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cover ups in science, archaeology, other fields ????

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posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 01:55 PM
My question to the ATS community...

Are there cover-ups in science & archaeology???

I ask this because it is a known fact, that when the US government releases/de-classifies documents, many paragraphs/sentences have been completely blacked out, which in turn means that facts have been covered-up. Since this is a provable fact, it means that there is a political agenda of some sorts, since some things are covered up, i.e. there is some sort of Gov't dogma in place.

So wouldn't the same apply to science and archaeology??? Since both fields have their "majority standards," couldn't both fields also be involved in cover-ups if new findings don't suit their "standards"? I certainly believe so.

Also, there are many "big ego's" in each of these fields and some one in a prominant postition can surely pull a few strings to cover something up.

Makes you wonder what esle we might not know about


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