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The Popeye Syndrome Again

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 12:35 PM
A great read from one of our fallen heroes.

"America is not a nation at war; they are a nation with its military at war." --Sgt. Eddie Jeffers

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 01:04 PM
Well, I dont agree with what he says, but its a well written article.

Some things I dont agree with:

I will watch the television and watch the Cindy Sheehans, and the Al Frankens, and the rest of the ignorant sheep of America spout off their mouths about a subject they know nothing about. It is their right, however, and it is a right that is defended by hundreds of thousands of boys and girls scattered across the world, far from home.

He is not respecting the opinion that America shouldnt even be there. He thinks its the opinion of the mindless to think so, the people who dont know what they are talking about. And he thinks he is defending democracy in USA by going to foreign countries and fighting insurgents. My opinion is that the democracy in USA is not threatened by the Iraqi, but by the very president of USA itself.

The enemy slinks in the shadows and fights a coward’s war against us. It is effective though, as many men and women have died since the start of this war.

While he thinks its cowardly to not engage the high tech troops of USA in a front on assault, I would say its intelligent to not do so. USA would wipe them off the map if they did. The insurgents are using terrorist tactics because thats the only effective way they can fight the USA. And you can bet USA would do the same if the roles were reversed.

The enemy is transitioning from the Muslim extremists to Americans. The enemy is becoming the very people whom we defend with our lives.

How do you defend Americans by going to Iraq to fight insurgents? This war has nothing to do with defending America.

America has lost its will to fight. It has lost its will to defend what is right and just in the world. The crazy thing of it all is that the American people have not even been asked to sacrifice a single thing. It’s not like World War II, where people rationed food and turned in cars to be made into metal for tanks. The American people have not been asked to sacrifice anything. Unless you are in the military or the family member of a service member, its life as usual...the war doesn't affect you.

Also kind of a strange reasoning, since the Patriot Act and the many law changes are killing the constitution of the USA. I agree that people have not lost any items though, but their freedom is getting more and more limited by the minute in the name of protecting them from "terrorists".

I do think the guy is very brave and honest though, and I respect his opinion and even understand it if I put myself in his shoes. But while he believes he is fighting for democracy, its not what the war really is about. There are people all over the world in countries lacking democracy. Go to Burma for example, or any other of the hundreds of countries that have the same problems. But USA wont do that, because spreading democracy is NOT the main objective here.

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