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Sexist Feminism and Racism-Why??

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posted on Oct, 6 2007 @ 06:04 PM
Now let me tell you first off that I am not lopping Racism and Feminism in the same group. And I will also say that I am sorry if I offend you,

Let me start off with feminism. You see it every day.

Portly Rosie O'Donnell squawking about it on TV.

The commercials advertised.

Comedy Shows.

Scientific reports.

Sexist Feminism is everywhere in the media.

But why?

Why do some believe that there is one gender superior to the other?

Aren't we all supposed to be equal?

Aren't we all supposed to have the same skill?

What separates us from each other, other than our sex?

Those science reports that you see in those magazines, or those daytime news channels are complete Illuminati disinfo Bull****. You can tell by the way just about all of our media agrees with it. In commercials now a days, the woman always corrects the man. I have heard little quips from comedy shows and other things that men have lower intelligence than men.

They want us to believe these things because men are still essential to the reproductive process.

They are trying to cut us down to size.

Back in the old days Chauvinism used to rule. Women were seemed as unintelligent and not very strong. This was EXTREMELY wrong.

But turning the tables and trying to make the world Sexist Feminist is the EXACT SAME THING AS CHAUVINISM.

No joke.

Now I will take a stand on Racism

Another thing, just like Sexist Feminism. Racism against whites. NO. This is not "reverse racism".

This is still RACISM.

This is the exactly just like Sexist Feminism, Illuminati disinfo Bull****.

This is also preached on our wide stream media.

Take for instance NAACP.

The oldest Civil Rights fighter around.

They now take roots to bash whites whenever they can.

The leader Al Sharpton uses the n-word on a daily basis. A derrogatory term that many blacks say to other blacks, but whites can't say it because they think they are being racist.

Here is a video where he admits he does it. It is somewhere around the last part. Look for it.

Wow. That was pretty special.

And then take the boys that were sued on the Lacrosse team a while ago, you know, where they had the party with the stripper, and then she sued them for rape? Remember that?

She was a black woman.

She sued them.

There was not a trace of evidence.

But the boys were sent to jail anyway.

The WHITE boys were sent to jail without real evidence.

This is To Kill A Mockingbird in reverse, except for the fact the people who were jailed weren't going to die.

Why does this happen?

Why is one color better than the other?

Why does one association that used to house Martin Luther King Jr. now house Racists that abuse the "I Have a Dream" Speech? Why?

And it is still the same thing that I said about Sexist Feminism. Racism against blacks happened a long time ago. But now it's happening in reverse and it is still wrong. It is right there in the Black and White; Literally and Figuratively.

And is another thing that is trying to separate us and cut our population down.

Let me address both the points.


I just hope you will read, and understand. When the Government starts to preach my rap, the NWO will have already started. Because they want YOU to think that there is finally a way to end the prejudice. When it is the Government, no, the Illuminati that started this themselves.

I now take my leave, with the knowledge I have given to you.


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posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 05:07 AM
that doesn't offend me, I agree with much of it (although I'm not big into the Illuminati theory).

You are correct, it is ok for advertisers, the media, "comedians" etc to put down men and whites (in particular white straight men).

It is part of cultural marxism in my opinion, marxism was a power issue over economics, the economic argument has been well defeated by capitalism, so people have moved onto power over cultural matters.

This power involves attacking the number one bogey man on the extreme left (and extreme liberal in some cases!) list, that is the white straight man, symbolic (in their racist, sexist eyes) of all the evil in the world- oppressive, colonialist etc etc.

It reinforces the dehumanisation of people, in the sense that people are no longer individuals, but part of specific victim groups (whether black, gay, disabled etc)- for many people this is a productive gravy train, with careers forged out of it.

I have lost count of the ads where you have some dithering dolt of a husband trying to work a pc, lawnmower etc only for the all knowing wife to give a sad nod and come over and sus the problem.

Same goes for tv shows and ethnic minorities- I think we all know the racial breakdown for criminals, yet turn on CSI, Without a Trace etc, and the majority of criminals will be white males. Often as not, when a woman or ethnic "minority" (I use that term loosely as it isn't a minority in many places) is the criminal, there is some justification or reasoning for their actions.

It is a pathetic state of affairs and results in mccarthyite witch hunts of people bandying about terms such as "racist", "sexist", "homophobe" etc in organisations with the threat of dismissal, or Stalinesque "diversity" awareness training.

I live in the UK, and there is a delicious irony at present- one of the fashionable victims groups at the moment are muslims, however, within the muslim community there is a greater intolerance of women's rights and homosexuals- this leads to some interesting mental and moral acrobatics from the cultural marxists!

posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 12:56 PM
First, there's not really a group called the "Illuminati". Look into the Jesuits. They're a real group.

Now - I see the hypocrisy as far as race goes. Things happen to both black people and white people, and there's complaining. Then if it happens to the other race, then it's not a problem, and it was justified. It happens. It's always going to happen.

Racial issues, I think, are a little old. But both blacks and whites are guilty of keeping it going. It's not just whites, and it's not just blacks.

As far as the feminism thing goes, I think it's just marketing. I am getting sick of these women's rights groups that still persist. It's like the issue of racism. Point to one thing that a black person, or a woman, can't do that a white male can (in the United States), and then maybe there'll be some merit to the women's rights and race rights groups.

Until then, though, I say - shut the hell up

Overall, I think that we're a far too politically correct society. Everyone is offended - everyone is suing someone else over something - everyone is too sensitive.

I personally say what I'm thinking when I'm thinking it. If people can't deal with it, then that's their problem.

That sounds a little harsh, but in the end, they're just words. If everyone just laughed things off, I think we'd be a lot further along, and there'd be less violence.

Just my opinion, though.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 04:34 PM

But turning the tables and trying to make the world Sexist Feminist is the EXACT SAME THING AS CHAUVINISM.


I hope one day, correcting social imperfections will not release a reactionary social imperfection.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 04:46 PM
I wish women would realize that feminism was relevant, oh I don't know, 60 years ago?

It's 2007. Get with the times.

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