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Two Space Videos showing close ups of objects and a craft changing shape.

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posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 09:31 PM
The first video shows the surface of a very strange object. Near the end of the video is a shape which appears to be some sort of mechanical/metalic face??? It's weird!

The second video appears to show a structured object which then changes shape on more than one occasion. It is quite incredible to watch. What are these and who or what put them there?

Episode 8 - Far Above Time and Space - Extreme Close Up.Strange Face?

Episode 9 - Far Above Time and Space - Space Object Changing (Shifting) It's Appearance.

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 04:05 PM
Here are a new set of videos which have been uploaded to today.

Zooming in and out of space object from a distance.

Episode 10 - Far Above Space and Time - Zoom Out and then In toward Space Object.

Many stills including some of an object (which appears to be solid) looking remarkably similar to the round discs filmed in the Secret Space Transmission films, this one does not look like a flat disc.

Episode 11 - Far Above Space and Time - Space Object stills including Disc like Object.

More clips and stills of objects in space including multic coloured object. Another location as to the whereabouts of one of these objects is shown in this film.

Episode 12 - Far Above Space and Time - More Unknown Space Objects and Location.

This film shows deep sea creatures as a comparison to the space objects, day film, zoom, 2 large space objects side by side with a flashing light appearing between or on one of them. High quality footage which plays well on the large screen. Featuring NEW EXCLUSIVE footage.

Episode 13 - Far Above Space and Time - Deep Sea Footage and Two Objects Side by Side. Exclusive.



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