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Reno's Justice department much worse

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posted on Jan, 22 2004 @ 10:09 AM
Ruby Ridge,


ATF abuse's

FBI records abuse's

And then stories like this;

When Trudy Sherburne returned to her desert home near Victorville after a short trip on Easter weekend in 1998, she thought her house was on fire. Government vehicles with flashing lights surrounded the place.

"We believe in this country," said Trudy Sherburne. "We just feel the authorities need to abide by the same laws that the citizens must abide by."

If you have read the link above then you might agree with my next several points.

Under the previous administration the "average" citizen was not safe from harrassment by the government.

Just as most believe the "average" citizen is not safe from harrassment today because of Patriot act.

The difference to me being that the current administration actually went to congress and convinced our lawmakers to make legislation for what they want to do.

The previous administration had a bad habit of operating well outside of the law and frankly just did'nt give a s@*t about it as long as what they did served their needs.

It seems that whichever party is in control of the executive branch we "average" citizens can expect further erosion of our rights.

Patriot act is an expediante way around our rights in the longterm and must be only a temporary measure for sure,
but at least we know what is being done, unlike before.


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