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9/11 in Omaha

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posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 08:45 PM
I had a dream the other night.

well to start of we have two towers in omaha, the first national tower and the woodman tower. anywasy i was driving down town, farman street i think it was, when all the sudden i head a plane fly really low. i thought he was going to land because Epply Airfield is near by. but after a few seconds i realize hes too low and not heading towards epply.

"oh #, oh # dont you do it" i said "dont you do it!"

needless to say that the air plane smashed into the first national(the larger of the two). i was then suddenly in side the first national tower(dont ask me how. in my dreams i blink and im totally some where else in the deam) looking out toward the woodman tower. (i wasnt in the first national tower when the plane hit i guess i was looking for people to help, i was suddenly there looking for people)

what does this mean?

[Edited on 1-26-2004 by KrazyIvan]


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