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the gardener

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 02:11 AM
Hello All
I'm a new user and have been a researcher in these various topics for a few years. My interest was brought about by personal UFO/EBE encounters ive had throughout my life.
Before I get into any discussions on threads I've got a few queries relating to my own life.
About three and a half years ago i had a very unique experience that in the main lasted about 3 months. I woke up one day and everything was different. I could see the flow of energy between living things, both plants and animals. I was massively impressed with a purpose that were close to my own ideals at the time. I had flowing through me for these few months an incredibly massive ammount of energy that felt like it was coming from the cosmos itself. Over the next few months I used this energy as much as I could creating certain ritual and patterns within nature. I also did alot of walking in this time and came to be known as the gardener. I also had ebe contact in this time.
Ive been looking for answers since, about what happened to me. I have heard rumors about the gardener but have found no definate discussion. Perhaps it is even a myth. I have my own impressions on what happened but thought I would ask a group like this what they may have heard.

I will gladly tell more about my own impression of the experience if people want to know more.
Anyones thoughts will be appreciated.


posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 03:48 AM
Well your story is a little short, can you tell us what happenend excactly when you woke up that day and everything had some energy cosmo thing?
There are more people here on ATS that had the same experience i think so i hope they will contact you about this strange stuff.


posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 04:11 AM
I have been on many walks myself and have had many situations that can only be explained in a spiritual context. As far as Gardner, I have heard Farmer used, I would guess it is not the same though. Not exactly sure, we all have our own experiences that make up our understanding.

Also the movie The Gardner with Peter Sellers was great.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 09:56 PM
A little more of my story......
Well I guess I'll start by saying that its the sort of thing I could never tell you everything about, purely because everyday was so intense and every moment different. But Ive never had or since had absolute belief before and during this time I did, in what I was doing and what I was impressed to do.
Basically my ideals at the time were for a sustainable planet and for people to care more about the natural and unique ecosystems that we have on Earth.
When I woke up it was like I could see the pattern of nature and was given the ability and energy to tap it and use its energy to my own ends. In this my impression was that I was unlocking certain energy points in the Earth and using them to recalibrate the Earths aura more in line with my own ideals and thus plant a seed in the collective consciousness that I have watched grow since and it all seems to fit. Although it could just be a natural rate of concious change, or maybe I was a catalyst. There was also a girl that followed me around for some of this and even though she didnt really know what I was doing she would often just lay down and let me draw on her female energy for what I was doing.
For a time people were calling me Adam as in Adam and Eve (the first) however I do not think that I am Adam. I think perhaps I had just found a way to draw on his energy for a while and it was beautiful and pure, just as the Earth was in his time. I am not religious by the way. I also know that in the bible Adam was known as the gardener, so perhaps this is the connection.
I am from Australia and during my walking which was done with no shoes, food, water or money I came into contact with aboriginals a fair bit. They seemed to think that I had been chosen by the spirit of the land to heal it, and that was my impression also. They would also call me the great white shark

The e.b.e contact happened about half way through the 3 month period. When I was walking through the bush one night a saucer similar to ones I had seen in my life previously, except this one was at least 50m across where others we only about 5m across, flew quite close to me (about 100m away) and around me for about half an hour. I was trying to not be scared this time. I wanted to show them that I was fine with them being here because I thought that that was our future. Them on the planet with us openly. I had a walking stick I I moved it in the opposite direction of the light flashes ringing the craft trying to communicate. I was massively impressed to stand at a certain point to either meet them or to get on board I presume but I chose to stay because I care alot for people here and for my planet. It then disappeared and about 20 minutes later a being about 4 and a half feet ran out of the bush at me and grabbed my ankle sending the most amazing sensation through me. Better than anything Ive ever felt times 100 for about 10 minutes. I could see its shaped, hear it and i felt it grab me but it seemed to look the same as the background. Perhaps because it was in camoflauge or that I didnt have the ability to recognise it as I had never seen one before.
What I thought I was doing was also told to me by people I would meet in the street who I had never met before. So much of it told me it was real but at the same time no-one can relate to it at all. It was completely out of this world. I guess Im looking for perhaps others, possible explainations and validation I supposed. This seems to be the place for it. Where nothing seems to be discounted as impossible.

Maybe all of it was just a case of being the right guy at the right time.....

Thanks for listening

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