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Attack of the clones

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posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 03:41 AM
Are all car salesman clones?
I just spent the day car shopping for a car for my mum.Every car yard had the same pushy person who swore that the particular car i was browsing was the mechanical second coming.I got sick of hearing that the deal they would do me they would make no money out of.BS.Its so ironic Ive been a salesman(not carsales!) myself yet i despise them.They all looked and dressed uncannily similar.All of them made me feel very uneasy and i just about had to resort to violence to get away from a couple of them.I know thats how they make a living but come on guys stop being such twats and if a customer says their not interested and wants to leave your yard stop harassing the customer.Dont follow,shut your mouth and go back inside.

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