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Iran designates CIA and U.S. Army as terrorist organizations in response.

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posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by BlueRaja
With regards to Hirsohima/Nagasaki, do you feel that the loss of life that would have resulted from a ground invasion of Japan would've been better?

No i don't hence my argument that given the chance the Japanese government would have signed the same peace treaty the US government offered after the nuclear weapons about three or four months earlier

It's estimated that the number of fatalities in that eventuality could've been in the millions, with several hundred thousand being Allied forces.

A invasion were simply never required to pacify Japan given it's almost total dependence on imports. By September and August us Strategic bombers had more than doubled their bomb loads because they could fly at 1 or 2 km altitude without much hazard. The final straw was the Soviet assault on their Chinese holdings and after that they were going to have to sign something and very fast at that.

Given that choice, dropping the bomb saved far more lives, and caused far less damage than the alternative.

The bombs were never required to bring the war to a end as conventional bombing were doing a bang up job of bombing a largely defenseless Japan back into the early industrial age.

War by its very nature is an ugly business, and unpleasant.

'We' had no idea so thanks for enlightening us.

Sometime one has to make very tough decisions, and in this case the decision was to not prolong the war and add countless more casualties to the tally.

If they wishes to end the war they could have have allowed the Japanese the illusion of self respect, they eventually gave them anyways, months earlier. It was never a issue of saving American or Japanese lives and it may not be far fetched to consider the possibility that they were simply waiting to test their new weapons.


posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 08:14 PM
I say right on!!!!!! to anyone who challenges the American policy at this time and at this stage in it's life. Honestly the other part of the world, wont let America " Rule" there nations and there " democracy" for ever, somethings got to give sometime.

Human Beings don't like to be pushed around, there is a certain time when something or someone is going to crack.

Again think of this- The US Gov, gave Iran Arms somewhere between the 70s-80s. I'm not sure about the year, but it's true look it up.
So in a sense, the US Gov are like a bunch of terrorists, they give and then take, and give again, and take again, and then blame the people they gave it to.. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, you would have to be utterly ignorant to think that you can just take give and take and not suffer the consequences of your actions.

And one more thing, why don't they ask the Israeli Gov to give up there arms? hmm.. is it becouse they have everything that they want from the Israeli Gov? maybe not. maybe so.

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