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Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by ZeroGhost


Aliens, as we call them are infinite in nature as all beings potentially. There are those aliens or extraterrestrials in our world that are and have been interacting for millions of years, or forever for that matter. They have wider bandwidth, but are not necessarily good or bad. Their agendas are also as individual as anything else, so good for some, bad for others depending.

Native and aboriginal peoples celebrated, had and recognized spiritual beings for everything, and respected them and gave energy and love to them in thanks. The Shaman or medicine person, could modulate their awareness through trance or sacrament to go into these worlds to heal the sick, talk to plants and animals to learn, or to battle with entities and diseases that attached themselves or attacked another person.

It seems some “channels” can talk to those who have passed to death (Death is lower energy than our dimension, and they do not have the energy to back come through usually unless the observer can bridge the gap with their own energy.) Trance mediums, Channels and others perceive another frequencies, but can still be here and bring us glimpses or pass the stories. Depending on the resolution of the bandwidth they can interpret or translate from that other world to us. There is no rule that what is being said is true or right. Again, it is in the reality of each being what is said and how it is said and real or not. Sometimes those who can contact us have agendas that are not in our best interest. They might want to scare us for the energy fear emits. They might also want to help us gain understanding or to be enlightened. It runs the gamut. To each of us is a rule that we take responsibility. “We decide which is right, and which is an illusion.” ( Nights in White Satin, Moody Blues).

I listen for information. My deeper self can sometimes be fooled, and the more we know the less we know. If I am in my body and motivated by hunger, lust, fear or other body-related states, I am focused on a limited bandwidth. If however I apply spiritual discipline to each, like eating with spiritual thankfulness and the best foods for my body, or sexually, incorporating spiritual Kundalini or love-based practice, or if my fear is tempered by a shamans strength to act with awareness and have fear as only a notice of the seriousness of my acts and importance of impeccability, then I will transcend the limits imposed by just being fearful, hungry or horny.

Death is the thin veil between this world and infinite worlds. With sufficient energy we can modulate this world to our predilection, or walk out of it into another, and keep on going forever, helping others or just seeing wonders beyond imagination. To attain such energy, we must manage that energy with awareness and discipline. To each their own on this. You will find your way if you look long enough from your love and are not dissuaded or modulated by fears, anger, greed, gluttony, lust, power, ego or self importance and all the other lower frequency CB stations on this band.

There are many sources for this information. Check your own culture’s past. Look at and read about the original peoples of your lands. Read about them all. Knowledge is a pallet of awareness we can paint our hearts desires with. I have read as many as I could in 50 some odd years. My recommendation for those who feel an affinity for Southwest American Mesoamerican culture is the Don Juan series of books by Castaneda. Lao Tsu, Chuang Tsu, and so many others also for me I could list for hours. It’s all out there folks. Awareness is hanging ripe from the trees in a dense forest all around.

Had to be said without boundaries. Excuse length.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 08:51 PM
So I wasn't just having a mind trip? I would really like to know what the hell was going on with me >_>

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 10:16 PM
mathematics is a language and can be used to write fantasy,science fiction,fiction,someones' love theory,etc..

perhaps,if our limited perceptions were overcome ther would be no dimensional boundaries.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 10:36 PM
I think through dreams and visions we connect with the other universes. Precognition's scientific definition? As through Precognition you'd see the future you(and others) in time.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 11:05 PM
Some great posts up there! Love it.


They make me think of changing reality and the future too. Cause as I am having the Dejavu theres always a lost scene at the end in this world that doesnt happen... although in the Dejavu I cant remember what that scene ever is.. when I come out of it it feels like somethings changed here... and I dont know if its what I have done here or in my other world... or if someone else changed it.

Like being in a cosmic roulette wheel that deals out our reality (my mental state and my life ) that is what it is... according to my choices. And on a global level the percentage of people who put their energy and belief into their version of things.. so we end up with different countries.. different races.. languages... gods.... echo echo echo!! and on and on....


The collective conciousness shapes our 'global reality'.. so think (and double think!) about the percentage of people who share one basic vision? I.e...


Read the graph of the world religious statistics on Wiki... food for thought. lol

My Metaphor for earths current global reality is >

A Christian in a Lamborghini doing 250 mph with no breaks! with a Muslim fighting for the steering wheel! and society are hanging on the back by a trailer rolling all over the place

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 01:05 PM
Here is a great BBC documentary of parallel universes. It ties string theory M theory and parallel universes all together

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 10:12 PM

Originally posted by sodapop04
I'm actually writing from a parallel universe right now.

Thats funny

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by Shadowflux
This is amazing, I wish I knew enough math to really understand it.

If there is a universe for every possibility then is there a universe where multiple universes don't exist?

Nope. A non multiple universe is NOT a possibility. : )

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 11:52 PM

Originally posted by Sunsetspawn
We may each inhabit our own universe, with the people around us only being shadows, or non-sentient copies of beings that live in their own universes.

In your universe you will live forever, become an anomoly, a god amongst men. All of those you know and even those you argued with here on ATS will die off and won't even be a memory. You, however, will never die, and become a living idol of a galaxy spanning civilization. I type this message in my universe, and you recieve it in yours. From your perspective I will die one day, but you shall not.

However, from my perspective all of you will be the memory.

Ever have deja vu? That's your universe being reprogrammed to artifically extend your life beyond the catastrophy that was meant to happen to you. In another universe, one you in fact branched off of, you died, and maybe I watched it happen.

Prove me wrong.

This has been my nonsensical post of the month. Please don't argue with me because I'm not going to defend this insanity. It's just something I thought of at this very moment when reading this parallel universes stuff and figured it sounded interesting enough to post. I'm pretty sure I originally theorized something like this when I was ten, especially the deja vu part.
Anyway, I'm going to bed, peace and chicken grease

I have had a version of this theory nagging the outer realm of my brain for the last 17 years, it explains some things but ...
For instance, the 1st time I realized that something hokey was going on I was a brand spanking new, overly confident 16 yr old driver at the wheel of my dad's SUV. I had a friend with me, it was night time and we were on our way to some party or something. I began to light a ciggy so the truck had veered a bit and my friend over compensated by grabbing my arm that was holding the wheel and yanked...hard. The truck went off road into someones yard but the really freaky part is the 5 foot high solid stone mailbox. I swear to you, I can still see it crystal clear, we went right thru that mailbox, literally. I remember the truck coming to a stop past the mailbox, getting out and just being kinda awe struck. Didnt seem to affect my friend at all, she was just pumped with adrenalin, but I know for a fact that the solid stone 5'3 ft mailbox was in the direct line of fire and somehow we were on the other side of it, without a dent.
It has always lingered in the back of my head that we died that night somewhere and in a fraction of an instant we jumped or at least I did. If that doesnt make sense I apoligize but thats the best I can do at an explanation.
Over the next 17 years I have had other occasions but nothing as solid and forceful as that one.
But the theory starts to break down for me when death would come from natural causes, cancer or murder, like my Grandparents that have passed from age did they jump and are continuing to live as old people somewhere, do we just stay old and feeble forever on some plane. And for those who have horrible painful diseases that suffer for months and the succumb, do they go on only to suffer further on another plane, they are still here during the suffering, we see them, we pray for them, so they suffer then pass, then jump. And others who are tortured and murdered, what about those poor souls.
This probably makes no since but I guess what I am trying to say is that the theory breaks down if it is not an instant accidental death.
Let me know what you all think...
Also the whole "Secret" thing, I watched the movie and since watching and trying to attract wonderful stuff, my family and I have been bombarded with 1 stress nightmare after another. I feel like a bad spotlight has been shined on us and we have always tried to keep below the radar. I would really like to get this spotlight off my family so if anyone has the secret on the "Secret" please fill me in.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by SEEWHATUDO

I dont see the theory breaking down if one dies from natural causes.

The parallel universe theory states that for every action or decision that is taken a parallel universe will split off to allow for all possible outcomes.

If you are lost in your car and come to a literal fork in the road and you decide to turn left at that instant there was a parallel universe created where you turned right to allow for all possible outcomes.

So if one dies from natural causes in this universe they might still be living in another or in another they might die from an accident many years before or after.

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 10:00 AM
Is there room here in this infinity for one more theory of the multiverse idea? I hope so, or else I'm in the wrong universe again.

Imagine a river, a big river like the Amazon or the Nile or the Mississippi, flowing out of the big bang. It is a stream of great force, spreading somewhat, but all of it traveling in the same direction. This is in agreement with the idea of the "arrow of time" .

Now you and I and everyone else evolve in that great river. We were always a part of the river, and the river a part of us. But somewhere in the flow we developed awareness. But our being aware has no effect on the flow of the river, for our scale is too small when compared to the river..

We can swim to new positions in the river, have new perspectives of it's expanse and power, but because we are part of the very things that make up the river itself, we cannot leave the river. We and the river are one and the same, even though we can expierence the river, (and who's to say that it cannot expierence us as well?).

Now in order for the river to "split" or branch off in some meaningful way, a great dam would be needed, something of such importance that the power of such an event would equal the strength of the river itself, or at least some part of the river.

A small and insignificant event would be like a single boulder, large in it's own right but small in comparison to the river, being tossed into the torrent. The river would pass around this rock and flow on as before.Though this boulder might be an event such as the death of a genius, the river would flow on, and other genius' would be born to replace this one that had fallen, and so the river would not really be altered.

But, there would be events that would alter the flow of the river, though they would be few and far between. The rock that fell and caused the demise of the era of the great lizards.The "invention" of fire. The fall of Rome. And for these singular events, there would be a double path, for in their power would be something that did or did not happen of such importance that the river could never "ignore" it, and close up the wound. This would be like a great landslide that forced the river to chose for a part of it's waters to creat a new path.

So it is not the act of jumping sideways that creates new universes, but those pivitol points and events that are of such magnitude that when they are altered, nothing can ever be the same. These events would need to be of such importance that the universal "mind" would be the observor, and therefore cause the fluctuation in the Quantum Realms. (Yes, plural.)

This is not to say that we are able to judge which events are of such singular importance and which are not. The death of JFK, while we may think it important, might only be a something to cause a quickly vanishing ripple in the great river. Yet, the death of an unknown child could alter the flow by discarding a potential that we will never know.

Yes, it would be reasonable to think that there are multiverses. But the action of every atom would be of no purpose in creating them, and it seems evident that there is purpose, even if we fail to understand it, in all the workings of the All.

Such is the mind of what we in our arrogance call God, as if a label made something knowable.

Just personal opinion here, and nothing I feel the need to defend.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 08:13 PM
I suggest you all read "The Carpet People", the very first novel by Terry Pratchet. There is a character in it that can experience every single one of the multi-verses at the same time. If there is a battle, she experiences the good guys winning, but at the same time, in a seperate universe, she experiences the bad guys winning. It's all very interesting and is almost the exact theory that the OP posted about.

It really puts it into a whole new perspective, as it is explained to you by someone who it is actually happening to, rather than just a theory put out there by a scientist saying "This is what it MAY be like."

Not only is that part of it interesting, it's actually a really good read and I highly reccomend it. I guarantee you'll be picking it up and reading it again

A damn good topic to get your mind working

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 09:24 PM
According to the "Parallel Universe" theory,new parallel universes are born when a new physical possibility is explored , a number of possible alternative outcomes will be played out.

If Tom is in danger now, maybe die or survive,so he faces an alternative of fate. In one parallel universe, he survives, whereas in another one, he dies. So we can see that he splits ,just as the universe. There are different Toms different parallel universe with different outcomes. It means the guy dies before he splits,and will be born in the coming parallel universes.

As a result,we can draw a conclusion that we wil die when we face an alternative and in each new parallel universe we will be born again.

We die at every moment.

LOL : )

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 01:33 AM

Originally posted by Vanitas

Originally posted by manbearpig
this all ties into the law of atraction.

1. we are the master of our thoughts
2.our life experince is in our hands
3. we can be, do, or have any thing we want.

we just have to visualize it. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!!!!

It's not that simple.

It is very simple - frightfully simple - but in a different way.

And you do have to let go, or you won't get anything.

So... yes, by all means, do be careful about what you're thinking and/or wishing for.

it is the energy and emotion that you associate with thought forms, and the filters of perception that you can associate them with, including but not limited to words that make things

thoughts can be meaningless or important, depending on the context and the energy/emotion they are surrounded by combined with your own filters , belief systems i.e your own program for your real PC (your brain) which can be updated based on what you are willing to believe. their are many options for strength in belief systems.

this topic is great

science mostly funds things that can be measured and quantified because it creates less disorder and more conformity in the basic sense. when there is less disorder society may function easier. of course our imaginations run wild and curiousity is unstoppable, but the lack of focus on these areas such as consciousness, is not accidental. wether it is due to the fact that this is what human's need to be civil, and orderly, or wether that any change would provide enough disorder to overthrow the current power structure and the profiteer's (while not necessary meaning people running around with their heads cut off ("disorder") just a disorder from the current system and lack of material focus and dependance. if you can vaguely follow this jibber jabber

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 02:21 AM
Once read that science has been able to detect 10 parallel universes though not in a way to be able to comment about their make-up. Sort of like looking at them trough a welders lens.

As for mhop, having multi-parallel universes branching off all possible directions based upon our decisions/actions could be possible but how do you prove it?

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 12:38 PM
I see some people are mentioning Sliders. A good one, if you want a decent sci-fi explanation of multiple universe theory, but if you want a better one, I suggest you try the criminally underknown website, and its 'story'.

I've always preferred the Everett-Wheeler hypothesis, but thats purely on personal grounds. The science has always seemed somewhat against it, for various reasons. I'll be speaking with a friend on Monday who is the son of a very well known quantumn physicist - when I get his take (my science abilities are simply not up to scratch for this) I'll post it here.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 02:02 PM
Allowing for all possibilities please consider the following. A scientist decides to build a machine that can cross between one possible universe and another. Then he decides not to but another version of him continues. He thinks about it and has no idea how to begin but other hims come up with an infinite number of ideas. Many of them say 'screw it' but many continue. He assembles bits and pieces in every possible configuration, all of which are wrong but one is correct. He sets the dials on his machine (unknowingly) to an infinite possible number of universes, to appear at an infinite number of locations and times. One of those locations and times is directly in front of you right now. Can you see it? Most people will say it appeared in another possible universe but out of all the possible settings our scientist might have adjusted his machine to, in one possible universe he set it to come HERE. To THIS UNIVERSE, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Anyone see it yet? Does this mean one possible universe failed to appear? I think the potential for paradox in this case is even greater than that of time travel.
Consider the possibility though that these other possible worlds exist only as probability waves and that some form of our consciousness of which we are not yet aware, is making the descions that cause one of these probability waves to collapse leaving us with one (1) actualize reality.
Or should I just begin doing whatever comes to mind with no thought as to what is right, wrong, correct or intelligent since I will select all possibilities no matter how much thought I put into it? I yam so confused.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by nanoha

I think that theory is weird. What if I type a "z" instead of a "x" on this keyboard now... that creates a alternate universe too?

I dont think creation would be that inefficient... maybe it only seems like a parallel universe to us but it really isnt.

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 03:15 AM
OK so there is a "me" in a different dimension. Lets say this is true, is the other "me" aware of "me"? as i am i aware of "me"? that right there will blow your mind.

What if the other me is aware of me as i am of it ,its my understanding that what ever decision i make affects the other me's in there universe, so does the other me also know this? what i mean is does the other me make a conscious decisions knowing that what ever it/he/her does affects me and all the other me's lets say this is true.

Does the other me subconsiously make decisions knowing that it affects me and all the other me's?

I sometimes take great comfort in knowing that when i make a bad decision, the other me's are makeing the right decisions

NOW im going to blow your minds ..............what if "me" is "You" and "you" are "me" and "we" are "we" and "we" know about "you" and "you" know about "me"?

it proves we are never ending doesnt it?

so inconclusion what if my other "me's" know about me and are makeing decisions knowing they affect "me" here is the hard part what if the other me's are makeing bad decisions knowing they are going to affect me and mess me up on purpose, would i really do that to "me"?

This mans dad "invented" parallel universes

Note to the other "me's" play nice

EDIT: i just showed this thread and my post to my mother ...........she is now convinced im crazy

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 07:01 PM
Wow, this thread got me thinking....ouch!

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