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Bioterror drill tests medicine delivery by mail carriers

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posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 10:39 AM
dont know were to post this our if someone has already posted it
my question is what was their real reason for doing this drill
BOSTON -- Mail delivery to your front door... on a Sunday?

Some city residents saw the postman on an unusual day -- in a drill to practice facing a dangerous threat.

The federal government funded the exercise, which involved staff from federal, state, and local agencies.

Thirty postal carriers in South Boston and West Roxbury delivered small, empty boxes to 23,000 homes. The boxes were meant to mimic antibiotics to treat people exposed to a bioterror attack. Mail carriers would be a first line of defense.

One of those boxes arrived at Molly Schmitt's doorstep. Schmitt hadn't been giving much mind to bioterror threats, she said, so "I'm glad someone else is."

Some questioned the strategy's effectiveness in a desperate situation. Kevin McLaughlin wondered if terrified people might swarm the mail carriers to get the medication.

However, officials claim the nation has sufficient stockpiles of medication to fight bioterror
here is the link


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