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Shocking New Revelations On 9/11 Ground Zero Cover-Up

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 11:26 AM
This is just another story from those who were at ground zero.
This guy was there,and tells a different story than the "official" story.
But like so many other people who have come forward,this story will go overlooked and ignored.It's worth a read through.
(Look at whats being said,and who is saying it,just because Prison Planet is reporting it,dosent make it a lie)

(PrisonPlanet)-A 9/11 first responder has shed new light on how he heard a countdown before the demolition of Building 7, how he was told to "shut up" by superiors when he tried to report secondary explosions and why "vicious security" measures were enacted to prevent people from accessing certain areas of ground zero. .......
Despite numerous attempts to glean information from Red Cross officials, McPadden and other first responders were told nothing while one official, shortly after talking to firemen, held his hand over his radio and told them to "just sit tight" and "calm down" before admitting "they're thinking about bringing the building down."

Full story here

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 02:24 PM
I believe that the "vicious security" referred to may have been connected to the large amounts of gold bullion buried in the rubble.

I've made no bones about where I stand on the 911 issues. I believe that the major perps are to be found within the Bush administration and the shadowy swine who control it and the military. The minor perps number in the hundreds if not thousands and are found in the construction industry, the trucking industry, the police and fire departments, airline industry, insurance industry, Christie Todd Whitman's sitting room, and on every TV and radio station in the nation.

That's a big round-up and it ain't gonna happen. I think what will happen is a new America, a lot like post WW2 France, where half of the country views the other half as collaborationists. Generations of sourness follow. This will be worse than the acrimony that followed the Civil War, acrimony that still goads in certain parts.

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