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The Fifth of November?

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 11:58 AM

Originally posted by AccessDenied
It was another revolution thread, that is all I know.

What revolution thread might that be?

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by JacKatMtn

It was sent to me by Vic, and it was a thread that someone else had started about the videos themselves. It must be in the archives somewhere...unless it was removed...

Now I'm flusstergated again.
Let me check my messages...
Be back in a flash...

Edit...found the link Jack..

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 12:33 PM
This might help. (Which from me, usually means, probaby not). Did you notice that "bluebird" uses only the letters from "bullride". I was thinking that dollnean = bullride too, so bluebird must = dlondena... doh! . I have no idea what's going on though. I can't cope with 56 pages of reading today

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

Thanks for the link!

I can throw that piece of paper away.


Good find there Xeros with the bullride-bluebird

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 01:00 PM
I'm not sure how or if this fits in but I did locate a Bull from the rodeo circut named 521 Wow Factor. Here is the Profile.

Also, there is a dead end link at the lower left of the page that goes to

Just sharing what I'm following, not sure if I'm barking up the right tree.

edited to add better location of the obscure link.

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by Kellter

That page was updated again it now has a link to :

Pokin around in there, I found a rodeo word scramble deal.

Could it be of help?

and a future site called:

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 01:15 PM

Originally posted by Xeros
This might help. (Which from me, usually means, probaby not). Did you notice that "bluebird" uses only the letters from "bullride". I was thinking that dollnean = bullride too, so bluebird must = dlondena... doh! . I have no idea what's going on though. I can't cope with 56 pages of reading today

I hadn't noticed so I'm glad you did... I think you're very astute to pick that up
It lends some substance to a concept of a "one step forward, two steps back" kind of anagram mixture. Kind of a "north by northwest" direction of thinking, perhaps I could say...Not exactly linear, but heading in a general direction. Hmmm...Worth working on... Actually I have already but worth working on some more

Btw there has been no response whatsoever to the direct questions I asked yesterday. Not here and not via any U2U's either. Just letting all you folks know.

Now a side note that has no connection to this thread...I hope the moderators will allow this one though...

For any of you in California and places around, I'm hoping and praying that you and yours are safe from those awful fires... I used to live in Australia and got burned out twice so I know the feeling... But believe me, while losing your home is bad, if you and your loved ones get out alive that's really all that matters. So if they say you need to get out, listen to them...Just grab your essential stuff and go. Don't stay. No bricks and mortar are worth your life.

Wishing you peace and safety,

Mike x


posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by JacKatMtn

in the "source" in that future site it reads:

Citizen Awareness

im not a tech kind of guy. what does that mean
that didnt come out right. dont know why. just look at the source. it has the link in it?

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by JSR

If you go to the Citizens Awareness site and wait for a minute or two, the Revolution Video loads up.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 01:25 PM
It also says

The time has come the time is now

Then it plays the fifth video after a minute.

I am beginning to think WE are making the changes as WE find the clues?

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by Kellter

That vid clip is now gone.

that was quick

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 08:57 PM
Now I understand. I wondered why my man had to have an hour or two "alone - alone" on the PC from time to time. Our youngest is smart and actually understands "this" whatever "this" is. I thought it was another woman... Tommy is a hunk. Marty here. The "lurk0more" unit is now in ICU and the fever has broken. He knows what happened. It was touch and go.

Long story, made short: I'm going through his notes while he's laid up (I am not snooping) and need to get a bunch of Oracle instructions to his co-workers and talk to the kids and grandkids and I found this "stuff". I thought it was another woman.

I awake to our 5:30 alarm and Tommy was covered in blood and wouldn't wake up. He was breathing but he sounded funny almost like a popping sound. I dialed 911 and got our youngest to go down the hall and get Dr. Rhea. I think I'm still in shock.

Dr. Rhea cleared his air way and told me to get all the ice in the freezer and put it in a towel. She wrapped it around my husband's head and looked at his eyes then pinched him hard on his arm where there wasn't any blood. My hushand swore and she slapped his leg hard and then he started coughing up something that didn't look like it could possibly come out of a human... cups of it, green foamy and streaked with red and blue.

Tom's color was not normal and he was soaked in sweat and blood and he couldn't catch his breath and he was shaking really badly. It seemed to take forever. Dr. Rhea said he was delirious... and the gasping and coughing up stuff just did not stop. Dr. Rhea tried to calm Tom down and I thought he was bleeding to death.

It's all a blur. I love my family. So it turns out that "this pastime" wasn't why he was off his food or didn't play hockey the last two weeks. The ER doctor and the EMS lady figured it out. A very bad nosebleed, and Tom cut his foot last summer playing hockey and it didn't heal and a flu-shot -almost deadly.

It wasn't big or anything (the nick on his foot). Whatever infection that was from his skate (he plays barefoot, no socks) and his recent flu shot "cold" almost killed my husband today. 3 of 5 lobes of his lungs were full of - whatever ick. Almost drowned. He had a dry cough when he was tucked in last night. 5:30AM - slasher movie. The hospital sent me home. Our girls are there now.

lurk0more would want at least two members and likely all members to have a couple things to consider for this what he called "collaborative effort". I think he likes Outrageo and Jack and AD judging by these notes. Last two things he wrote last night were "bull birdy" and a line and "Bulo-Buurde" another line and "Aviary"and another line and "return home".

The second little group of notes has the following words, theater, media, partners, Henry, V and I think Wrinkler? There's was no commas which is one of the things I was worried about... why is my husband asking me about commas and theater and rodeo? All manner of stuff. He has an EditPad file called Nov5th.txt there must be a thousand web addresses. He could have just told me... I wanna know who really killed JFK.

I'm glad this was last on the list and I'm happy it wasn't another woman. He's bound to start getting cranky as he has only ever been sick twice in our 32 years together... he won't like the tubes and oxygen mask. I better bake something, talk to the family, clean up the mess and order a new bed.

Whoever invented vancomycin, thanks.


posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by lurk0more

OMG - trust me when I say ALL, and I mean ALL of our hearts and prayers are with Tom and you and yours during these trying, difficult times.

The entire ATS community is pulling for Tom and we wish him a speedy and full recovery...

Take care...

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 10:13 PM
Wow, my best wishes go out to lurk0more and I hope that he will make a speedy recovery. It sounds horrible what he is going through and I am glad to hear from the sound of things that he is going to recover.

It would not surprise me if the flu shot did this to him, something has always seemed really fishy about the flu shot.

Major thumbs up to Marty

It is so nice to see such a caring loving and understanding wife. I can only pray and pray that one day my wife will come to this awesome community and realize the importance of everything that we discuss here on ATS. Right now my wife is the one that puts me down and ridicules me the most because I go to to this site and think outside of the mindless, brainless society that we live in today.

Again I hope that lurk0more will make a good recovery and I also hope that Marty will join ATS and be apart of this great community.

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 12:22 AM
My best wishes to L0M may he make a speedy recovery and thanks to Mrs L0M for keeping us up-dated.

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by lurk0more

You're in my prayers buddy. Get yourself back here in one piece. Just rest up, and get back here asap. Allow the lady to fill in for ya. Send us notes through her.

Again, bless ya man. Positive energy coming your way...


posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 07:41 AM
Jesus, Marty, AD here, Tell Tom to get well soon.He is definitely in my thoughts. I will consider the words he gave, and collaberate with Outrageo and Jack.Tell Tom not to worry...we are on this.
For god sake the last thing we wanted was someone's health to suffer over this, directly or not.
Take care, both of you.
And Tell Tom we are all pushing for him,and will be happy when he is well enough to return.

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 08:19 AM
Marty, thank you for letting us know about your dear Tommy. Our hearts go out to you... Life, health and family are always the most important things so please tell him not to worry about all the goings-on here. We can stay in touch through you; whenever you feel the need to write we'll surely respond.

Wishing you both peace and calm strength,

Mike xx

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 08:24 AM
So sorry to hear about Tommy. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Thoughts and prayers to him, you and your family. Godspeed.

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 09:50 AM
I believe ATS will delcare itself the NWO and admit the mods are really shape-shifting nazi's after all

...and, maybe the 3 amigo's will declare war on Iran

you never know

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