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Italian Astronomers Track UFO Flying Above Moon, Video + Links.

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 03:46 PM
The following is the text from the movie.
April 29,2007
Unidentified Object tracked while adjustingthe focus ofthe scope
location: Busto Arsizio, Italy 45.600 degrees N, 8.852 degrees E
Elevation: 214 m
Time: Tracking beginning:10.52pm

Celestron C8 +6mm orthoscopic eyepiece projection
Meade LXD75 Mount
Camera Unibrain Fire-I Board - 640 x 480 B&W
Capturing software AstroIDC on MacBook Pro

Note:the capturing software was set to grab 300 frames x movie so I
couldn't track the event in continous mode.
This is the cause of the gaps between the movies.
The path on the background image is due to the stacking while

Video and Data

Google Video

the object moved through the moons surface.


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