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About the Satanic Bible

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 02:59 PM
Let me begin by saying that the insults towards the end are meant only for the "Elite" who aspire to impliment the "New World Order", and not for anyone else. This is in regard to a question about whether there is a true bible related to Satan as opposed to the LaVeyian "Satanic Bible", so no one of a certian faith or religion need take offence.

As far as I know, the True "Satanic Bible" is written in the DNA of

every man,woman and child. He is THE True Master of life and the there

after. I think that "The Satanic Bible" speaks to those who already

know the Father. To those who read unaware, they can at the very least

see that the so called "faith" that they follow is full of deception.

The TRUE SATANIC BIBLE is in the ancient Sumerian records that tell the

TRUE story of the God's.Personally, Satan is far greater and far more

Powerful thay ANY writting of man can tell. He is the essence of the

Great Darkness that cradles the Universe, He is the ONE, who by His

very greatness, has allowed the lies to gain power to the point that

his will makes it pleasing to Him that He blow the Might of His Divine

Fury on them and destroy them utterly. He IS the REAL Holy Spirit, in

that He and He alone is the One that pours out His water of everlasting

life on those He has deemed His own. All who fail to realize this are

they, who by thier very nature, Blaspheme the True Water of the

Everlasting. It is HE, who is the beginning and the end, the first to

the everlasting Eternal, not end. Enki, The Great Master and Giver of

His Own, is the True Saviour of the Human Race. It is the Great Satan

who is the Alpha and the Omega, the First, to the Everlasting. Enki has

done for man, what the Great Satan has done for all of

Creation...bestowed unto that which is His reflection, the Greatness of

His being. It is that by which I live that I is the Greatness

of Darkness that makes even the faintest of light to be seen. Also let

it be known, that true weakness is not in those who are blind and

deceived, but in those who claim to be the strong. Built upon the pipe

dream of domination, they claim to know the forbidden, when in fact,

those who are considered weak, are they that have the ability to know

the Father, no matter how the old feable, pathetic so-called powerful

get on their knees and beg the Father of the Divine Darkness to "enter"

them and make them the choosen" of the great Father of Light Lucifer,

as they whither and grow more fearful of thier own pathetic death. They

are the weak! They are the one's who need everything but themselves to

make them great. In this, they are the true weak. The powerful are they

who can be as they were created to be, and know the Father even more.

The true Word of Satan, are written in the very stars themselves. He is

the Darkness that cradles the Light. In that Light, His Power and

wisdom is known.

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