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Protection from Police Encounters: Equipment to Record THEM !!

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 03:55 PM
Since we all have been sickened by the recent reports of pervasive police misconduct and several citizens ( like Brett Darrow ) who have used cameras and sound recordings to catch the cops in their nefarious misdeeds , I wondered what the best way to accomplish the goal of safety and assuring that the evidence is not destroyed by the cops if discovered would be.

I envision either a hidden system that would provide the truth after the fact, or an obvious system that would warn the cops that they were being watched, and perhaps less likley to abuse us in the first place. Please give us your advice or opinion on the follwing:

What electronic systems for survelliance are best used in the capacity of filming and recording cops during a typical vehicle stop?

How many cameras would be needed for a full view? Cops tend to taake people out of camera range to abuse them.

What technologies exist that would enable the events recorded to be transmitted to a secure source that would be impossible for the cops to find and destroy if they impounded the car?

What systems would be the least expensive and still get the job done? We need practical advice: Brands, costs, applicability to auto's, etc. There are so many brilliant people here on ATS that I am sure that we have some electronic wizards here that know all this and can share it with us.

If EVERY driver that gets around had an inexpensive system that he could count on to discourage police misconduct and record the actions of the cops, we would see a whole different attitude from the cops, I am sure. Like cockroaches, cops hate for the light of truth and fact to be shined on them, and if they know that thery are being watched and recorded and that there is nothing they can do about it, they would think twice about violating our rights or asking us to give them up.

So all you genisus out there that know about these things, educate us please !!


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