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New clear video footage of moonbase and towers?.

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by Gridkeeper

Hello Grindkeeper,

I am big fan of your videos, but I am stunned because of the way you are presenting them to the public. What are you actually aiming at - profit of some sort or your own safety? I am fully aware of the high price range of the equipment you and your co-workers are using - the profit, is it because of this?

And the secrecy, you were on some kind of a convection (that I read about in some other thread, the info was actually stated by someone you had a clarification dispute later on in the thread) where you wrote, that there were some undercover agents. Do you think, that the organization (whichever that might be) is in contact with the beings that operate these spacecrafts or their leaders? And as a follow up, could in fact contact them< If zou think so whz not tell them to move the crafts somewhere else, on the other side of the moon maybe - just to make sure no other amature astronome could ever spot them again?

But lets asume they are not in direct contact, is the secrecy than because of your general worry about your safety? If yes, why not publish all your findings. It would be a total disclosure, if you added some videos of you assembling your telescope or some minutes before the actual object is in focus (not blurry), that would surelly add credibility to your information.

Let me ask you again, why not to tell the world about the location of these objects? What are you trying to do? Gain profit or bring down the whole conspiracy, which has been covering up the truth about extraterrestrial life?

I don't get you, man. Do you at least offer the higher top secret level videos (9,10,11,12 ...) for purchase? What is the main difference? No blurr? More resolution? More closeups? How much do you want for them?

Please reply or PM me, my ICQ is 13640564

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by iohen

Hi, what profit? Just because someone says we are doing it for the money does not mean it's true. There are 50 videos on blip tv and they're all free.

I am not in contact with any of these objects. I don't know what they are.

We are showing the findings, they're in the films. There are some zoom shots in the videos. We have already shown locations in some of the videos, there are several of them shown.

The difference would be incredible, but without the right equipment it is impossible to get the closer clearer shots.


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