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Still up in the air, recent videos not proven or faked.

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 04:06 PM
Hey Kids!

There are still active cases we seem to be ignoring like a child’s one month old toy he/she forgets about when a new shiny toy comes into the playpen.

These videos and cases below have not been disproven, and in some cases have lots of additional evidence. Case in point;

The Drone/Caret/Palo Alto events and materials documents.
This series of events is now with an additional possible sighting on video as a silhouette over the Moon while a person was shooting the eclipse a few weeks ago.

The million.5 year old Alien Moon Ship
Also, in May the videos posted on YouTube
Alien Moon Ship Stills

And see this.

The account by the poster (retiredafb) who, god bless this guy, talks up the story and attempts to corroborate much of the implied details. He also promised to post more! If he is not stopped by dark managers. This could be the big story too that brings public opinion awake. Watch closely for developments.

And part of this is the bunker video from Apollo 11. I have seen a couple different productions using the same footage with different quality results. The best visually is the Spanish broadcast:
And the raw version:
Apollo11explorAncient bunker

These are not explainable by easy means. Knowing video, CGI and production and what it would take to produce something like this, I cannot say they are faked. A clincher is to watch the astronaut “bounding” in front of the camera. I have seen every science fiction flick made, and I have seen multi-million dollar effects not able to duplicate the low gravity effects. Sure, by studying the lunar film archives you could maybe duplicate fairly closely the effects with wires or composting, but it would be a huge effort not likely possible for a hoaxing production making no money and still could be discerned as fake by experts. I have a good eye for this and see details in movement and relationships most do not, and I sense this is real.

How stupid can our smarts be?

My associate producer was with me last night, planning a special effect for a CGI production we are on. We went to a site that sells Shaders. Shaders are effects you can make or buy for CGI. We looked at renders for this package and where blown away on a beach scene that the water looked so real, I about sold my soul to buy it. We where so impressed with the effect and a couple others we saw we did not figure out at first that the shader was for the sand, and the water was composted in. See the shader still

So we could see how real this was, and missed the title. What dweebs.

Back to the stories.

Red organic Dust

Also the Red organic Dust from India has been lost in the rush of new "posted" mental toys for us kids. The science they are discovering is revolutionary. NOT PROVEN EITHER WAY, but a ring of truth to the story when you know about the theory Transpermia.

So what good is a site like this if our attention spans are shorter than intelligent discussion needed to see some real science?

More such stories are buried in the ATS toy box, who's batteries have not run out too. Just look.

I am posting this ( I am busy, but less busy than negligent to intelligence) to readdress these and keep the discussion and any new discoveries on these cases alive, because no one else is talking about this. It is up to us to bring this into the major news by sheer numbers of people being aware, and asking the right and informed questions.

Or, are we just to enamored with the new toys and can’t be bothered by real truthful investigative tenacity???

You think thuh Guvement is looking at this?, The Nuze, or Scyence, an gunna tel ya? Wake up and smell the burning neurons. They don't want us to stay awake for this. So, DO!

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 04:38 PM
Links lost in post. Sorry. Stupid word processor

Drone & Caret Documents


ALIEN MOON SHIP, CITY & BUNKER______________________

Apollo Flyover & Survey Video

CSM Flyover

Alien Moon Ship Stills

Rutlidge (retiredafb) statement and answers.

Moon Base & Apollo 11

Apollo11explorAncient bunker

Ancient Structure on the Moon, Armstrong Video

The City

I did links as opposed to placing video. Not sure on size limits.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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