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Does anyone remember this cartoon...? (UFO/Alien Abduction)

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posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 05:32 PM
Hello fellow ATSers. I'm still kinda new here but this looks like a likely place for answers about something lost in some dingy, cobwebby corner of my skull. I'll do my best to describe my memories of this thing, and hopefully someone else here will actually know what I'm talking about.

It was shown in the mid-late '70s on network TV, and I am pretty sure (though could easily be mistaken) that it was a Disney production, shown on the Sunday evening "Wonderful World of Disney" program. Though it looked nothing like a typical Disney cartoon. It was rendered in a simplistic, Picassoesque, surreal "modern art" look, and had a far-out jazz soundtrack to match. It dealt with a flying saucer occupant chasing a lady around, in the spaceship I believe. I really can't remember what the alien looked like, it may have been extremely abstract, like maybe a stickman with a giant eyeball for a head (!).

I seem to remember seeing it more than once, and it's possible they showed it to us at my elementary school. I've spent more than a casual amount of time trying to find out what it was called, so if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by Teratoma


This was one of my first threads here, but I have been looking for this for many years:


No responses anyway, but this is a curious bit of material. Werner Von Braun was involved and appears in the episode, originally aired in 1957 as part of the Disneyland TV show. I saw it in '78 or '79.

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 07:58 PM
If you think that's creepy, dive a bit deeper into Disney's connection with disclosure... Just google on Disney UFO and see what you find...


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