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Cyborg Ascension

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posted on Oct, 21 2007 @ 06:06 AM
wow, where do you get your weed from dude?

posted on Nov, 2 2011 @ 10:51 AM

Originally posted by Octavius Maximus
Hmmmm, your saying your intelligence is limited because you made it so.

ill break down your post, as i usually do to people.

Never before have mankind had so much capacity to fulfill itself and reach its highest capacity, yet it choses "Simpsons" and "Family Guy" before space exploration, fusion reactors and helium-3 moon extraction.

No, this is wrong, humanity just doesnt care.

Consider it this way, im joe Shmoe the janitor. I work nights, i dont meet many people, i dont get paid much.

I could go home at night, watch the simpsons and be entertained, if only a small bit.

Or i could go home and build my fusion reactor....not exactly possible.

Not everyone can help on certain projects, so they dont have to care.

Mountains of wasted nutrients are built on the sea-floor.

The total amount of produced nutrients would be enough to provide 12 billion humans with western nutrition standards.

Yet, 800 million humans are severely malnutritioned on global scale. would you propose these nutrients would be given to the malnutritioned? You know that if you give too much to a person at once after years of neglect their body will reject it and they will die?

Amount of resources diverted to medicine, aid, and research are neglible compared to what nations are wasting on their armies

This, for one, is true. but this is a product of the human collective memory, their past is covered in blood and old habits die hard.

Problem: Human socio-economic system is badly adapted to high-technological civilisation, stopping us from reaching higher level. Human bio-processor - more popularily known as "human brain" - is vastly suboptimated for the abundance of information available today.

Wrong, humanity has yet to learn how to use its brain properly. It is a much more effective computer than anything we have built.

The human body is still adjusting to evolution, our brains still contain areas reserved for animal instincts which our body has made redundant. The human mind needs to evolve to suit the body, or the body has to evolve to suit the mind.

Also, Mortality prevents the human mind from processing the information as quickly.

Alright, consider it this way.

The human brain is still the monkey brain we evolved from, it is larger and has more functions, but it is still the same.

In the first few years of our life the human brain actually destroys neural connections which arnt being used. This is the reason people who learn how to speak Asian languages cannot understand certain english sounds, and vice versa.

While we grow up, the human mind is being bombarded with unnatural phenomena, something we need to grow to get used to.

A human knows from birth that it needs to breath, that it needs to eat, that it needs to excrete. These are natural rhythms which are endemic to the brain.

But the Brain hasnt evolved yet to teach us how to, say, use a computer from birth.

Technology has outstripped evolution, for now.

The human brain is fully capable of evolving to make unnatural rhythms endemic knowledge from birth, but this comes in 2 languages to the brain, the unnatural stimulus to the natural brain. The process of 'learning' is translating the unnatural data to the brains functions.

Solution: We need to transcend human limitations by unifying human being with machine, thus injecting project CYBORG ASCENSION. By cybernetics, we will form CYBORG RACE and eventually unify all of mankind with it.

That is a solution, yes. But by forcing an evolution like this would mean that certain functions of the brain, such as imagination, would be diminished or maybe even lost completely.

Evolution is a slow process, we need to lose the things which we dont need, and replace it with the new unnatural phenomena THROUGH NATURAL EVOLUTION. You cannot just bolt a computer to a brain and say it is better.

Result will be NEW RENAISSANCE, a golden age for science, culture, music, great discoveries and the start of controlled evolution. Degradation and darkness will not persist.

I have the same dream, but through a different process.

Machinery is there to be our tool, to be controlled. We need to create better ways of controlling machinery and adapt ourselves to these things. See: Technokinesis, it already exists.

Cyborgs will be victorous and bring new dawn for mankind.

CYBORG ASCENSION is last hope for mankind. Become cyborg. Fight Darkness.

What i am curious about is why do you consider a cyborg better than a human? They are both totally different machines.

A computer can do calculations faster than i can read, but i can run, i can use my imagination, i can create art.

Its like comparing a television to a microwave.

posted on Nov, 2 2011 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by elecroid

I love robots, so i was just wondering how they "work".

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