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This is America Freedom

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 10:22 PM
This is Iraqi Freedom and Soon will be America new Freedom!!!!!

Are you ready for this!!

Watch this is reality!!!

Do not deny it Do not Censor it!

Make no Mistake about it this is what we are preparing for!

By the Hands of our own son and fathers.

The Staue is of Liberty is Bleeding to death!

This is what they will do for Marshell Law!

Are we Going to stand for this!!!!!!

Wtf is wrong with you war supporters you are truly insane!!!!!!

I see the Terrorist on the Bus hes the one with explosives!!!

No wait its on fire and nothing exploded.

Thank god they found the planted hand gun!

That definetly justifies them firing a moving bus that wasnt firing at them!!!

A p37 from the looks of it. 7 bullet clip.

That certainly justifies setting them on fire and firing severel thousand bullets at them!

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 10:36 PM
This is what They think of soldiers rights!!!

Its nascar week another media smoke and mirror plug!!!!

Soldiers are Terrorist!!!!
They should put him on a Bus like in the video!!!!

And other war supporters.

Hes defending americas freedom by killing unarmed civilians aww what a hero!!!

And more importantly for Iraq freedom don't forget!

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 11:17 PM

This is Freedom Rape murder and death.

Soon this will be our freedom.

You heard it The goverment said kids throwing pebbles are a terrorist!

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 11:51 PM

You can not win by peace Who will rise up whats going to happen.

American Freedom of speech?

God knows sitting and singing should be met with tear gas and rubber bullets!!!!

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by infamouskiller

Something about your post should perhaps be pointed out.
Jesse Adam Macbeth is a teller of falsehoods.

On September 21, 2007 Macbeth admitted in federal court that he had faked his war record. U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Sullivan declared that Macbeth had been in the Army for just 40 days and had been kicked out as unfit.

Jesse Adam Macbeth (b. Jesse Adam Al-Zaid,[1] in 1984) falsely claimed to be an Army Ranger and veteran of the Iraq War. He lied in alternative media interviews that he and his unit routinely committed war crimes in Iraq.[2][3] According to the U.S. Army, there is no record of Macbeth being a Ranger,[5][6] or serving in a combat unit: he was discharged from the service after having been declared unfit or unsuitable for the Army, or both,[7] before he could complete basic training.[8]

After his release from the Army in 2004, Macbeth purported himself to be a veteran, ~ He joined Iraq Veterans Against the War in January of 2006,[11] and represented, ~ them publicly at various events throughout the country;[12][13][14] the organization has since said it does not endorse Macbeth or his accounts of military service.[11]

Remembered the case from the news a week ago.

Though you should know.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:36 AM
Smear campaign.Of course they said this in vietnam and made stories like this in the 1970's if im not mistaken.

I can post 500 other videos of veterans. talking.

And If you want to rebuttle watch the Bus video And debunk that for a p37 pistol.

Which is probally planted.

Justify that!

It wasnt until a placed Bonesmen spoke out the media listened.

And if you dont know who you are not informed.

And Btw I did know before I posted that. And was going to refrence it as a smear campaign.

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by makeitso

Obvious smear campaign. Discrediting people who talk about these things is ALWAYS done. I dont understand why you believe the word of the very people committing these things? Havent they shown to be liars?

What do you expect them to do... this is exactly what happens to everybody who speaks out. He should be happy he wasnt found as a "suicide" victim to be honest.

All of these videos are not shocking to me, because Ive realized what is going on for a long time now. I dont really understand WHY it happens, or WHY these police officers are so filled with hate and anger, but they are. Maybe they are recruiting that kind of people to the force, I dont know.

Can we do anything about it? No, probably not. This is rooted all the way into the deepest layers of the government. But know the truth, it cant hurt.

The police state is coming. It may already be here, its just a question of your definition of when it gets bad enough.

And about sending young kids into war... it destroys them. They will grow up with even more fear and hate, even if they dont die in the war. Hate of themselfs for killing innocent people under orders, hate of their government for doing this to them.

That second cop who uses the tazer gun on the soldier laying on the floor, being beaten, is a real american hero, isnt he... its almost as heroic as shooting that bus to peaces and killing the people trying to survive the murders.

[edit on 29-9-2007 by Copernicus]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:01 PM
Using a known liar and fraud to push your agenda is not to surprising. Hate clouds the mind and causes people to make bad decisions and resort to false Propaganda and lies to support their positions. Hate leads people to think lying is justified. Never mind it is as transparent as clear glass to most people. You are helping to insure that you fail in your own cause. It makes you your own worst enemy. Want to make a point? Forget the liars and phony Propaganda and search for facts and real evidence. This type of evidence is like something a Terrorist might post to defend their own acts of Terror. It just guarantees the people you are trying to influence will totally disregard what you have to say.

If you really want to make change, do it correctly. To do that you have to earn credibility. This is not an example of that. This is a post I'd expect from a young person blinded by an unfounded hatred of anyone in authority. Many of us on both sides of the Political Isle think this war has gone too far but posts like this will not help and they destroy credibility.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:40 PM
This is a shame I considered this an informed public see this is what they do!

they want these debates.

They want you to debate me on this veteren since u so politly want to point out that veteren when i posted others here is another vets one the 1000's of veterens speaking about whats this is doing to our countries name.

Justice is not blind Freedom is.

Go back to sleep bro don't worry in 10 yrs thell pick someone not to smear and promote they choose to put in place.

His name was john kerry in the 1970s war crimes commitee.

Go dig up the hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands screaming this was what the movement of the 70's was about the media outrage.

and still you post that i am hate filled.

I am hate filled because I find it moraly wrong for any nation even to defend itself to kill another person wrong.

I am hate filled because I think firing at fleeing civilians by marines. uploaded by the soldiers. is a not good thing.

And to video cut in that there was one p37 7 clip gun. or short clip dont want to get in a semantics debate over a non issue.

You speak about this incident as they want you to.

Maybe there scared the truth is being told and lying.

Don't worry bro you be able to go back to sleep and when they cart you off to a FEMA camp to be gassed I will far warned of this tyrenny and fled for safty.

My god you have ron paul telling us this is a police state control.

this main stream news.

If you don't know what this means my god what is wrong with you people.

Bush declared a new UN charter yesterday he will be above all law and unable to be taken up on charges for war crimes.

This is main stream news coverage.

to reiterate my point instead of posting hes a liar find another vet of iraq one of the hundreds of videos of vets talking they are all fake to i suppose.

and for my final point I will post the Wiki definition of a dictatorship.

modern usage, the term "dictator" is generally used to describe a leader who holds an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly.

encyclopedia specifically mention WAR CRIME laws amnesty being they major red flag!

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:56 PM
By god are we so desnsatised that seeing Marines fire at 30 plus Iraqis over one p37. Is justifiable.

The answer should be No for a Correct soul.

I dont care what your reasoning is.

Ask yourself where do I stand on infamous's Bus video of these Marines practicing Genocide is legit or legal. And set on fire.

And don't forget the terrorist act of fleeing.

If you think is right or even want to defend it.

This is the definition of a Good or bad soul.

Guess what you just pretty much decided whether you go to hell or heaven.

to put it terminology cause i am against all relegion establishment not the people themselfs.

but to be more specific you just told me where you will be in the afterlife.

like or not this question will determine the vary fate of your soul.

but whatever I am hate filled because seeing peoples soul turned black makes me cry.

That makes me a terrorist!

I mean my God what is wrong with the world today.

I hope to pass soon I can not take this world anymore.

This is to big for any soul to bear.

But im against suicide or letting my soul be stained so its a vigilant task.

No i will not shoot another fellow being yes I think its wrong to starve africe to fund war.

I will not stand with any of you in the upcomming enslavement of the world.

I am going to post the Ron paul video again where he clearly states you are in a police state you are ina dictatorship this is nazi america.

By god if this was said 100 yrs ago. this would be a civil war.

This is a united states senator telling you in a fixed election you are in a police state!!!!

if you arent still woken up by now. I dont know what to say for humanity.

I will die for my belief that is wrong for any nation to kill anyone in anywere period.

not just say but its my core belief of living. sorry. just how i am wired


but will be swept away as they prepare for america population extinction.

Mark my words its about to happen.

Main stream media has senators arguieng about bushes new secret marshel law bills pre approved.

Do you know what this means!!!

by god wake up.............

Im also not advocating Ron paul for President I believe if he is by miracle he would be killed anyways.

And it dont matter who you elect they all get sent the same handbook.

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 04:16 PM

Video of the Children they talk about shooting for throwing rocks act of terorism to throw rocks at tanks.Many veterans are saying this!

And some have posted them
This is a pro war video I just want you to show these are the faces of the innocent children blown up and set on fire for the terrorism act of throwing a pebble at a tank!

If you even think this deserves A bullet through there body.

You soul is black.

This is in response to that he was a liar deny this.!!!!

I do have videos of them shooting children for throwing rocks 7 8 yr old boys please dont make me post them.

this is only to give his story some truthfulness against there billion dollar sponsored goverment smear program.

please change your souls I beg you my fellow brother and sister please!

Not to mention there whole mind set we are there to free there people not for this.

Even his demoner should set off red alrm bells just this video alone should have sparked thousands of debates and action in america nothing was done no one cares.

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 04:48 PM
Make no mistake about it people bush is not declaring amnesty against war crimes. He is declaring amnesty by our voice and our beliefs of what we are as human beings.

And that no astrosidies will be waged on the war of this country.

I keep hearing if you dont like it the go to Iraq.

And I ask why can't I decide to live in Canada or UK or Austrlia if I so choose.

No you must go through. years of refugee status to even claim freedom.
And if sent back can be tried for treason and sentenced to death.

If this is your definition of what you call freedom.
Your soul is black.

you can deny it all you want and talk bad about me. In the end you heart will still be black and mine will not.

And you will claim me to be holier then thou attitude.

When its the exact opposite. I am for your views cause I am your brother father and son. as you are mine.

And I'm not even relegious the books I read published from popes about blood rights and ownership of state reads like a Genocide 101 book.

Recognizing this tainted soul should be in your body and mind.

Thus why your soul is black.

If you think this is right. You got a Rude awaking pal.
If you think exocution only applies to people in jail you need to look up that law again.

And the recent bush ratifies for further death against us.

So dont start babbling this nonsense.

By god our country is on the verge of Civil war and there trying to convince everything is ok.

Treason against bush is within an inch.............

The only thing stopping an assination is the saving virtue of free elections.
If another person comes in with the same Ideals as Bush.

It will start WW3 period.

The whole world is shouting it. And no one cares.

Its all by design
The religous figures know most americans don't know Jacob moses Dan all the 12 tribes of isreal still know who they are they did not forget there mother father was moses jesus his half brother.

History can not erase this fact.

These peoples bloodlines are alive right now.

Head of goverment all over the world.

who have been in power since 1000-800 Bc during the Bibles revolt against the state. Of blood.

How many of you know what the great grandson of Jacob looks like what his name is he alive where is he what his job?

If you are a Christian Catholic Muslim Budist and you Can not answer these Facts.

You are a Blinded Relegion.

Severel of them claiming Holy nobility to rule the world.World main stream news. Especially in the middle east. And there not White with a great poofy brown beard. Offering Wine and Bread and prayer.

dont come here and knock me go google the 12 tribes of Dan the 12 books of The Torah the families there named after!!!!!!

Ya there all still alive.Don't you want to know what jesus half brothers family blood line looked like. Is it a white Dude in a beard. No hes Middle eastern.

Debate me on the facts Please go reasearch the bible. dont go watch 50 videos from disinfo agents go read HISTORICAL MAIN STREAM FACT.

All these families bloodlines arent a mystery there documented this for 2007 years.

Moses Sons are still alive Abrahems sons are still alive. His son almost died from dagger he did not forget who he was.

History can skew things all they want you dont forget your jesus's half brother or cousin.

If your jewish or Christian please Learn the truth.

The pope published many books on how the church can advocate war for relegious state take over.

World published.

read your books inform yourself.

It is a sin not to question God!!! dont let them fool you!!

Please do your own reasearch!!!!

12 tribes of Jacob

book of Jacob Dan Isiah to name a few.

More commenly know as The House of Den

and the House of Jacob. Main stream media they are claiming sons and daughters of christ bloodline. not news been documented 2007 yrs.

Pplease post your research.

Post factual accounts of history debatable material do not just vilinize your fellow neighbor.

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 05:41 PM
While this subject was red button hot they spinned out da vinci code. A labirite scheme of christs bloodline is it true. bla bla bla media pyscho warfare to take numbers on who attends and who favors or disagrees.

about the movie.These papers are everywhere but no one reads them.

Paid for by your tax money!!!!

thus why you are blind.

They know less then .3% will recganize the tribe of jacob and den and other da vinci so called facts.

this is not news there alive they been here since 1.

You do not forget your the son of moses or the son of king amramuh.

or the son of prophet muhaamid.Of course they know who they are.

Dont fool yourself history may have misplaced these facts for themselfs.

We are all not blind!

They know less then 5% of the population christians read the Torah and vice versa. muslims bible buddist teachings etc.

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 05:49 PM
Jesus. Nice name.

May I ask why ?

Now, to the point.

You seem to like using

Any reason ?

Have you ever been in the
military ?
Have you ever been in combat ?

Have YOU, Sir ever had to make
THE choice ? Have YOU ever had
to choose to live or die ?

Until you do, I suggest you shut
the door on your ignorance.

You don't deny ignorance,
you, Sir spread it.

I don't speak of what I've seen or
done, and no good troop does.


posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:02 PM

Originally posted by Lexion
Jesus. Nice name.

May I ask why ?

Now, to the point.

You seem to like using

Any reason ?

Have you ever been in the
military ?
Have you ever been in combat ?

Have YOU, Sir ever had to make
THE choice ? Have YOU ever had
to choose to live or die ?

Until you do, I suggest you shut
the door on your ignorance.

You don't deny ignorance,
you, Sir spread it.

I don't speak of what I've seen or
done, and no good troop does.


by saying you won't speak for the war and at the same time advocating it do you even know what your implying for your soul to end up? I am just asking where do you think this falls in line with final judgment.

And dont think I am not saying im not capable of critical thinking.

How can you defend the Bus video is saying what people in general are saying that this is ok this is to be the accepted norm.

You think I dont have Armed family members your mistaken my sister is in the air force now.

not only my sister but my twin sister.So dont go that route with me.

as well as cops in my family 2 chiefs of police 2 admirals of the navy.

my father is a veteren of vietnam. of the navy. left an E-6.

I am scared for them for what is about to happen is bad for me to speak the president declares himself above the law is wrong.

This should sicken your eternel soul as it has mine.

You ask Have I ever given up my life for anything you dont get it do you there about to commit global total genocide that means me you your dog your cat your favorite baseball cards your deeds your wealth your name will be extinct from the world.

And this is about to happen and I am about to watch my own country to declare marshell law.

On itself to the tune of a self inflicted Nuke attack. Half the Country is about to be un livable for 5000+ years.

And you say im for this war and i am a soldier and I will not speak about the baby I killed and raped that was 3 in front of her parents. and the military is good.

By god dude im not saying you did those things but seriously wtf is wrong with the world souls today!

As a honorable soldier as you claim to be your own values conflict within itself and thus greatly flawed.

Do you people see how they taint your soul black I mean really is it clear or am I just another idot and what I see isnt real.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:13 PM
Originally posted by infamouskiller

Do you people see how they taint your soul black I mean really is it clear or am I just another idot and what I see isnt real.

Slow down. Please.
If my soul is black, it's my fault.

I'm not calling you an idiot.
That's a term I despise.

I'd prefer "partially informed".

You see what some members of
the media want you to see.

Is it wrong ?
Tough question.

I'm taking heavy fire from a position
that has civilians in it.
Do I :
(a) Neutralize the position
(b) Die ?

My friend, (I hope I can call you that)
combat sucks. No easy way to say it.
No amount of sugar makes that pill
easy to swallow.

I think your complaint is with the Govt.,
not the soldiers.
I admire that you have family in the
military, and I wish them GodSpeed, and
much luck.

Just understand, those guys and gals are
under orders, but in the end, just trying
to stay alive.

I'm not great at conveying my feelings,
but I hope you get my meaning.


posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:15 PM
Dont put me up there with the Blood thieves of the bible pleas eeither I do advocate church.

There people infiltrated our gods house whatever it may be.

And he does have many faces and many books he is eternel and ever changing.

By god this is apearnt in daily life.

Do people really go around and not see what is around them what is happening.

Do you ask yourself as a male seriously how do I stand for abortion.Really you shouldnt have an opnion your not female it is not your right to decide anything.

There has been a break down of indpendent thought forever.

Dont you relize bush is flabber gasted we arent having thousands of americans bombing police.

They are 100% expecting it. And nothing is done.

Deny me mr soldier that a senator your goverment you protect is telling you a soldier there is a police state this is a dictatorship.

What does this mean to you.

It speaks of one thing to say the least goverment revolt mass murder of capitol leaders. publicly burning of police and federl buildings etc.

You dont think im afraid what this means.

And its very sad that this what the hype of Iraqi freedom is leading to for the NWO

To change.

Which end lies the motive.

This is what they do put you in a 3 sided arguement so your damned of you do damned of you dont.

this is what they want for the end of it all.

The bible quotes in the end time mans soul will be pitted dark againts light.

this is known fact.

Look i know your aunts uncles sisters are dying from cancers. 90% of pop death is from cancer natural death is becoming the un norm.

its ok to be angry i am angry to.

But be angry for the real reason.

Ask yourself why. do not go into the thinking o well there gov so there good even if 2.2 mil iraqi civilians are being reported around the GD world.

I must tighten my blinders!!!

Wake up do no let them steal your soul please!!!!!

If your worried of your buddies getting bombed from IEd look at some of the Shiite media but not only beyond the hatred just as information to the totality of life.

They dig up hundreds of bombs that say USA on them they zoom in on them.
Camera missle high tech devices buried all over iraq from failed bombings.

And the the horrer of the i dunno 600 count of a American tank blown up.

And ask yourself is 23,000 a year ago now 73,000 americans sound right to me.

Obviously theres a whole range of issues I find flabbergasted how anyone can defend that its ok to shoot unarmed civilians for oil

I mean freedom.

I just really dont get it.

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:18 PM
Are you saying that we should NOT do exactly what YOU are doing?

Wow what a rant you go on, and where is the beginning of the bus video? Why does it start after it's on fire??

How much crying did you do on 9-11-01? and what have You personally done to prevent it from happening again?? where were you when the elections took place in 2000 or 2004?

"if you don't stand behind the troops; Feel free to stand in front of them"

Put you life where your beliefs are, go to Iraq, and stand between the US military and the Iraqis...........

I'm certain it will NOT be the US military that shoots you

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:25 PM
I do not need to go to Iraq just as I knew you would say!!!

Dont worry they will soon have tanks M1a abrims down your local school to protect you with exocution from terrorism dont worry!

Iraq is but a drop in the bucket of what is on the verge of happening!

Sadly I see myself fighting for my country against my own country just to defend it or let them gas me to death.

This is my choice and will be yours soon.

I mean main stream news said that Air firce refused US military orders to use the 5 stolen nucleur warhead son Iran and refused.

And all were found out to be assisnated.

And your still here to debate me about freedom.

What freedom where what freedom.

The freedom for them to bankrupt us at any time an inflict marshell law....

Hijacking our own air force and assisnating our own soldiers is ok?

I wont talk about it I wouldnt either buddy if this is what you call the norm of the NWO buddy!

Played off as no big deal.

My god seriously I just dont know anymore.

In fac tno one is there just flabergasted at the rest of the world.

If Russia did this there be mad spread war from the us.

Your senator told you are in a dictatorship you are living in a police state.

By god arent you duty bound to uphold him?

Main stream news I dont know if you remember when the USA said sadaam you have 24 hours to leave and disband.

Well it turns out he was comlient and turned himself in.

And as a soldier this is no big deal either.

That the military wasnt even looking for saddam infact he turned himself in for exocution.

Go google Saddam turned himself in USa denies.

Leaked iraqi documents. Much against the US state wanting and kille dto compress this.

They can not silence all the people all the time.

And our voice is stronger then ever no NWO no public genocide.

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:41 PM
You say why is it on fire before hand but if you watch 3 mins into it you see Marines shooting Civilians on Fire which you dont want them to see.

Which I understand but do not advocate war to abolish this.

Destroy it!

um jack to answer your question cause we threw insidnary nades at the bus. Are you joking.

And the Videos excuse is on 7 Bullet clip p37 This actually justified by you.

How is this even possible?

NO more non issues I think I need to post the Marines shooting the Children for throwing rocks or you can youtube it yourself.

But that is treason to watch so be careful!!! fellow lighted brothers!

[edit on 29-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

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