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Spies Prep Reporters on Protecting Secrets

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 07:25 PM

Frustrated by press leaks about its most sensitive electronic surveillance work, the secretive National Security Agency convened an unprecedented series of off-the-record "seminars" in recent years to teach reporters about the damage caused by such leaks and to discourage reporting that could interfere with the agency's mission to spy on America's enemies.

The half-day classes featured high-ranking NSA officials highlighting objectionable passages in published stories and offering "an innocuous rewrite" that officials said maintained the "overall thrust" of the articles but omitted details that could disclose the agency's techniques, according to course outlines obtained by The New York Sun.

So the NSA is peeved because leaks are interfering with their modis operandi? One would think that the the worlds most stringent organization when it come to secrets would keep a tighter lid on things. Now because of their inept and lackadaisical attitude and whats left of an already corrupt media they want to change the scope of stories to better suite their agenda. Hmmmm. I say screw them. If you can't get it together you deserve to have the details out there.




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