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Kiss Hank's Ass

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 08:48 PM

This lets you look at religion from the Atheist's point of view. What do you think of it?

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by arpgme

This lets you look at religion from the Atheist's point of view. What do you think of it?

It's brilliant.

Let's adjust Hank to be more realistic if possible though.

Hank is not a mere man. Now, Hank being supernatural has the ability to install a part of himself in said follower. That part of Hank that is living in his follower bears witness to Hank.

Hank himself is the million dollars, actually he is priceless. The part of Hank installed is a down payment, or one could call it a seal. When the follower leaves town depending on what they have done with Hank's down payment will depend on what Hank puts in his possession.

Hank chooses to stay out of town and unseen to see whether his people in the city will trust him or forget about him and go after the city. Some choose to trust him and his word and others go and blow their down payment in the city. If Hank allowed those out of town to talk to those in town, it would defeat the purpose of his down payment he gives.

Hank's list (not the one in the movie) is without error. Hank designed his list to be understood by those who have him installed. This is Hank's doing. Only Hank understands Hank and only one with him installed understands Hank's things.

Let's say Hank's follower tries to tell a fellow citizen about Hank and why they need him. That citizen will begin to understand Hank's things and follow Hank ONLY if Hank draws that citizen to himself and installs part of himself in him.

If that citizen has been previously drawn by Hank to himself and he's continually thrown away his down payment. The less likely Hank will be to work with him anymore. That citizen could humble himself before Hank with a pure heart and Hank would have mercy on him and give him a chance.

When the ground is watered and grows beautiful plants useful to the owner, they are blessed. If it grows briers and thorns they are cursed and could possibly go on to be burned.

The citizens of the city need to be given a chance to know Hank and receive of him at their own will, because one day the city will be destroyed along with all that is in it. Those who choose the city over Hank will go down with it.

OH and to make things more interesting!

Some citizens in the city refuse to believe they need Hank, so they have gone and built followings and designed rituals about Hank, yet have nothing to do with Hank. They have deceived themselves into thinking that they can work their way to Hank through religion rather than submitting directly to him. These kind have been known to show up in suits and sun glasses. Trying to heap more burdens on more men's shoulders. While keeping them blind to the reality of Hank.

These study Hank's list thinking they understand it but he catches them in their own craftiness. They end up perverting Hank's list and leading the ones who love the city more than Hank away. Entangling themselves in the city.


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