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Dream Interpretation!

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posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 12:16 AM
I had this dream last night that ended really weird and was wondering what it could mean.
So if any of you guys think you can offer any suggestion let me know.

(I'm going to be as detailed as possible)
I am in a busy grocery store, the people are irritating me. I see a friend that is a fitness nut like me. My irritation dissapears and is replaced with a feeling of intrigue due to our common interests and conversation about nutrition, supplements, workouts and steroids.

(Note: In real life, I am planning a cycle of steroids but guarded due to the illegality of the substances.)

In the middle of our convesation a envious tall, blonde headed man carrying a unhappy baby passed by and started being rude towards me and my friend, we ignored him at first but he persisted, we were polite and he was insistent and pushing the grocery carts that were between us. I became aggressive and fought him, I beat him with no mercy (very out of character, I'm not a violent person). I left the grocery store for my vehicle as i was leaving the parking lot I ran into a light pole and my car exploded and was on fire. The only person that could save me was my victim. Instead of helping me he was bent over laughing and grabbed a camcorder to record me die as he laughed.

Weird, huh.
Questions welcomed.........

lets keep this on the dream and not a debate on illegal substances, I just mentioned it because of the role it could play.


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