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Round 1: more_serotonin_pls v shearder Human Extinction

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 09:30 PM
The topic for this debate is "Humans will most likely become extinct within the next 1,000 years".

More_serotonin_pls will be arguing the pro position and will open the debate.
shearder will argue the con position.

Each debater will have one opening statement each. This will be followed by 3 alternating replies each. There will then be one closing statement each and no rebuttal.

A post may not be any longer than 5,500 characters, using the ATS character counter.
Closing posts may not be any longer than 3,500 characters.

This character limit includes all board code, links, etc.
Extra characters will be deleted from the end of your post. Please notice that the character counter counts backwards.

Editing is strictly forbidden. This means any editing, for any reason. Any edited posts will be completely deleted. This prevents cheating. If you make an honest mistake which needs fixing, you must U2U me. I will do a limited amount of editing for good cause. Please use spell check before you post.

Opening and closing statements must not contain any images, and must have no more than 3 references. Excluding both the opening and closing statements, only two images and no more than 5 references can be included for each post.

Responses should be made within 24 hours, if people are late with their replies, they run the risk of forfeiting their reply and possibly the debate. Limited grace periods may be allowed if I am notified in advance.

Each round that a member participates in is worth 1 ranking point in the Debate Forum Challenge Ladder. Winning the final round is worth an additional 1 point.

The Member-Judging System is in effect. The total number of stars awarded to each member by readers (counted at the time of judging) will be counted to determine a winner. Each debate will have one judge. The decision of the judge is worth 5 stars.

We have ways of determining when a member has multiple accounts. Any member who attempts to use multiple accounts to influence the outcome of a debate will be barred from the debate forum in perpetuity and will face additional consequences as well, possibly including a permanent ban from ATS.

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 09:23 AM
More_Serotonin_Pls is late and has missed his opening statement. Shearder may make his opening statement.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 12:02 AM
First and foremost, many thanks to Vagabond for this debate competition. To my opponent more_seratonin_pls – I wish you the very best and may the best person win.

“Humans will most likely become extinct within the next 1000 years” – I seriously doubt that will happen in 1,000 years. In fact I doubt it will happen in 10,000 years – however, I don’t doubt it will happen in say 1 to 50 million years - on Earth. And you may agree or disagree but consider the following:-

What needs to happen for a species to become extinct? It may be because of natural causes, i.e. a species genetic trait that unfortunately limits the species chances of progressing or adapting in short periods of time; it may be sudden changes in climate to which a species cannot adjust or adapt in a reasonable period of time; it may be that a species is wiped out by another species that may not be native to that specific region and the species that becomes extinct has no natural defenses; other reasons are over hunting, pollution or the destruction, by humans, or non-native species, of their natural habitat.

Now, if we had asked this question 200-300 years ago the answer may well have been a resounding yes! However, in the last 80 years technology has progressed at such an accelerated pace that we have been to the moon, set satellites in space etc. Now I will not go into the possibilities of space travel, as we may have read in some threads, but what we need to understand is that, considering the pace at which we are becoming a more technologically aware and advanced “planet”, I would wager that humans, in the next 100 – 200 years, will have the required technology for us to live for long periods of time in space OR on other planets like Mars, or the Moon, with readily available food sources.

I think it is prudent to realize that humans have the ability to adapt to most environments with technology that can change the habitat, required to live in a specific area, to a place of comfort regardless of the climate or location.

The key to our survival is adaptability and foresight.

posted on Oct, 6 2007 @ 04:03 PM
More_serotonin_pls has missed two posts and forfeits this debate. Shearder will advance to round 2.

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