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UFOs vs. ARVs

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posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 10:43 AM
I have been reading alot about this theory that the UFOs are not form another world, but from our government creating these ships or ARVs (Alien Reproducion Vehicles) and are abducting people to make them scared of aliens. Even that the greys are geneticially cloned in Dulce NM and are not ETs but machines!?!? Also that there (black budget Millitary Industrial Complex) end goal is to stage an (fake) alien invasion to get even more money to build weapons to fight the "alien" threat.

If all that is true, and that is what is happening, then all the aliens are fake, along with there ships. My question is, where did we get the alien tech. to reproduce if there is no aliens? Where did we get the genetic material to clone if there is no aliens? If we are getting them from crashes of (real) UFOs, then that means that there are really aliens. If there are really aliens, and they are crashing on our earth, etc. what will they do when they see that our government is cloning them to start a war in there name?

Also, if they (the M.I.C.) are staging an invasion or attack with these ARVs, which they are claiming to be alien, which can out-perform our "admitted" aircraft and defenses, are they planning not only stage an invasion, but have the human side "loose" to the aliens, which are under there control, thus controlling the world?

If you read the "Dulce Files" they say that the aliens are real and the impending invasion is for our genetic material. They state that the aliens are going to come down, offer us food, cures for disease etc, as long as we conform to there identification system (get the implant). If you take that and add in the fact we are making and controlling the "aliens" then it starts to sound like a way to "tag the sheep" and keep tabs on everyone, which would be good for a small group of people (M.I.C. Illumanati etc) controlling a large group of people (the rest of us) in a large one world government(police state/dictatorship).

what do you think?

Or maby it is just all swamp gass and weather ballons

posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 10:55 AM
I'm still unable to find the real Dulce files

*edited for spelling*

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posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 11:11 AM
Not all UFOs are man made, IMO. The Disclosure Project has some witnesses that do not agree with such a theory either. Now that doesn't mean some scheme to fake an alien invasion won't happen, but I certainly think there is more than just man made deception at work regarding this subject. Weird objects in the sky and occasional creatures have been seen at least since recorded history, if not earlier given that some cave paintings show weird things and cavemen weren't really going out and drawing things they didn't see in real life.

What most likely would happen is a fake threat sort of like the 9/11/01 disaster that scared everybody into giving up more of their freedoms. It could be pulled off quite easily as nobody ever wants to think their own governments would lie to them and act so criminally. An ET threat would simply consolidate all power and all freedoms would be taken away. Nobody would ever be able to prove an alien invasion wasn't fake. So its certainly within the realm of possibility.

As for Dulce and all the other stuff you mentioned, I don't believe a word of it. Those are all part of the ET myth that has been created as a result of the grand confusion of this subject. The more ridiculous stories are the ones that stick out and cause the most controversy while the more mundane but realistic and based in fact events are not paid attention to nearly as much as they should be.

I've read just about everything possible concerning the most factual of information on this subject and I can only conclude that some UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature and that our governments do not want the information out as it would most likely spell the end of our status quo. The world would be changed on many levels, but the things most important to the ones in charge, the government and economy would be affected the most and they do not want that to happen at all. Everybody who is rich and in power wants to remain in power and any real ET information will stay hidden as long as they possibly can keep it secret. They don't even need to create a fake alien invasion. Human terrorism works just as well.

[Edited on 23-1-2004 by heelstone]

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