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The Fifth of November?

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posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 02:21 AM

Originally posted by Mira_of_lurk0more
5 correct by IL in this version according to Don':


The five correct Are..I think..

1.Television 100%
2.Live Events 100%
3.Radio 100%
4.Books 100%
5.Internet 80%

These are all forms of media the rest are uses of media etc

Originally posted by Crakeur
you're off because you're still thinking on, line that is.
this describes that as that describes this

i.e there is nothing "Virtual" about the middle phrase it is real life..This is not just an "online " revolution anymore..

What other mediums of information are out there?

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 03:09 AM
Other possible spheres..


Center sphere

Digital Evolution
Digital Revolution
Digital Ecosystem
Digital Content
Digital User
Digital Information

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 04:53 AM
Hi all,

you guys continue to amaze me... You are all way beyond me in this type of thinking. My own contributions have to be minimal...

This is only a suggestion but I'm still wondering if "publishing" will be in one of the spheres. Okay, the word "books" involves publishing but as it stands it doesn't directly infer the overall concept of publishing (or self-publishing), meaning of all things that can be published.

Regarding the centre sphere, the last applause I got on this thread was for a post that considered this and suggested the "crowd" (or a similar concept). The post is [here].

Please note that the above post contains a link back to another post I wrote a little earlier and which goes into the concept in more detail. Hard to say, then, whether the post was for both "together" or something in one only. My own feeling is that it was for the comment that we should not make assumptions about Crakeur's system of numbering the spheres, but I might be awry in that.

We can be pretty certain that ATS alone is not the centre sphere.

Otherwise, I don't have much else to add. I'll try to avoid writing any "novels" today...
But no promises...

[edit on 3-11-2007 by JustMike]

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 05:08 AM
hey Just, thanks for input, my brain is fried. Worked on this till about 2:00am. errrrr

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 05:32 AM

Originally posted by Crakeur
ok, here's the tally:

one is correct and in the right sphere.
one is close - wrong format for this day and age
three are correct and in the wrong spheres

Message to enjoies post with picture on page 95, how do I have 5 right?

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 05:53 AM
OK, shall I try this again?

Maybe HD-DVD change to VideoStream?

[edit on 3-11-2007 by IrishLass]

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 06:22 AM
So I changed HD-DVD to Video Stream..

Center: TheAboveRevolution?? TheAboveVortex? TheAbove Venue?

TheAbove Vector?

TheAbove VirtuSphere?

[edit on 3-11-2007 by IrishLass]

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by IrishLass

Hi there,

the centre in your previous post includes "Virtual Word"...

Did you intend to say "Virtual World"?

Virtuality should be a part of all this... I don't know if it's the centre but "Virtual World" just sounds good to me. (Not that I know much!)

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 06:39 AM
Yeah I meant VirtualWorld

TheAbove Vehicle for Center?

I am looking for a V word......

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by IrishLass

I am loosing it here. Cant sleep for all the words going through my head.

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 06:45 AM
TheAbove Verizon? for center Virizon? lol

TheAbove Virion?


Someone, anyone, am I getting anything here

[edit on 3-11-2007 by IrishLass]

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 06:52 AM

Originally posted by Mira_of_lurk0more
Are there any heavy duty telecoms or media companies that begin with "V". Victory?

Vodafone are a global telecoms company, and so are Virgin. Virgin Media have started a broadband and satellite TV service.

At this point I'd like to make clear that I have no idea what is going on, I'm literally jumping into the discussions with a few ideas that popped into my head, in the hope it might help some of you guys

Maybe ATS is getting its own TV show on Virgin? Seems pretty farfetched tho

*Goes back to reading previous posts*

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by DragonsDomain

I hear you, I worked on this thing past 1:30 this morning and starting again around 6:00. All the words are jumbling now.

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 07:03 AM


TheVirtualVillage? (think I already said that)

SO location is Virtual


[edit on 3-11-2007 by IrishLass]

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 07:26 AM
The most "virtual" thing I can think of is the human mind...

Oops... I said that already several pages back...

I have a suggestion:

Orrr...maybe we should signal for help from...

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by JustMike

You are to funny this morning.

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 07:30 AM
Off topic for a few....I have to leave shortly to take animals to vet....hmm
Vet has a V...j/k

Mind is scrambled, maybe vet can

I feel like my dog BooBoo looks.

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 07:37 AM
AboveVirtualVortex = center?

Got V anyone?

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by IrishLass

drop the HD and your down to three

left that is

the center of the universe, the center of it all
it's not the revolution, that's not the call
it isn't ATS, tho it could very well be
there's so many options for this spot you see.

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 09:27 AM
reply to post by Crakeur

So that gives us as definite.

Live Events

so we need to replace..



No revolution or ATS in the center..

Didn't get any feedback earlier but will try again on the list of possibles. Would put them in pretty pictures but don't have the software here..

Mass media
News networks
Word of Mouth

The center possibles..

Totally lost...or going over the top BIG..

Information Universe
Digital Universe


Please, Mr. Donkey Sir, throw me a carrot.

[edit on 3/11/07 by CthulhuRising]

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