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WhItE OwLs

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 02:53 PM
well,one time when i was on the phone with the girl ive liked for about 3 years now.we were talking and talking and it was about 2-4am.i was at a corner house(2 houses down from my house) and out of no where i see something comming towards my direction,it wasn't flapping, just soaring in my direction. and i was thinking wow What the f**k is that.and as it got closer i could see it was a white owl.first time seeing one.and it came from alongway street and just went straight passed me into some house/trees.and what is funny is that ,as it was in my view i was on the phone and the girl i was on the phone with was just talking to me and i was saying "damnn" and i was talking about the owl but she thought i was talking about what she was saying.i dont even know what she was saying,the owl just had me stuck on it.the owl was the most beautiful thing ive seen,it was a nice experience.and after that i was outside with 2 homies(the brother of the girl i was on the phone with and some other guy) and a white owl just landed on a lightpole that is posted up on my grass.the last time ive seen white owls,was the other night.i was on the phone with the same girl and i wasnt even thinking about owls or anythign and out of no where i see a white owl in the sky and then out of no where another one comes and they fly in different leaves somewhere and the other one went into a tree.
i love wathing the gives me a peacefull feeling.

this is my first time you can see the way i type haha.
i just found this site by searching info on white owls.

any questions about anything?

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