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Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report

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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by SevenThunders

A 'shadow' government I think has existed for some time. I've had to ask myself whether a choice between two skull & bone members was really a choice at all. These memberships are not open to very many, and they come with lifetime 'benefits' if you will.

The 'politics' I'm afraid are a distraction to keep the masses occupied whilst they move their agenda forward.

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 09:52 PM

Originally posted by grover
Your assertion that these people who did this were uncivilized cave dwellers is totally wrong.

I guess you missed my point..

That is why I said "allegedly"

My point was this: We hear all these stereotypical insults thrown at these people. We hear about how great we are, how great our military is, how powerful our government is, how great our intelligence is. We hear about how these people have to hide behind civilians and smuggle weapons. All of that propaganda paints the picture that they are uncivilized cave dwellers, and we're all mighty.

So what I was trying to get at was, if that is the case, then if some "uncivilized cave dwellers" could do it - why not our government?

But even that statement is weak and speculative. All you need to do is look at the facts. If the things on 9/11 don't satisfy you, and you side with the official story - fine. But look at everything leading up to 9/11. Look into the 1976 drills involving hijackings and them being crashed into the Twin Towers. Look into John O'Neill. Look into the put options. And look at everything that has happened since 9/11.

It seems to me that 9/11 was used to get into Iraq. Since Iraq happened so quickly after 9/11, and considering we've had former administration officials come out and say Iraq was a plan from day one, I'd go as far as to say that 9/11 HAD TO happen in order for Iraq to happen.

So then the next question should be - was it really just "luck"? Or did they have more control over the whole 9/11 event than the average American thinks?

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 10:05 PM
Attn. Ex-CIA:


posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 10:16 PM

Originally posted by grover

That being said I do believe that the government is involved in a cover up about it. They are doing their best to cover up their own incompetence in letting it happen at all.

I agree, up until you use the word incompetence.

(in·com·pe·tence) (in-kom¢p[schwa]-t[schwa]ns) [L. in not + competens sufficient] 1. insufficiency. 2. mental inadequacy. 3. the legal status of a person determined by the court to be unable to manage his own affairs.

This government was able to organise an invasion and occupation of a foreign land, using spy satelites, assets on the ground etc etc.

yet some how couldnt put all the intel together about terrorists taking flying lessons?

did they simply 'forget' the 20' something nations that advised them a terrorist strike was impending, using airliners?

They are covering up the fact that it was well known in advance, and that they sat by and let it happen.

For example,
John Ashcroft switching to private jets.
Condolezza Rice's meeting with G. tenant prior to 911 that advised an attack was coming.

They are covering up all the instances where the government, through meetings, directives or procedures calculated exactly how to use the attack 'should' it occur.

Killing your own citizens for corporate gain is one thing,
but sitting by while someone else does it, then using it for your own gain is just as bad.
Its much worse when you blame a completely different group of people and make them suffer the consequences.

Sadly, I feel all the intel/evidence that implicates them has been long destroyed, or killed in Iraq.

But a 27yr CIA Vet to me has a lot more clout behind him than anyone else.

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 10:41 PM
Dunno if any of you watched the movie Zeitgeist. If you have not I recommend it. They mention that some of the 911 hi-jackers are still alive.

Here is another source.

Or you can google search the phrase "9 11 terrorists still alive" lots of hits.

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by grover

I may be one of the few people on here that does not believe that the government was behind 9/11. I just don't think that they have the imagination to have thought it up, besides that, the number of people involved would have been so large that it would have been leaked by now.

That being said I do believe that the government is involved in a cover up about it. They are doing their best to cover up their own incompetence in letting it happen at all.
(visit the link for the full news article)

IT HAS LEAKED. Der! no offense, read meh post here.
Also, they do have quite an imagination making up such a bs story like that. I was crapping my pants at news reports when I saw it live in disbelief. "They think we are stupid?!?! Im crapin meh pants!!"
Might not even be gov covering it, I don't think bush or anyone public knew anything about it. It was mostly nsa/cia czar's doing, above and beyond anything "top secret" or classified. There were few masterminds behind it, who still control what is happening today by influencing gov.

Welcome to the machine. I don't think the czars will let anyone tell the truth about it, if they do, they will wind up jobless, merritless, or even wore/more common- DEAD. I'm glad these guys spoke up about it, whether or not anything will be said/get done, is higly unlikely. This will be kept underground until revelations is finished. Hopefully thats soon.

The first things donalds rums said in briefing afterward was "Should we use this as an excuse for an iraq war?"

[edit on 26-9-2007 by 1337cshacker]

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 11:29 PM

Originally posted by grover

I may be one of the few people on here that does not believe that the government was behind 9/11. I just don't think that they have the imagination to have thought it up, besides that, the number of people involved would have been so large that it would have been leaked by now.

That being said I do believe that the government is involved in a cover up about it. They are doing their best to cover up their own incompetence in letting it happen at all.
(visit the link for the full news article)

Do you honestly think they lack the "imagination"? You are living in a dream world. I can assure you, the goverment had something to do with 911, and i can promise it's not pretty. I'm 100% sure that those buildings were taken down by explosives, i have a friend that works in that field and he said that he is 100% sure about it. If goverment didnt explode the towers then who did? I think it's more likely it was the goverment, so they could start the war on terror. It amazes me how ignorant people can be, are Americans just unedjucated or plain dumb?

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 12:02 AM
Finally Building 7 is being recgnized!!

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 12:37 AM
i like how grover said that he has not made up his mind on the matter of 9/11 yet. i wish more people would withhold judgements longer sometimes.

anyway i find it interesting how some people like to beleive things because it makes them feel safer (living in the united states).

however i also think that their is certainly a supra national elite that influences events like this and also has their "players" positioned in influencial spots wether political, or military or financial and agricultural. I also think there is no shortage of political stooges supposedly loyal to a nation who are willing to get their string pulled (and make billions) in the process.

the next attack (false flag) that would make sense to me, would be one that

1. causes much suffering and death (which would cripple most of the sheeple's ability to see that fractions of the gov't had a hand in it)

2. somehow implicates the INTERNET and the solution is more controls and regulations of internet topics. there is too much info getting out, and the pattern that works to shrink freedoms and privacy is "manufactured tragedy's". which lead people to feel "guilty" of brining lite of underhanded techniques to steal freedoms because it makes it seem as though they are not sympathetic to the tragedy that occured. it can also cause part of the masses to revolt against any intelligent person who could see between the lines, because they are not willing to beleive what this person has to tell them, because it would cause too much change in the person's beleifs (uncertainty) as well as possible gov't iron fist in response to the masses growing level of awareness.

3. This will happen b4 G.W leaves office.

p.s bushies brother was in charge of security at WTC's and Dulles airport.

lie to me , i promise i'll beleive lie to me but please don't
take bread and circuses away

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 02:55 AM
When you you look at the range of responses to the OP, I think that as a whole its been figured out. Everybodys got a small piece of the puzzle figured out, but cant let go of their own vision of the event enough to see the whole picture.
This is the picture I have pieced together from the many puzzle pieces.

1) First take a look at the people in charge in the administration, on a personality level. The pres, the vp, the sec of def, the national security adviser, are all very ambitous,driven individuals, type A personalities. They can be very trusting of those close to them, but can be dismissive of those to whom they percieve to be their inferiors. They have all had very long careers in gov, and have conections with those who have .They have carried along with each of them in their rise to power, other like minded individuals.Keep this idea for later.
2)Contrary to the popular opinion that the hijackers were "cavemen", the leaders were in fact well educated men from respectable familys. They had an idealogy that has been taking decades to come to its present state. They were decently prepared to operate the aircraft, in as much as was required to get the job done. Its not like they had to land or take off and keep all of the people alive. All they really had to do was point the thing in the right direction and let physics do the rest.
3) Assests within the inteligence community for certain knew that some thing was up.In the early stages, oversea's inteligence services passed along some meaningful, but minimul information. Here in this country people in the field knew some thing was up and tried to do something about it but were hampered by the insane inefficancey of the gov. I'm sure that information wasnt passed along or acted on because to reveal the information might compromise a classified inteligence asset. Cant have the world knowing you can listen to everything, all the time, electronicaly speaking.
When word of the plan finally made it to the top, the reaction was one of, "Oh that will never work" and they dismissed it.
But somebody said "Hey this could work in our favor, with that up-coming Iraq thing."
So they let the plan unfold, but under an almost watchful eye. You dont want anybody to notice you are watching someone in particlar. They figured, they'll hijack a plane and crash it into a building, so what really, it will probably be a small commuter job, they could never fly a bigger plane with so little training. It wont do that much damage, but it will fire the people up, get them behind us with that iraq thing.
They might kill a couple hundred people maybe not, but its just the excuse they needed for the irag thing.
When it all unfolded I think that every one on the inside was suprised at the level of planning that went into it and how effective of a plan it was. Not so many people were suposed to die.
That is the level of complicity I think that the gov had in the event. There were no "holographic planes" cloaking missles. There were no "pure fusion" bombs detonated. There no cutting charges placed by "black ops". It wasnt torched from orbit by a laser or by Haarp. They were not flown by remote control from an EW plane.
All along the way the hijackers exploited, whether they knew it or not, many weaknesses in our system to acheive their goal.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 03:09 AM
Anyone that does not believe for even a second there was foreknowledge needs to back up to the day before 911 and they cannot reckon the facts to substantiate the claims that we did not know, starting the week before 911 etc....
1. Pentagon's Massive disaster drills and preparations the week before
2.WTC Massive drills preparing for possible scenario of planes crashing into the Towers or a large scale disaster and just coincidentally FEMA and other agencies just happen to be in the neighborhood the day that same type of disaster happened supposedly practicing for just what did happen..what are the chances?

Hell there are even manuals that were published depicting these scenarios (on the front cover of a plane crashing into a building) how about the FBI agent that tried to warn about this who was ignored and muffled, to me the truth has always been there and in the actions that took place before 911.

Now that sworn agents and employees of an agency like the CIA are coming out and challenging the weak 911 Commission report and asking for new investigations is just what the administration does not want to happen.

[edit on 27-9-2007 by phinubian]

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by 1337cshacker

Welcome to the machine. I don't think the czars will let anyone tell the truth about it, if they do, they will wind up jobless, meritless, or even worse/more common- DEAD. I'm glad these guys spoke up about it, whether or not anything will be said/get done, is highly unlikely. This will be kept underground until revelations is finished. Hopefully thats soon.

Your reference to "the machine" is spot on. And as someone said in Berkeley, California ages ago, sometimes the working of the machine is so odious that one must do whatever one can to smash it or otherwise cause it to fail to function.

Would that such a thought of fire would be enkindled again in minds and hearts across the English-speaking world.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 03:40 AM
Best lie is to tell half true. Probably it may be true in case of 9/11. No difference who’s idea was to attack Twin Towers. Difference is who did main co-ordination, financing and logistics work. If I were organizer, I will try to do this way. First plane – real terrorists, who think, that they organize everything. If this attack is successful, then other players coming into game. Of course, may be one of the other plains can be real too. But, not necessarily. Then, I would organize a mess with drills – if you have a drill at the same time, part of the participants may believe they are in trainings, but actually are used for “real” job without knowing that. But some will know what they do. Then, I will have some number of fake “firefighters” or other agents who after plane hit the building goes to place to see, if buildings are ready to be exploded and to activate necessary devices. In such a mess nobody will understand what are you doing here. If I will be organizer, I will explode towers before fake “firefighters and agents” will escape building (or at least part of them). And so on… Such organization is very efficient, because at least part of participants will believe, that they were not involved, part of them will be dead, and organizers can tell half true because part of real terrorists will think, that it was they, who organized all these events.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 04:49 AM

Originally posted by Dr Love

The problem is getting stories like this into the major media. Until that happens these stories will be nothing but inconsequential threats to 'them'.
[edit on 26-9-2007 by Dr Love]

Or The problem is getting people away from the major media as their only source of information.

I so agree with your point though, where is the media when we need them. I got a hunch the guy with his finger on the 7 second cut in button is politically appointed.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 08:45 AM

Originally posted by grover
I just don't think that they have the imagination to have thought it up...

George Bush maybe not ... but the evidence shows that something was in the planning for quite some time. It's curious to me that the terrorist "got lucky" with the simulated attacks and war games going on with NORAD that day. Either there's a major leak in the upper echelons of the military or the administration allowed the attacks to happen, or Bin Laden should have played Powerball that day because he couldn't have gotten any luckier that the U.S. military place 20 some decoy target blips on the screens of the fighters that were to intercept the planes that attacked America that day. Very Curious.

As for others in the administration that could have devised such a plan, well ... As the Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney has long devised plans of action around the globe involving multiple levels of conspiracy and and military involvment.

Regardless, nice find. Flagged and Starred.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 09:11 AM
Dick Cheney shot a friend during a 'hunting accident'. If that's no imagination i don't know what is.

Also the subway bombings in, i believe England, are eeriely similar to what went down here in the states as far as them 'training' for the exact same terrorist incident that took place.

I believe that it's more important for the people stop worrying about what is fact and fiction regarding 9/11, and focus on the fact that it is apparent that we must not allow the government to spoonfeed us whatever they feel we should know. This was a country built on freedom and we should have as much control of the government as the politicians. We give put there positions and pay for those fat checks they receive. Economically they need us just as much, if not more, than we need them.

Plus whatever happened to checks and balances?

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by hybrid007

True, this country was built on many freedoms, but one of the founding fathers really screwed us all, unintentionally.

Benjamin Franklin printed some of Thomas Paine's (the author of Common Sense) works, thus setting an example of government control propaganda. Though they were trying to do the right thing by detaching from a Central Banking system imposed by England at the time, it was an easily overlooked folly that I'm afraid has huanted America since.

EDIT: to clairify my point.

The owner's of the Central Banking System (read: Federal Reserve) are multinational corporations that have their hands deep in America's government and own many of the Worlds media sources such as newspapers, broadcast stations and other media outlets. This makes it easy to manipulate public opinion for them to extend their influence worldwide.

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by tyranny22

I understand and agree 100% that those families still have a major part in what goes on in Europe and in America, as well as influence over the rest of the world.

But I think we as a people should stand up and, in a sense, boycott all this BS that makes us happy and docile. The direction the country has went in after 9/11 proves that, yes, we do allow the media etc. to run our lives, but are we that lightheaded from the contrails to realize we are not even cattle. I would say viel because we really don't have to do any thinking or serious moving anymore, unless we want to go against the fad of being useless.

And your right about the founding fathers. Just to add to it, George Washingtons cabinet started the whole political seperation which is another reason why the government was doomed from the beginning.

[edit on 9/27/07 by hybrid007]

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 10:37 AM
Now watch, 7 CIA said this, in coincidence 7 CIA guys mesteriously die.
I say open up a new investigation, if the government has nothing to hide then they would not mind this investigation. If they have something to hide then this investigation will be forever stricken from the media.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 11:12 AM
I think it's pretty weird that so many are using this thread just to argue about what happened on 9/11. This discussion has been going on for a long time and for many thread and it seems like a lot of people haven't been watching the videos or reading the discussion. For the benefit of those who missed it before, this is from my blog:

Project for a New American Century
PNAC is a neo-conservative think tank. Back when Clinton was president they sent him a letter calling for him to start the Iraq war that we are still currently fighting. More recently PNAC has come into the limelight because of a section of their paper Rebuilding America's Defenses which basically called for the U.S. to become the next world empire by military force. And most notably, section five of that paper, well here you can read it for yourself. This is from Wikipedia.

Section V of Rebuilding America's Defenses, entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force", includes the sentence: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor"

Their Wikipedia article has some great details that should not be overlooked, such as the list of names of persons associated with PNAC.

Operation Northwoods
Although perhaps not directly relevant to 9/11 conspiracy, Operation Northwoods is key to understanding the counter-intuative way that the U.S. government can sometimes work.

Operation Northwoods was a US Defense Department plan hatched in 1962 to simulate terrorist attacks in the US and against US interests in order to provoke the public and international support in a war against Cuba and Fidel Castro.

In his book Body of Secrets published 2001, Journalist James Bamford summarized:

Operation Northwoods, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war.

In case anyone still hasn't decided what happened on 9/11 and actually wants to know, I made a two part blog with a lot of good resources and some of the best evidence available. I tried to keep it simple.

9/11 Conspiracy for Beginners
Part 2

For the person whose mom told him about the bomb sniffing dogs, yes, people who worked at the towers and survived say that security was stepped up in the weeks before the attack until the week directly before. That weekend the power of the building was turned off and some sort of mysterious 'maintenence' took place. At that time the dogs were taken away not to return. This information is from people who worked there but happened to be off on 9/11, and other people who survived. If one looks for the information it isn't hard to find, but for those who don't have the time to seek it out themselves I put the best videos IMO on my blog.

As for the actual subject at hand, I think it's brave of these CIA veterans to come forward like this and I am very pleased about it. At the same time I am disapointed in the corporate media for continuing to ignore the subject. These CIA vets know more about what goes on behind the curtain than most of us could hope to learn, so I appreciate that they are speaking out like this. Even the one who wrote the book that became that movie Syriana is part of the group. In theory that ought to get this story more exposure.

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