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Why does it seem the evil elitist are all homosexuals ?

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 02:45 PM

Originally posted by ravenshadow13
Therefore true satanists:

Something about the following statement made by this poster gave me pause for thought.

I have to ask; What is it that defines a 'true' satanist?

Nowhere have i seen mention of the fact that 'true' satanists are homosexually inclined.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 03:10 PM

I personally don't give a Flying F**k what you do at home. But when you broadcast it as norm for the younger generations to "try", then I have a problem with it.

Just some comments with regards to the comment you have posted:

MYTH : Lesbian and gay adults recruit children to homosexuality

FACT: Research shows that sexual orientation is determined either before birth or very early in life and that no one can after another person's sexual orientation.

I will take that as a personal attack shall I??

Just shows that you sir are a homophobic, like a few others in this thread...... Im done with this thread. Disgusts me that the mods have even allowed this thread to continue.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 05:46 PM
I'm still interested in this thread, but can we just drop the whole homosexual part of the original question and just focus on the pedophiles and child abuse by the elite?

There was a strange coverup this summer of a child abuse claim by the general of justice here in the Netherlands. Also in belgium are strange things going on with missing children en murdered people who are investigating this.

Maybe I'm bashing pedophiles now, but I think that is still possible or not?

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 08:20 PM
Ok. Dont get me wrong. Gays are like mafia. They always stick together, you dont get a job or dont get invitation to party if you are not gay, thats true. In my crew we have some ppl (boys and girls) that are gay, we have such law, if someone diss them he will have problems with all of us. They are our friends. But if they leave us for that gay mafia they are alone. If "alien" says faggot or something like this he is in deep s#, they know that, in our crew its like a joke, "you damn faggot!" and we laught together... But we are toghether from beggining, from childhood. When i watch others, other gays, they always have some problems... They say you have prejudice (if i spelled this right) or something like that, but truth is that gays are like nazi idiots! Mafia, and that is truth. In this time of political corectness everybody forgot what is natural... I always pray/hope that my friends that are gay will find wifes or husbands and will live as happy normal families...
And as a persons that are, lets face it, not always understand, they act like mafia to protect themselfs... We stick together as friends and even if my best buddy is gay i will not let anyone diss him, but those that are alone are trying to defend themselfs. I hate that but i understand this, not everyone of them have friends that will kick s# out of ppl that are against them... Being gay its not natural, its weeknes. I can live with fact that some of my friends are week. Problem is when ppl make them stick together and act like mafia or nazis... And i will never ever say that being gay is natural...

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by spencerjohnstone

FACT: All throughout history, the impulses to be those things were suppressed.

FACT: right when they were allowed to be let out in the 60s-80s, AIDS, and the whole lots of those diseases came backup. But that is not limited to gays, it goes for the whole sexual revolution group.

FACT: Any country in history that made it norm, succumbed to destruction and collapse. within a 100-200 year period.

As I said, WTF do I care about what you do in you're home? It's you're private life and I couldn't care less. But why must I be forced to watch it on TV and on the streets?

As for why pedos have been silenced? Blame the ACLU and its supporters in the senate. A great majority of them have their faults in liking kids more the should be normal. You think a NWO is possible if the leaders are pedos?

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by shigawire

Sounds like you got a case of the Commie Socialist blues.

Now Now Now, that's not the right way to treat your NWO superiors.

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 08:29 PM

Originally posted by spencerjohnstone


MYTH : Lesbian and gay adults recruit children to homosexuality


That is not myth, its horrible truth, thats why i will never accept gays as parents... Few weeks ago there was a case with gays in england, they was raping that poor kids... And that is truth. Only mother and father can rise normal human beings. Dont fool yourself man! I dont give a s# what you are doing in your bed but anyway that is not normal behavior...

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by shigawire

They don't recruit, they broadcast it as normal and something to try as if it won't be bad.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:22 AM

Originally posted by Gorman91
Actually Spencer, seeing as the great majority of people world wide kill, bash, or degrade gays, it's easy to say that it is the norm.

I personally don't give a Flying F**k what you do at home. But when you broadcast it as norm for the younger generations to "try", then I have a problem with it. Only thing those radical gays are good for is booing Iran's prez. At least they did SOMETHING beneficial for once.

Maybe where you come from but in more civilised societies, even people with a genuine grudge against one another don't turn to violence so in what way is that "the norm"?

Trying to stay on topic I asked a question in my last post of those that go along with the premise of someone providing me of an example of an openly gay person in the 'elite' - No answer...
That is before we look to see what their involvement is in satantic child abuse.

This whole thread is a mire of irrational hatred that I can only assume is the result of ignorance which we are supposed to be 'denying' here. I am a straight man who does not share this irrational fear and hatred of gay people.

I happily stand up for peoples rights to express their sexuality as they like and I take a dim view of any kind of oppression. I hear all of you going on about what is 'natural' and so (and I must be careful here with the Moderators) when your wives (because I assume you couldn't possibly be having sex outside of wedlock) offer to bow their heads and 'play a tune on the old pink whistle' do you slap them away and tell them that they are disgusting and that is not as God intended (maybe you do)

There are plenty of straight guys who are into 'unnatural acts' - have you ever been a bit too friendly with a vacuum cleaner?

I even see the guy with the Israeli flag on his signature going along with it. If the Nazis had the ability to have internet forums, I think they would looked a lot like this thread but they hated Jews and Gypsies as well as homosexuals.

I suspect that this irrational fear comes from a lack of confidence in your own sexuality, maybe worried you might 'like it'. The fact that being homosexual is not an aquired trait doesn't suit your view, so when you are repressing your own 'stirrings' you are convinced that with just a little push in the right direction any straight person would instantly turn gay as the only explanation for your feelings.

I am mad at myself for lowering myself to the level of you guys but I am fed up at threads being started just to push hate agendas or being sidelined into constant attacks across a range of issues.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:28 AM
reply to post by EJHoover

Some of us were trying to have a real conversation until whiners started making stuff up and say when so and so said this they really meant this and this and this and this.blah blah blah.

No I meant exactly what I typed,as I'm sure everyone else did.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 07:19 AM

Originally posted by Pfeil
Since no one even bothered to even touch my post I shall post it again.
That is a link to a website insinuating John Kerry and John Edwards are gay. Now I ask the same question the OP did.

"My question, why is there such a common link between these elitist and their sexual orientation and satanic practices?"

Can you spin this to make me look like I am gay bashing?

I shall try and engage this subject again along the lines of the OPs original question and your quite reasonable question above.

In the UK and technically I could be flamed for this as it is a blatant piece of 'class war' propaganda and a generalisation, there are many examples of boys who attend high class 'public' (private) boarding schools, often are involved in homosexual acts, even if they are not actually gay. This may be said to be part of the environment with many sexually curious boys, living together and with no or little interaction with the opposite sex. Combine this with a bit of baudy 'all guys together' humour (have you seen Jackass 2 the movie?) and you have the seeds of this thing.

I would say that the reason why 'the elite' often have these kinds of issues it that they have attended high quality boarding schols and have grown up in their 'formative years' in an environment where a bit of homoerotic horseplay is common. This goes right the way through to their university days and beyond, as long as they keep hanging out in a 'fraternal' environment like Bohemian Grove or consider 'hazing' in the military - This is their only term of reference for them so that they continue with the model set in their childhood each time someone suggests setting up a new fraternity. The other benefit of carrying out sexual acts within a fraternity environment is that it 'scandalises' the members and gives them all a shared feeling that they have something to hide. Very useful for establishing power roles and connections but it doesn't make them gay just because they have had sex (or other things) with a man. These cases have nothing to do with their 'sexual orientation'.

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 07:28 AM
I think you folks have it wrong about the elitists. I doubt they are gay. I don't think that question even enters into it. For them, it's about having the power to break the rules that your own social class claims to live by. To them, it's forbidden behavior, and to be forbbiden something is a challange to their perception of their own power.

These elitists are making a conscious choice to walk what they consider to be the Dark Side. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being gay. I personally believe that people are born that way. I'm saying that the elitists think there's something wrong with it, and that is why they seem compelled to explore it.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:45 PM
Why does it seem the evil elitist are all homosexuals?

In my opinion, there is no need to be confused or be emotionally victimized over this matter. This is one of the most important subjects facing humanity today, so I thank you for starting this difficult post with your sincere question.

There is a link between satanism and homosexuality. There always has been, and it has always been in high places - Govt, the Church, boy scouts, teachers etc - the difference is that up to now it has been mostly hidden from a naive, gullible public. However these days it is a necessity for each of us to face reality for what it is no matter how negative and pervasive, and understanding more and more through rational, loving thought; this is the only immunization against evil and thus to avoid what is planned for humanity by these forces in our lifetimes. Just look at how things have gone the past five years. Just remember that these are the elites who laugh and sneer at common humanity.

Homosexuality is a clinical, psychological symptom of degeneration often involving a predator mindset, stemming from a lack of love - ie anti-Christ. It is a definite step on the downward path toward pedophilia and other even extreme aspects of a fallen nature.

Clinical in that it was originally listed in the DSM.

Sai Baba is the top example of a homosexual pedofile who deceives millions. Masquerading as Planetary avatar whilst trying to hide the underlying realities of anti-life, he is in fact Anti-Christ and Satanic to the highest possible degree. On a lesser level, it is the local priest or politician. The process and deception is the same. Things are not what they seem.

Homosexuality accepted and encouraged by a society means that society is in its end days. The gay not a happy time.

The only outcome of homosexuality cults is death; the fact is, it cannot lead to life or the creation of new life. Tolerate homosexuality all you want as a sign of what you think is an evolved, non-judgmental and spiritual evolution/lifestyle; and attack those who say otherwise and say no to teen gay porno for being closed-minded, racist, bigoted, uneducated, demonic, or of course sexually suppressed somehow themselves; yet in reality the so-called tolerant or illuminated ones are only tolerating a downard trend to hell: devolution and decay and supporting the psychic power of Satanists over this planet to keep humanity in perpetual warfare, disease, ecological stress, and injustice.

Psychologically, the homosexual or lesbian union leads to one party playing the masculine role, and the other the feminine role. Yet it is sadly the wrong way entirely to find and enjoy God's Gift that is the natural union of balanced masculine/feminine.

In terms of Spiritual or esoteric development of the Soul over the incarnations, the activity represents a pitfall and has to be resolved sooner or later as one of the many lessons along the way. We can take just one pairing of the centers as an example. The energy of the sacral center is increasingly inverted by homosexual "dead-end" activity, leading to the corresponding throat center's degeneration; hence the strange, abnormal speech patterns, creative endeavour with no soulful purpose, and over time the increasing inability to speak Simple Truth.

Satanists as a cult deliberately amplify inverted energies through ceremonial magic. In this instance, the throat center would then have to move from its natural expression of Holy Spirit to its opposite - Evil Spirit. That can sway many by the power of speech.

My advice is to avoid homosexual relationships and even physical proximity to homosexuals. Do not let them cut your hair. Do not let the acridly perfumed male airline hostesses brush you casually or lock you in a tender gaze. Just quietly leave them be to their path and take yours...the Path to Christ where Holy Spirit guides your Way and millions do not die.

bakedbean hath opened the can

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 01:17 PM
Oh my....

You have totally lost the plot!

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by Rdog
I hold a “legitimate” and very professional job, with a healthy career. I still find it disappointing here at ATS that homosexuals are referred to as “them” and “they” like I am a second rate professional female. I’m not taking it personally, and won’t lose sleep over it, but I look at the users on this site with that mind set, think about the people in this state with that mind set….the U.S….

Umm, how is it that anti-gays are mind controled? What, just because you think this stuff is ok everyone else has to tag along? Just because you are fine with gays what or whoever stated that this site should be pro gay? Funny enough, plenty of threads here reffering to topics as "they" or "them"

Originally posted by Rdog

I would like to think we as a race would grow up.

Yhea, really, gays marrying, what has become of us? Seriously now-a-days it seems like anyone can do anything just because it's their "liberty". Society has lost most boundries because of "human rights". Reason I put these in quotations is because I feel these words had their meanings twisted just so people could go and cross lines. Thus society disintegrates into what so much of the US has become: "One nation under God" where anyone is free to spawn a cult. Gays, lesbians, general sexual perverts. Pedophiles walking around untouched as long as they haven't done anything wrong. Society now-a-days is like a child that hasn't been raised at all. I agree, it really needs to grow up.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 07:18 PM

Originally posted by spencerjohnstone

That is your opinion, you are entitled to it..... It is people like you that make the world a worse place to live.

So what kind of a person am I pal? People who hate gays make the world worse to live in? Back at you. Lets not start the "this is your opinion *back and forth*" argument shall we?

Originally posted by spencerjohnstone
Either you are completely blind or completely ignorant. Have you actually read some of the derogotary remarks against homosexuals, shall I quote a few remarks? A topic of discussion goes overboard when such comments are made, (while some say they are no homophobic). Which is offensive to other members in here, and abusive to say the least.

Oh I've read plenty of all kinds of comments on this site. Obviously I've seen plenty of offending comments going both ways. My problem is not with people being offensive. You will always have angry posts since people's points of views are sometimes that opposite. I just find it ridiculous that it's always on this topic I mainly see people telling the anti-gays to be careful about offending someone.

Originally posted by spencerjohnstone
So you think all Homosexuals should be shot eh? These sort of comments is what I am on about. Oh get rid of the homosexuals, just the same as classing homosexuals in the same catergory as phedophiles.... It is abosolutely disgusting.

NO I didn't say all the homosexuals should be shot. Man read it carefully and stop taking my words out of context. Right in that sentence, befor I placed a period, I stated in brackets that "it would be horrible" if something like that happened. I'm not for anyone getting shot or mass murdered. My my, aren't you expecting me to be a sadist. As far as the homosexual sexual preference - I don't seperate them from the lesbians or the pedophials. It's all perverted as far as I see it. To me it is disgusting.

Originally posted by spencerjohnstone
maestro46, ditto I will be doing the exact same thing as you then. See if you even bother to tell other memebers off for making derogotary or disgusting remarks towards other members in ATS.

Yhea, feel free. Just please make sure you get the point of my post correctly befor replying next time seeing as you missed half of what I was saying.


PS: about me making the world a more terrible place to live in: plenty of homosexuals from foreign countries are comming over to where I live and try to stage mass gay parades and protests, and fund gays in my country. Tell me who's disturbing who.

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 07:23 PM
Since tempers are beginning to flare, it's time to remind everyone that;

Courtesy is mandatory

Civility and decorum, please.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 09:17 PM
Yes, curtsy is mandatory.

What i was was saying, without disrespect, is that broadcasting homosexuality as something normal and to try is very wrong. Once you kill the birth rate, you kill the nation. As the white Italians and Irish generations are systematically replaced with Russian, Mexican, and Muslim immigrants, I hope for one thing, that they do not follow the path of this generation. This is because this generation is lazy, ignorant, unresponsive, and has an inability to defend itself. They are truly pathetic. I take great confidence that the Muslims-Mexican-Russian melting pot will create a super nation that will defend it's language and culture to the bear end.

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 12:33 AM
There doesn't seem to be a terrible amount of proof so far provided proving the existence of an evil elite who indulge in satanism & homosexuality. Some of you seem to think it's really widespread ... and if that's the case where's the proof ?

What do we have so far ? An allegation from a prostitute that President Bush engaged in sexual acts with another man over twenty years ago. A prostitute. I'm not saying I doubt her credibility. But some would. But it's still not proof. And Skull & Bones. Can't forget them of course - simply mentioning "Skull & Bones" lends credibility to even the wackiest argument. Can't forget them. Can't forget that secret organisation which actually rejected homosexuals from its membership until recently - allegedly. Don't know what they get up to of course ... or who does what to whom ... but that doesn't matter because it's secret so they must be up to no good ... it's all behind closed doors, you see. Or perhaps you don't see. And use your vivid homoerotic imaginations instead. But still no proof.

What else ? Ah. Bohemian Grove. That nestbed of corruption where homosexuality, paedophilia, satanism and speeches about global warming go hand in hand. Of course we can routinely dismiss the possibility that it's a woodland meeting place for some silly old fools, some silly current fools and some silly fools in the making ... and that the admittedly odd rituals are just a throw back to fraternity days ... let's just dismiss that one, huh ? Because it's secret. So secret in fact that camera crews have sneaked in and out and haven't recorded any homosexual behaviour, paedophilia or satanic practice whatsoever. Just silly people doing silly things in their marginal. And listening to speeches. And paying ridiculous sums of money to meet other silly people. Imagine that. Money buying access. Who'd have believed it ?

Ah but of course there's all this research you guys have been doing into homosexuals and the evil elite. This research gets mentioned quite a lot in this thread. What does it amount to ? Couple of google searches at most ? If that qualifies as research then I am literally a rocket scientist and hereby apply to NASA for 25 years back pay. I deserve no less. Still no proof though, other than a couple of well dodgy links. No names, of course, other than the unfortunate President Bush. Oh sorry. Possibly Mr. Kerry and his ex running mate (got to add those two in to maintain impartiality & keep the Republicans on board). Those folks are just about the sum total of this vast satanic homosexual conspiracy which straddles the Earth and which grinds us into the ground every day of the week.

Well, forgive me. But I just don't think this has passed my own credibility test. I've given you guys the benefit of the doubt and set the bar extremely low. But you haven't even been able to meet that challenge.

But the thread hasn't really been about that, has it ? It's been about homosexuality. And how wrong it is. Tack in a few bits n bobs about satanism and child abuse and homosexuality suddenly passes from being something largely accepted in Western democracies to being the one thing which is going to bring the world down around our ears. Homosexuals are deviant. Sick. Should be marginalised. Avoided. Treated like latterday lepers. That's what some of you want. Why don't you just come out and say it instead of making up this tendencious farrago of moth eaten old claptrap about the evil satanic homosexual elite ?

It's hugely depressing that in the first decade of the twenty first century some people still can't understand, let alone accept, that it is perfectly possible to love someone of the same sex and to live a happy and fulfilled life ... and not be a threat to anyone. Is it such a difficult concept ?

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by Niall197

I don't think there are a great number. Most elites worship the all mighty Dollar (or Amero ?). They couldn't give a room full of monkies on whether or not this person is that or he's doing this. It just seems the public face of the elites are gay and or evil.

I suppose it goes back to Roman times, when most Emperors liked both sexes. They'd have women to make kids, and men for their barbaric, if not grotesque behaviors. This goes back to the point. The people and Emperor's kids saw this, and saw it as right. Maybe the mases didn't go gay, but they did go mass orgy. The kids on the other hand, well, just take a few for example. Nero was sure as hell married (to his sister
) and had a few to many "male" friends in his bedroom. Not sure about his kids, They must have been messed up enough from inbreeding. Not to relate homosexuals with inbreeding, but, the Empire didn't see a bright day until Christianity was OK'd, then it became corrupt too, and down went the Empire.

Now, before I get a warning from flaming (which I'm not sure how I am), Let me go and say it again. Do it in your homes not where the rest of us have to watch, like TV or parades.

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