, it was weird, (not like it’s ever normal) because I could sort of either feel or see, the colour purple, all around, it’s hard to describe, and I don’t know how, but it was like as if I could see through their mind, through their eyes just for a sec, like I could feel myself jumping back, even though I new which one I was, it’s hard to describe.

Asleep, I feel my mouth being forcefully opened, and something is being stuck in my mouth so I can’t close it, I guess like at the dentist, this happened last year, probably 3-4 times. The last time, I tried my best to close my mouth, and in doing so, I bit down as hard as I could. They must’ve been doing something at the time to me, because when I bit down, one of the beings fingers was caught in my bite. Revenge baby…. As soon as I realized I’d caught it, I pressed as hard as I could with my front teeth, the being tried to pull out but I kept going, I could see its frustration. I couldn’t see the actual being, but….how do I describe this…? I could see like….when you look at a fuzzy black and white TV screen, like that. I could make out the beings other hand pressing against my left hand, as it tried to back out, its face then was up close to mine, face to face, very close, and yet I couldn’t make it out…damn….like….it was a positively male. It intensely stared at me, kind of like dominantly showing itself at me, like….”you really wona # with me?” As soon as that happened I began to be in a dream state, so I guess the only way it was able to release itself was to put me to sleep. Huh. By the way it was more human looking than that of the little body sized, big head and eyes sort.

What can I remember…..

A few months ago, while in bed, all the stuff that happens is in bed, well, I could make out what looked like a purple little being, maybe one, one and a half, meters away from the side of the bed. It could’ve been another colour, but seeing how it was pitch black dark, it was difficult to see exactly, it didn’t look like it was again the big head big eyes, but…it was quite short in size, roughly a metre and a little I guess. I tried to reach out to it without thinking, as soon as I did, the being jumped back, I guess as a precaution, or shock, I don’t know why I reached when i did, I guess to see if was just an illusion or something, anyway…while I reached out, my body was some how, moving slowly, drifting, levitating side ways, not upwards, that’s the best way to describe it. I was moving sort of towards it, gazing at it while moving, everything happened so slowly, like in a trance. I don’t know if it was moving me somehow, or I was doing it, by some incredible means, after a while, I when into a dream state. Every bloody time, something extraordinary happened, I’d be put to sleep….oh well.

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:43 AM

Originally posted by andre18
Last year, can’t remember when exactly

The vibrating, fuzzy feeling starts, I’m lying sideways, back to the wall, nothing happens for a while, 6-7 seconds, I open my eyes, and just for a glimpse, 2-3 seconds, I see at least 5-6 small aliens, certainly aliens, all I could see where their heads, all in a row, across from the side of my bed, facing me, looking, analyzing, staring at me, face to face. They, I think could tell I could see them, blue skinned I think, I closed my eyes, too scared to open them again, and for the along time over the coming months I was too damn scared to open them again, still am sometimes. They looked sort of like the big head, big eyed type, but, I can’t remember the real size of the eyes, or the proportion of the head to the body. While looking at them, I don’t think I was really that scared, until I closed my eyes, I was more in amazement, that this was all happening, then scared what they may do to me, and they didn’t seem aggressive, just curious about me I guess. After I close my eyes, a few seconds past, and now, I think I fell asleep, I guess, I don’t remember what happened next, I must’ve been put to sleep, or something like that.
This happened some time last year, while in bed, my body again like so many damn times before, is being paralyzed by these alien beings. First I fell this sort of fuzzy sort of feeling encompass my entire self-being, that’s when I begin to feel completely tired, all of a sudden, like nothing before, now, I can feel it happening just as it happens where I can get out if it by shaking my head. Normally I loose the willpower to stay awake, this is how it begins, and then slowly I just don’t care anymore, and I’ll just feel like falling asleep, then I’ll be paralyzed, that’s more of the fuzzy, vibrating sort of feeling while paralyzed, it sucks. I can breath normally, I can open my eyes maybe once every ten times it happens, I couldn’t this time, I can barely move my mouth trying to speak, nothing will come out, and it will require me to put as much effort as I can just to attempt to say something, I’ll be breathing deep breaths, just about to say something and all I can manage is “help” and yet no sound. Well, this time, I was lying on my side, completely alarmed that I might die this time, now this is what shocked me beyond belief, it was the first time I could ever feel their touch. I felt a finger, rest on my shoulder, it completely freaked me out. It was like it, or them, were letting me know they were real, that they were there, that it’s a reality. I’ve forgotten the transition from then to when I was alone, but I remember running up the corridor to my mother’s room, and telling her what happened. She understands some what, what I’m going through, she accepts the existence of aliens and all that, except she still believes Jesus is our true savior and messiah, she told me it happen to her once when she was a child. She believes they have no emotions and so abduct us to learn about emotions like love and such. huh.


This happened about a months before new years, I was lying on my side, the same fuzziness, this time, I looked up and I could see what looked very much like a normal women, I stared at her, she looked down towards me. We made eye contact I think……..
I for some reason I looked away and closed my eyes, I can’t remember if they somehow forced me too, or I decided too. How to describe her ???? She had to be at least in her late 20’s or mid 30’s, average looking I guess, I suppose, I didn’t get along enough look at her to make a real analysis, hair either short, or fashioned going down her back, couldn’t tell. Eye colour don’t know, white skin, light coloured hair, either blond, or very light brown, normal body shape, slim, slender. That’s about all I can really remember, oh she had cloths, lol, don’t remember what. So……I’ve seen a little purple and some blue beings and now her, hmmmm.

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:45 AM

Originally posted by andre18
The most recent happened yesterday morning/afternoon.
How do I start this?....... ok, I wasn’t really feeling sleepy, probably because it was morning, I was very much awake when it happened, because I had awoken an hour before, trying to get back to sleep. It was about 12:03 pm, when it began, I know this, only because just as soon as it began happening, my mobile phone alarm went off at the 12.05 pm in which I had set, and so the fuzzy feeling went away for a brief period, long enough for me to turn it off and get back to sleep, although I don’t remember having the strength to place it back on the desk next to my bed, I just held it in my hands as I fell back to sleep.

When it did begin, before the alarm, I remember feeling a……lets just say ‘a force,’ push against my neck, is the best way to describe it. Then after I went back to sleep I felt hands all around my body, although it could’ve been just the one person, I can’t remember, and I felt somebody try to turn me over as I was on my stomach, and then the next thing I new, I was being carried up off my bed, and being turned around in a moderate pace, in just one spot in my room. So, I was in the center of the room being spun around, without being on the floor, and I’m, pretty sure I was in mid are, not touching any ground, while being turned. I’m not sure why I was being turned, but I tried to see who it was, and what was actually happening, as there was something in front of my face blocking me from seeing barely anything. All I could see was my room as I turned, (and I’ll just say that this isn’t the first time that I’ve been spun around in my room in the morning by these aliens) anyway….i could see what looked like a man, had to be at least 25-30, i couldn’t see him very well at all. Each time a tried to look at him, he’d either get out of view, or cover my eyes more, I don’t know if he was using his hands to block my sight.

Than he placed me back on the bed, and he let me or I just did it anyway feel is face, so I could kind of tell what he looked like, because I couldn’t open my eyes. I felt what seemed like frizzy short cut hair, ‘ I think,’ I noticed he was wearing something on his head and so I quickly pulled it off. It felt like a viza hat, you, know those hats that don’t cover the top of your head, those ones, weird. It felt like something physical, and so i thought it would be my chance to get something real to prove to my self what it was happening when I woke up, and to other people. And so I tried to wake my self up, like I usually d ths by shake my head or something like that, but nothing happened. He took the hat from me, knowing what I was trying to do then.

Now to the interesting part…..the man gets off my bed and i then feel somebody get Into bed with me (not the guy, lol,) as sexual as this sounds nothing like you think happened, as much as I whished it did. i then said “my name is Andre, what is your name, Andre, Andre,” trying to sound it out, and remarkably, I was able speak, just a little, just roughly, enough though for sound to escape. Then I heard, “ my name is…….” # I forgot the name, I hate myself for it, it sucks, it was vaguely as ever, …….ended with a k, ik, it was like……Belalik, or something very far off from that. arrrrrrrr, it sucks, can’t remember. Although it was the most beautiful female sounding voice, mature, at least 25-30, she may or may not of been the some person as the women from the other experience I talked about. After she told me her name, I said something like “I like the voice,” or “that’s a nice voice.”

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:45 AM
that's the last time I'm doing the consolidation. check your u2u's.

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posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 09:49 AM

Originally posted by Crakeur
that's the last time I'm doing the consolidation. check your u2u's.

Thanks Crakeur, this makes it much easier to read.

I've only gotten to part two but it's very interesting.
Now I see the other parts I'll get back to finishing them and comment later.

- Lee

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 09:28 AM
hey I think some thing like that had happend to me before too but I was very young but still I can kind of remember something like that

posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 10:56 AM
Ok…….where did I trail off from……..?

Oh, yeah, about then end of part 4, after she told be her name, in which I just can’t remember, (how convenient, I know) anyway, when she told me her name, I repeated her name, trying to sound it out, I got it the first time I think, she then said something like “that’s it” or “very good” that’s all that happened and that I’ve been able to remember about that night.

The night before this happened; I had a different but common experience that has probably happened about………10 times now…..this is where whom ever it is, (I expect the human looking ones to be the culprits) are lifting and taking me out of bed, very slowly, and taking me through the wall, and as soon as my head goes through, I go into a dream state. This probably means they’re blanking out my memory, which sucks, because I don’t remember every being able to recall an entire event…it is always parts and pieces that my memory jogs up 20-30 minutes after I wake up during the morning. I’d be having breakfast, and then snap, oh #tt, all that stuff just happened last night…..then I’ll just sit down and try to remember what I can.

I’ve now basically figured out why my memories are so muddled up, like dreams, and no, they’re not dreams, this is real # happening to me. Essentially, when you dream, you’re using your sub-conscious part of your brain, which is being used 24 hours of the day, only it’s when you sleep, that your sub-conscious takes over, because you’ve stopped using your conciseness to think, you’re –unconscious-.

Every second of every waking day, you absorb things around you, using your senses, eyes, ears, nose, taste, touch and of course your conscious thinking, you analyse things observe, and take in information, all a dream is, is all those bits of information, being mumbled up together, trying to assemble each other into the closest thing to what you naturally see as reality.

Say if you were to go at a circus, every day for a week, you’ll start dreaming about those events tangled up in a strange scenario, if you didn’t know of the sky or how galaxies looked, or what that shape of a country was, you could imagine it, but you couldn’t dream it’s truth, only when you analyse something your conciseness of reality can accept as true, can you dream of such a thing. Let’s say, you’re born, and for ten years, there’s nothing but utter darkness, no light, no mass, just your conciseness.

All you’ve known you entire life is nothingness, every time you dream, nothing can be dreamt that you haven’t already seen, and so all you can dream is utter darkness because you’ve never known anything else. You’ve never known people, ideas from learning, you’ve known nothing else but this utter darkness, as a human conciseness, even though you may have the capacity to understand and analyse other things, there is nothing else too understand, and so your growth of awareness cannot continue.

You can’t think to yourself, you don’t know how, what is there to think about, there’s been no information to show you how to think. When a baby is born, it already has sounds to fill its brain with knowledge. You’re an empty box. Then suddenly a speck of light inters your world, your life, everything for the past 10 years has been but one memory, this light, opens up a whole new world for you.

Suddenly [snip]….everything is new; this speck of light opens up your entire consciousness. Your dreams are now actual dreams, maybe no story, but a hell of a lot of thinking starts to happen, your brain is rushing like never before, another speck, another, wtf do you do, all this information at once, suddenly [snip]…..the world opens up, trees!, lakes!, mountains!, people,! Sounds, laughter and cries, the blowing of wind can be felt. You dream, wooow, what a dream.

MOD NOTE: Paragraphs, much easier to read than one long run on...


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posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 11:08 AM

there would be tremendous pressure of pokes going into the side of me, mostly around the hip / waist.

i've read other experiences that match this and i have my own account of this sensation. there's something to this that needs to be looked into. did you at least get the sense that they were trying to control you or subdue you with these pokes? i and the other people i've spoken to all say that we were poked/shocked in our side because we were resisting them.

i thought mine was a dream, but i'm starting to change that assumption every day. please elaborate on how you felt when this happened if you could.


posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 11:25 AM
well, it’s like a needle going deeper and deeper into my sides, sometimes it’s only the feeling of one needle, other times it’s multiple.

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posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 11:37 AM
for me it felt like my side between my bottom rib and my hip had that pins and needles sensation except it was very intense. i was just wondering if you or anyone else reading this had a similar sensation. the only possibilities i can think of are:

1) a nerve is getting pinched at the most opportune time to coincide with an abduction dream

2) our mind is manufacturing the pain to make the dream more real

3) it is real

anyone have any thoughts on this?

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by andre18

Hey there, I read your post after reading your question at Sleeper's thread. I used to get that all the time when I was little, plus a whole lot of other things, let me tell you. The thing that comes to my mind is that the old man was either a screen memory, or .... strangely enough, yourself as an old man. It's just an idea. See, the aliens can work with your soul outside of linear time.

Have you checked out the experiences of Karla Turner and her family? You might find it interesting to look at their experiences. She died of cancer, rather quickly, during a year when a lot of other researchers into alien phenomena were also suddenly dying, having accidents or "committing suicide".

I myself have many very strange experiences. Some creepy, some very beautiful. There are different levels of beings working with us. Sleeper seems to imply that we experience events that are directly related to our attitudes. I believe that to a certain extent, but which came first, the chicken or the egg??

anywhere, here is the link to read karla's story:

i hope you find answers, along with all the rest of us trying to figure this stuff out.


posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by chutso_ha

other sources of reference that helped me understand my experiences:

books on out-of-body experiences by Robert Monroe:

books by Carlos Casteneda:


posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 07:07 AM

Hey there, I read your post after reading your question at Sleeper's thread. I used to get that all the time when I was little, plus a whole lot of other things, let me tell you. The thing that comes to my mind is that the old man was either a screen memory, or .... strangely enough, yourself as an old man. It's just an idea. See, the aliens can work with your soul outside of linear time.

Interesting theory, but i don't believe so, every single human looking alien I’ve seen, (i say alien only because we can't do things that I’ve seen happen to me....and if we can, well...they just don't act like us, they're very.......'observant.' Just the way they move, is so strange, just not earthly human…) anyway….. every single human looking alien I’ve seen, I’ve either touched or recently talked to. Although from right as of this moment, it’s been a little more than a week since anything has happened…..which for me is weird.

Oh and I don’t believe in souls…although I’ve once astro-projected, I can’t see any evidence for the soul, spirit, etc.. Although it’s hard to describe, I don’t believe anything in this universe is supernatural, everything can be explained, (although that coming from me is a laugh, I know) no contactees, abductees, give evidence of anything, I know, I know. All I can present is my encounter experiences and that’s it…

I could take a pic, but I’d be to damn scared of them possibly killing me if I tried. I’d rather try and actually talk with them, converse with them about stuff, I just wont to sit down with them and find out the truth, all this secret government crap, I just wont to know what’s really going on. And I hope I can use these visitations to somehow learn about them.. Maybe even see them in the street during the day and have coffee, that would be cool. I hate this stalking at night and crap…..

Have you checked out the experiences of Karla Turner and her family? You might find it interesting to look at their experiences. She died of cancer, rather quickly, during a year when a lot of other researchers into alien phenomena were also suddenly dying, having accidents or "committing suicide".

thanks for that link......
i'll give it a look through when i get a chance, thx.

[edit on 22-10-2007 by andre18]

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by andre18

You don't believe in souls? hmm... why not?

if you are having regular experiences with them and can cultivate a lucid awareness of the encounters, you should be able to talk to them and ask questions, and they will answer you according to their perspective and agenda. it is my impression that they interact with us during the day and night - all the time - but it is only at night when we dream that we "access" those encounters. dreaming frees our minds to experience the hyperspace overmind which is outside of linear time.

if you want to maintain more awareness of the encounters, 3 things can help immensely:

meditation, dream journaling, and some form of physical energy work like yoga, tai chi, chi qong, etc

let me know what you think of the karla turner story. maybe it will remind you of things that happened to you.



ps i also recommend Whitley Streiber books.

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 12:21 PM
Well actually some times when it happens, I’m not even at all asleep. Sometimes, actually a very recent one i might talk about later sometime.....i was just getting ready to get comfortable, i was in bed for maybe 5 minutes and already it stated. i wasn't sleepy, or tired, or having a dream, it was quite sudden as usually it happens after maybe an hour or more of me in bed trying to get to sleep. I have trouble getting to sleep most nights. Even now it's 3 am. The closest thing to dreams with these encounters is that sometimes in the middle or at the end of the encounters, ill then start getting into some weird dream like states. Maybe, but very rarely, I’ll be dreaming and then I’ll realize they’re doing something to me while I’m dreaming, and so I’ll wake up from the dream, but still be feeling the fuzzy feeling.

And so i don't believe the only way to get to them is through dreams, maybe while in bed, because that's the time people are at there most venerable.

I keep reading about people who take drugs and then have the experience, i have never and will not ever take drugs, not that kind of person......i have a few drinks once or twice a week with my mates...but that's it.....

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 04:29 PM
This sounds a lot like the early experiences Robert Monroe had. You can read about them here. Robert Monroe Bio CLICK HERE

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 04:39 PM
thats odd i have never heard of encontors like that from what i understand the other races baned that around 1990. but ya i have only had one experence and i think it was spose to be good but ya it did not turn out as well as i now hope but o Well very interesting though

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 10:15 PM
Yeah, sounds like astral travelling; it's your spirit trying to leave/get back in your body. You're in control, not aliens.


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