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OK, so I just found out I'm an Indigo child and maybe a Light Warrior! Plus another theory on 2012

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 07:44 AM
(i wrote this without reading the last 2 pages of the thread so please forgive me if i am wrong on some of my judgments)

Know that I wrote this message to enlighten some of you because i do believe that i am a real "indigo" child.
(really, i hate using labels as it would practically defeat the purpose of this message but whatever, just ignore them, im lazy to rephrase )
most people who think that they are indigo happen to be blinded by delusions of grandeur. Just like the topic creator. It's time i knock some sense into these people once and for all.

Before you jump into conclusions and brand me as another mindless drone of society that listens to fox news (fyi we don't have fox news on our cable) and eat all those government BS, let me tell you one thing that you should have known a long time ago. This is coming from a person who believes he is a REAL
"Indigo" (tsk i shouldnt be using labels)

You have this whole Indigo concept very wrong. Allow me to really enlighten you. Some seem to use these indigo tests and indigo stereotypes as a way to determine if one really is an indigo. If you look at it closely, these things are nothing but obstacles and other ways to divide mankind. It is very misleading.

The indigo concept was coined in by new agers, some of their ideas about this theory is just downright dumb or untrue altogether. In fact i agree a lot with Project_Silo, none of you have ever come close to proving the existence of real "indigo children"(i hate labels). but sad to say i may also fall short and fail in trying to prove something...but that's for you to decide. I have my fair share of notable traits but there's no point in detailing them really.

the mission it is not to display our extraordinary abilities that we may or may not have, it is not to shun mankind, it is not to further divide our race, not to be blinded by delusions of grandeur. Not to be blinded by all of this 2012 hype, which i admit i have been a victim of. Not to be arrogant about your above average intellect.I do not believe in most new age schools of thought, i for one believe in God, a higher and infinitely greater being than i am and feel that i am blessed with this gift of bold proclamation. I am nothing but a herald of my almighty master.

With that said, I know i have something very important to deliver.
To set things straight and to lead people to the right path. i recognize myself as someone who is unique, not greater, not of a different species but as a unique person that wishes to contribute to the greater good of mankind.

As a very young individual (i only turned 15 last month) i learn new and radical things everyday, i make mistakes and some of my beliefs could be very wrong but part of me knows that i am right. The stereotypes of what an Indigo is have tainted my opinions before but finally some time ago i have been able to set things straight once more. My life is not some Emo series of sad events unlike most people who claim to be indigo in this thread. One thing that the people who claim to be indigo in this thread fail to understand is that in order to achieve the "mission" you have embrace Life and its challenges, you have to embrace the imperfections of each human being and be happy about it for there is room for improvement and your mission is achievable!

The real mission is to unify mankind in times like these where walls stand between us to divide and generalize our kind. This is the only way we can "Save the World". All of us (like minded or not) is part of a very big picture, with that said we must help each other to overcome the evils of this world.

I am only human, if you know that i am wrong on some accounts then please educate me for i am one of you, i do not wish to isolate.

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 07:52 AM
sorry for double posting but i have reached the length limit of a post.

Anyways, the beauty of this mission is that people like me are only here to help, not to do it for you. The mission applies to everyone, this is what needs to be told, this is what people need to realize. Seriously, who cares about these labels... I have an urge inside me to help others and to contribute something that would do us good so im telling you this right now. Wake up, I need you, We need you, the whole world needs you to help to achieve the common goal that is vital for the survival of mankind. set aside your differences. this is the first step in achieving a higher state of mind. I do realize that what im telling you is quite obvious, yet we fail to do so anyway. Strive and try harder everyone,

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by DaleGribble

You're going off the topic completely!

I don't know why you are refering to Indigo Children as "mythical creatures"?
But it's like you are stereotyping all the people who make these claims.
Yes I believe that some people make false claims for attention, but I assure you as I have said many many times before.
This thread was started to gather info so I could get a better understanding of this subject. I have no interest in making false claims and yes, I was fairly aware of what people ould make of this.

Let me give everyone a bit of a background to me and why I believe what I do so strongly.

Apart from feeling "different" and "special" all my life, I have lead a "normal" life in my eyes.
What would you associate with Basketball?
The biggest stereotype, would be a tall black guy, likes hip hop and RnB and that genre of music, speaks in alot of slang talk.
Ok, I'm from what is known as a "home county" in England. Which is a fairly posh part of the country. We have the 3rd or 4th most expensive housing prices in the country, with a semi-detatched 3 bedroom house costing on average £200k which is just shy of $400k.
Now I play alot of Basketball and Football (soccer) and have never been at all "spiritual".
I have a comfortable job, a loving family and a generally ok life.
What benefits do I gain from making false claims on a relatively anonymous forum site?
Nothing but mainly insults and abuse.
I say this to show you all that I had no general interest in this subject prior to my new understanding of it.
I'm not on an Ego trip or anything.
I'm not going to dissappear after this thread dissolves.
I'm around for a long time and I will only be asking alot more qustions on the topic and can only hope I don't get too much abuse.
The only thing I can say about people like you, who seem almost angry towards people with different beliefs, is that you need to have more love in your life and respect people's beliefs alot more.
I don't need to make anyone believe me, as the only people that will are people that have the same or similar beliefs.
So now I ask, please don't attack my beliefs and just respect what I believe as I will respect whatever you believe.

Enough Rambling
Hope I don't pee anyone off.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by Amarth

Good post, I agree with you but remember that not everyone is going to just believe you like that, most want proof, that simply isn't really possible on a faceless, nameless forum site.
So I urge people to just be open-minded and respectful if you don't believe what we say.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 08:12 AM
But dont get me wrong, i have gone through some similar things in the past myself so i dont simply dismiss all that you have encountered as lies. But i never had encounters with these shadow people, astral projection and i know nothing about auras so it's just obvious why i dont believe in them, perhaps if you would point me to an expert's opinion then i would be more open about it.

I also know how you feel about all this, you are excited, overjoyed and at the same time overwhelmed by the fact that you have just realized you are part of something bigger than you have ever dreamed of. But soon enough, as you grow, you will understand and things will be much much clearer.

God bless.

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by Amarth

I have just e-mailed an expert I know, who I was directed to, and I can tell you, he is very knowledgable.
So I will await his response and will contact you when I hear from him.
I agree with the part about in time everything becoming clearer, but I am not the one who has experiences with shadow people, astral projection and auras. I suggest you search for a thread which has information with those topics.

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 08:33 AM
thanks, i've flagged the thread and there's another community called, if you dont know about it yet, you can ask about things there too but there are so few online at a given time that it's kinda useless to post there.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by Amarth

Ok cheers for that, I'll have a look, I'm not sure when my expert will reply to my email but when he does, I'll u2u you.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 08:52 AM
Do you know how Steve Irwins daughter is name Bindy?

Would she be a bindigo child?

I just wanted to say I won't criticize you guys anymore.If you truly think that and that's what makes you happy and enjoy life then more power to you.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by Project_Silo

Not at all! The critisizing from you, I found helpful, as it really made me question myself and backup my beliefs even more! So thankyou

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 09:24 AM
The OPs intent was to gather information not to inform that they are superior. I really don't understand why everyone thinks indigos say they are superior.

I imagine this is what happens to every indigo:

They live their life feeling 'different'. Like they were put here to do something to change the world. They continue to live their life the best they can although they find it hard to relate to other people because when they talk about their thoughts, beliefs that are based on the 'feelings' they have inside, their peers usually do not understand. So they try to fit in to the norm, to the mainstream way of living and again struggle to conform. This 'mission' is still inside them but they have to suppress it in order to maintain everyday living.

One day, after searching on the internet for information they come across a description of something that they have never heard of before. INDIGO. they read and absorb it all thinking... "OMG, this is how I have felt my entire life and there are actually others out there that feel this same way. WOW, I'm not crazy." Then the quest begins to actually find these other people that feel this way.

They find a message board that will accept their questions about the subject and post. Usually the post contains the words "I just found out I'm an indigo." or "I think I might be an indigo". They want confirmation that others really do exist out there.

I just don't understand why there are so many posters out there that want to tarnish this. Why can't we research this without all of the negitivity? I don't mind people that don't believe it or think its rubbish. Just make sure your posts are constructive.

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 09:34 AM
Well, I can't say anyone is wrong, but I have my own option on 2012, and how things worked out in the past related to this thread topics. From my observations these Indigo children seem to believed this because, and I quote, "I just know" statements from them. Then on the other side here we have people saying they are "Wrong" but then give out a evenly ridiculous claim like getting a job at mcdonalds, that's been a mis-overused word for the past 40 year's, I am sorry to say but Mcdonalds jobs are all taken by illegals, and the chances of him getting one are very slim. In fact even if he goes to college, like you old chaps must of done, and got the job you wanted. When you were in your generation X days, before everything was outsource, and economy was artifical it was much easier getting a carrier going. It all up to the individual to decide what will make t hem comfrotable in life, which college might just be one of many choices.

Worrying about the end of the world style scenario's is not a question of when, more like how, and not why, but purpose. Ancient text and people long past, always talk about the day that will come, which serves a purpose in our universe and the course of nature, and trust me it will likely never happen in our life time, because the signs people like to point out are usually highly over aggerated, and nothing happens, when the day comes when something willl happen everyone will know, its not a mystrey, and something too not worry about.

Now if this boy wants to be a warrior of some sort and fight the evils that be, the only way you can acheive this with out posing as a internet armchair sage. Is to probably join something say like the navy seals get some real training and fight in some dark places around the globe (hopefully ones that have a good cause in the end, thers always room to be used) and or go on a field tripe to burma and other places where negativy is rampet and evil presist.

I don't want to say anything to change people in the way that might be wrong, but don't be deceived. Harmless deception can have catastrophic results.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 09:35 AM
reply to post by stellawayten

Absolutely excellent post stellawayten!

That is basically what I have been trying to say and you said it perfectly!

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by trIckz_R_fO_kIdz

Thanks for the post, I would be interested if tou could share your opinions on 2012 with me, whether its posted here or if you could u2u me, I would appreciate it alot!

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 09:44 AM

Originally posted by stellawayten
I just don't understand why there are so many posters out there that want to tarnish this. Why can't we research this without all of the negitivity? I don't mind people that don't believe it or think its rubbish. Just make sure your posts are constructive.

I think there is a strong will to suppress anyone who feels they are special. I dont know why either, but its very noticeable in society. If someone is special, it means you are not special. I guess thats why people get upset.

I for one think we need all the help we can get on this planet, and if indigo are genuine, its good for all of us. There is no need to be hostile.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 10:27 AM
I am a Reiki practitioner, have been since i was 8, my mother attuned me. I have heard of the Indigo thing, but not the light warrior. However either way dosnt it irk you that the supposed Indigo-ness for lack of a better word is diagnosed but a laundry list of vague indicators? I mean literally its just silly. Its like watching a Zoloft commercial. Do you feel different than others? of course. I mean there is no pinioning symptom that cant be attributed to simply part of the Human condition. I hope im not sounding completely like a jerk here because im not trying to.

Call me foolish but all my life i have utilized reason and logic and my gut to decide on whether something is real or not. And there is no logical thing i can think of after reading pages and pages about the Indigo phenomenon to lead me to believe it was real. I remain open minded and would love someone to explain to me about it, and prove me wrong. But how can symptons ranging all over the place in general terms diagnose ANYTHING. I mean perhaps you could be grouping people amongst people with similar behaviors, but theres nothing in any of the documentation to truely indicate that theres anything concrete behind it. A bunch of people who have similar habits and quirks and may or may have not felt ostracized all there lift can get together can call themself something but it dosnt mean they are any different that anyone else when it comes down to it all.

Its really almost ludicrous to think that any of it means you are special and destined for some important role in a future global something or other. However i would love to be made to eat my crow. So if someone can even barely pseudo prove this id be fine with it. But i havent seen anyone come even remotely close.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 10:35 AM
Everyones an indigo child these days.
Just because someone can do reiki doesn't mean they are always right, or have god given gifts of insight.
In fact one of the meanest people i've known was psychic.

Try to take a more logical approach to spirituality or you'll be chasing waterfalls for the rest of your life.

Sorry to be harsh but im sleepy.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 10:51 AM
So instead of reading what everybody else wrote, I decided to just give you a reply. I am an indigo. Indigos have very old spirits that have had numerous past lives. Although many6 do not believe this. We are more inclined in the "arts" then most. Some of us have received the label "autistic." I was diagnosed with mild autism. I did not make friends easily and have one wild imagination. I also am clairvoyant.

The first time I realized my clairvoyancy was when i was 12. I looked at my mother and told her that grandpa was dead and she looked at me very nervous. You see she never spoke of it, but my aunt Becky predicted my great grandmothers death and it scared the stuff out of her.

Now ever since then I have randomly called friends to see if they were okay just because of a feeling. I am usually right on that something is going on pretty serious. I knew when my friends Jeff Rose, Jeff Yarborough, Jessica Tarnow, Jennifer Young and Timmy Smith(my boyfriend died and I had a hard time with it.

I honestly beleive that we are here to try to get people back in line with the truth of the universe and make sure our planet is not completely distroyed. I am not total on the 2012 theory you were told, but it does fit with the Mayan Calander. The new age starts in a little over 4 years and I am sure what is going on in the world right now points to a big change soon.

I hope this helped you a little bit. I am currently working with a head-shrinker who believes in the Indigo Children. I call my self a Child of the Crystal Light. Good luck on your quest.

sorry bout the bad spelling. and check out the New Age Movement.....very enlightening. Did not take off like we had hoped but that is for a reason.

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 11:20 AM

Originally posted by Copernicus

I for one think we need all the help we can get on this planet, and if indigo are genuine, its good for all of us. There is no need to be hostile.

Hostile? Since when is it hostile to have a point of view that people who seek to hold themselves as better than everyone else are full of themselves?

I suggest people try to learn the meaning of the word hubris.

It's the hubris that is getting people's backs up.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by MajorMalfunction

I honestly just see it as good if they feel they have a mission in life. It doesnt bother me one bit. If anything, it brings me a feeling of hope that there may be more to this world than we understand.

I think thats why I enjoy thinking it may be possible. The feeling of hope it gives me think that life is more than working and sleeping.

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