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If they planned it... WHY!?

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posted on Oct, 17 2007 @ 03:11 PM
Anyone who read my post above, might have noticed this:

[The system of petrodollar recycling] enabled the US to run massive trade deficits with everyone else struggling to achieve a trade surplus.

You might want to check this article out from The Telegraph.

It opens with this...

Japan and China led a record withdrawl of foreign funds from the United States in August, heightening fears of a fresh slide in the dollar and a spike in US bond yields.

and talks about this...

The US requires $70bn a month in capital inflows to cover its current account deficit, but the key sources of finance are drying up one by one.

Gloomy stuff.

posted on Oct, 17 2007 @ 09:48 PM
In my opinion, the best way to explain "why they did this" is to watch this 2 hour film from beginning to end:

I don't want to get into a big debate on the accuracy of the film unless you feel the particular point is on topic with this thread, though I will say again that it is very well sourced. They also have a page on their website that is dedicated to mentioning inaccuracies that they have found since release, which really aren't a big deal as far as the overall film is concerned.

If you are going into this not agreeing with it from the beginning, I still urge you to sit through and see what millions of people have already witnessed. So whether you believe it or not, I suggest you at least take a look at this, but if you half-ass your way through it or skip parts you won't really get a clear understanding of what they are saying.

The reason I like this film is because it shows, historically, that mankind has continually struggled against "the man" for centuries, if not millennium. Not only that, it breaks down EXACTLY what the struggle is. I have an Economics background and I was not fully aware of these impacts until I saw this film. I've discussed this with several MBA's and they were not aware of this either. This is the real information that is hidden from humanity. This is the only information that needs to be hidden from humanity in order to control humanity. This is way beyond any 9/11 truth. What's really interesting is that it's the same struggle the forefathers of our country had when they fought for the Independence from England (this is your big hint of what to look for in the film). I would be willing to bet that nobody here who happens to agree with the official story can tell me EXACTLY what that struggle was without watching this film. When I found out it was like a revelation. We've been under the same system we grew to secede from since 1913. However now the system is highly calculated and fine-tuned.

This film is a revelation into the struggle of humanity and it is a revelation into our future.

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 07:47 AM

Originally posted by Mygodishendrix
I am a believer that something was up that day... But why, would the govt kill nearly 3000 innocent people, for what reason could they believe justified that?

people think that the gov is supposed to protect you. it is. i couldn't belive it at first either i would fight about it till i was blue in the face. the only reason i fought about it was because i was scared. if i went to the 'other' side where everyone was proving that the gov did it what would happen in the long run. but i over came THAT fear then came another one. If our gov did this to control it's citizens then what would happen if they became desprate. or when/why other govs would do it and if they would learn from the US gov's mistakes.

i feel the gov did this because with 'everything' that happens there are a group of us that disagree with what the gov says and try to prove it (we have been VERY successful with 9-11). but i fell they attacked there own soil because they felt like they were losing control of us and they wanted to send a message out to ALL of us. that message was "Look at what we have done, look at what you can do about it, and look at who belives you".

my fear that will never go away is...who's next?

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