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NO, I'll be eating that Bait!

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posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 09:35 PM
Thats a phrase I learned as a kid, growing up near the Atlantic Ocean, and Chesapeake Bay. On a fishing day, we'd stop at the bait store, buy some bloodworms, maybe some fish-heads for chum..and a box of Frozen squid.

Always, when ringing up that last item, the guy would ask "Is this for fishing?".
If you said YES, you paid sales tax..Say no, and you save a little money, no tax on food items.

Return to present day

I was at the grocery store, buying only ONE item..Fluffy rolls of paper for hanging in the bathroom, you know the kind..I never really noticed before, but TP is a taxable item in Nevada (A Luxury perhaps?). At least according to the clerk, it's taxable.

Then I read this story on Drudge today

Woman sues over improper TP tax

TP is supposed to be a non-taxable item in her state.

SO my question is twofold (or two-ply if you like)

Do you check your receipts?
Are there grocery items in your area that you consider Necessities, yet your government has decided to raise a little revenue because they know you're buying?

I'm curious..


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