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Some strange Moon Pictures from the NASA website

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 01:15 AM
Hi Everyone

Well my first post here, been on here nearly every day for a while now.

I found something interesting on one of the NASA websites
Some moon photos which look a bit strange to me. It looks like there is something in one of the craters in some pics, but not others!

Here is the link

Im not sure how to add pictures on here yet, but i thought it would be interesting for people to check it out as im not really sure what it could be.

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 01:30 AM
i really didnt see anything different... the first image just looked like it lost alot of detail ...probably from optimizing the pic. dunno... just dont see it i guess.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by TheJason

They should be some kind of test of compression of the pictures
Here you'l find the table:

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 02:35 AM
Nothing more than some cool moon pics. Although, did anyone else notice that there looks to be some sort of structure in at least one of the larger craters.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 02:38 AM
Yea, thats what i was looking at

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 05:18 AM

Looks like a structure or a large craft that could possibly carry heavy things, else its a rip in the moon or just natural there.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 10:31 AM
Yeah what the hell is that

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