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Could Ron Paul be the anti-christ?

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posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 02:05 AM

Originally posted by jetxnet
Let's see here, Ron Paul as the AC.

-- Rising fast like a political rock star using loopholes in the Constitution?

Nope, don't sound much like Ron

-- Not native to the country he seeks power in

Nope, Ron is native to the country. A natural-born citizen

-- Will fool many with his Golden Tounge of Treachury

Nope, Ron seems pretty honest and direct. No massive lies and flips

Come to think of it, this sound like someone else we know.

Yea sounds a lot like Barrack Saddam Hussein Osama the next president of the U.S. of A. THAT my friends is the anti christ. Believe it.

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posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 08:17 AM
A LONG time ago, i joked that Obama could be the Anti-Christ...

Even i don't find it funny anymore...

COuld BHO be the Anti-Christ...

Mabye... but i doubt it...

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 08:34 PM
Ron Paul is the best candidate for President this country has had in a damn long time.

He is by far the most centered in the way America is supposed to be, was set up to be, and always should have been.

Notice that no one holds a candle to him in a debate? They try to throw things he says back in his face (and a lot of them are really pissed that he says what he says - which really cracks me up)

But Ron doesn't back down or back pedal wondering if his views and what he said was wrong or going to offend anyone. He simply explains very rationally and calmly why he said it, what he means by it and why he thinks that way which leaves everyone speachless.

They try to say stupid stuff like calling him un american which just shows how stupid and uninformed they are.

Ron Paul is as right as anyone has ever been. The government IS too big and too big for it's britches. The people have lost their say, we have lost all our rights to government slowly taking all our freedoms away.

Come on people - If it isn't obvious that George W Bush isn't the closest thing the world has ever seen to the Anti-Christ then You're blind. He is the worst and most embarrassing President we've ever had and ever will have. George has done more damage to this country and it's reputation around the world than anyone else ever could have if they were TRYING!

The Patriot act? What the hell is that? An excuse to take every last freedom and second of privacy we have? And he over rode Congress to do it calling it an executive order in a state of emergency?

He lies, he cheats and he is the stupidest, most ignorant, mindless, goat roping hillbilly I've ever seen. No one can say that they havent noticed he is as dumb as a stump.

His father is a slimey, sneaky, back stabbing, secret society, criminal that was directly involved in JFK's assassination. Hasn't everyone by now seen the complete Zapruder film of the driver of JFK's car shooting him right in the head over his right shoulder with his left hand? while driving? Yes one shot had hit him in the back between his shoulder blades but what blew his head off so to speak was the driver of the car!!

George H W Bush was directly involved and was probably one of the top organizers of it PERIOD. Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Earl Haldeman were also top participants of JKFK's assassination.

JFK Junior was blown up in his plane with his wife and sister in law by Dick Cheney, The Clintons, and Bush, Rumsfeld etc. Because they were scared he was going to run for president and would be someone they couldn't control. They were probably right about that, he would not be controlled, would stand up for what is right, not let government lie and cheat, have integrity, and a human conscience and be the best President in the history of the country.

Well, They're not going to stand for that for a second!!! An honest President in THIS Country? Yeah Right - So they had Israli Moussad agents plant C-4 explosives in his plane. And there goes the guy who would have been most likely the greatest leader ever in this country!

I know a special forces guy who was there to investigate the murder. Who in his report said that he found all kinds of C-4 residue and it was a total planned murder. Of course that part of his investigation and report was officially ommited but in the original it was there with all the facts.

JFK Junior would have been great, restored a lot of our rights and been a great morally sound and wise President - JUST LIKE RON PAUL

I think it's tragedy and it makes me very, very angry (that's being polite) that RON PAUL was de-railed by the cheating government who got caught RED HANDED cheating and manipulating the vote count saying Ron Paul only got 9% when he actually got 47% in the New Hamshire primary.

This country and all of the lying gov officials makes me sick, Connie Rice is a total liar, and 9/11 was Bush and Cheney planned

posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 05:42 PM
That's weird. Considering the web bot in play and you ask this question. Do you or does your friend believe in 2012? The supposed "end of the world", December 12 at 11:11, the end of the Mayan Calender? I started thinking. And somehow my reasoning led down to ask is Ron Paul the anti-christ?

Let me tell you how I arrived. I believe that we were created by an existing group of beings, or aliens. Put all religions into Perspective. Catholics, Judaism, etc. Why were religions created? Who made religions... Religion is derived from how a child or baby is brought up to believe in. We learn these feelings, we memorize what to say and even what to feel. In Caholicism you are taught prayers, believing in the one and only god, Jesus christ... In the Jewish community, your are taught to believe what they (your parents, etc) want you to believe. #, if you were born with no family, then you would think nothing is there. Atheist.

Who made Jesus Christ? Why is the Bible in Riddles left to be deciphered and combed through to understand it? Because it derives from a different language, some of the details are lost in translation and interpretedly wrong. Even back then, it wasn't perfect...and doesn't answer any real questions? Isn't it funny how all the different religions have similarities so similar, that you would think if you were brought up differently you would believe in something entirely different that it would blow your mind? Imagine being brought up a terrorist... what goes through the mind when it processes that information, to harm others? That it's right? But you have that personal choice right? And now think of how religion was even made, literally. In the land of Jesus, how good could there language have possibly been? Well enough to WRITE and READ? But what if that's there to confuse us? The loss in translation takes away from meaning. What if, in the time of Jesus Christ, THEY did not know what the hell was going on either, meaning how they got there and what the purpose of life was. And so Jesus was created, to show people there was hope to their existence.. What IF, ALL religions were created by Aliens? Why would they put us here and say, well now go and live until this date...Their are too many coincidences in life.

What made you, or rather us, is a higher people. Who made ALL religions. Why would there be a God, AKA Ala, to blow people up and that will grant them 7 wives after their death..Really? Why kind of God would say marry only one wife, but another religion will say have as many as you please? Because we were instructed to do so as children..manners, ways of life, even what to believe right from wrong is.

2012 marks the end of the Mayan Calender, a new spiritual era or world rebirthwill the world be destroyed and start back again just as it did when it was created? Barack is in office now, and economy is bad. Ron Paul wants to run for president. Ron paul has many people wanting to vote for him because of his pitch to legalize marijuana... the economy is bad, and more and more people are smoking marijuana. The economy has people sitting at home because they were laid off, can't afford the rich life, and the rich are being discovered as fraudulent and money laundering. I came to the conclusion of Ron Paul coming into office in September of 2012. Then I remembered alot of Talk about Barack Obama being an anti-christ. But then I thought , wait the 2012 thing, and a president has been called an anti-christ, I never understood. Could the NEXT president be one? Ron Paul 12

posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 11:36 PM

Originally posted by stellawayten
Let me begin my post by saying that my friends and I are not Christian.

Ok, So your not a christian but you talk about the anti-christ as if this is a real guy. So your talk is two faced and a moot point since the anti-christ is part of the same system you don't believe in........christian

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 10:05 PM
I don't have a particular religious affiliation either, but I get what your saying about Ron Paul. I had this writing idea a while back along those lines. I accidentally wound up at this campaign deal of his where I met him St. Louis.

I found myself digging around trying to figure out what the angle could be. His being a doctor, maybe quarantines or some kind of national health emergency...his interest in privatized defense...trying to find his views on touchy subjects like corporate personhood seems impossible. That whole Blackwater deal of his when they attended one of his speeches had me wondering if they weren't there on his side. Of course that theory probably stemmed from certain odd character(s) I took notice of in St. Louis.

You always see people accuse Bush/Obama... of such titles, but I agree it would seem more likely, "you'd never see him coming". As I said I have no religious affiliation, I agree with this post conceptually. Basically the author's conveying something is crooked with Ron Paul. Some of the replies I've noticed are pretty biased beyond simple disagreement, but imply its a ridiculous idea since Ron Paul seems wonderful to them. With all the dirt that seems to come up in all areas of life how is this possibly outlandish. If people reading these posts are so in tuned to who really is genuine and who isn't, why do we have such crooked behavior in life.

However, when I'm not in suspicion mode, if dR.pAUL is genuine I would wish the best for him.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:42 PM
I love the views on this thread and I'm again impressed that I googled a question and it brought me back to the ATS forum.

That being said.... I have lots of opinions on the antichrist, but I often feel like I'd just be reiterating what someone else already said and I want to bring something new to the conversation.

I don't think Ron Paul is the anti-christ based on Jeanne Dixon's predictions.

Why her? I don't know, cause its interesting? maybe because some of the things they claim she predicted did come true?

She said the antichrist would be super smart, hypnotic, and there's no way we would know he was the antichrist until it was too late - this would seem to include Ron Paul

However, she also said the antichrist was born in the middle east on February 5, 1962 (just after 7AM), and that the false prophet would be born exactly 6 months earlier, on October 5, 1961 (which could be 10/4/61 in American time zones) - this would obviously exclude Ron Paul (born 1935)

Interestingly enough, BHO was born on Oct 4th, 1961... he does seem to fall into the catagory of "false" but we could say that of most presidents

Anyway, I like this guy - if JD is allowed human error in her dates, and BHO is the False Prophet - Abdullah II of Jordan comes really close

On the other hand - its also speculated that Hitler (the 2nd supposed antichrist) didn't know he was the antichrist either until it was too late - apparently he was nothing but a peon until he suffered a head injury from which he woke up and found he was able to manipulate people

And on the middle hand, Satan has the same access to this information that we do - if there's accuracy to any of this, odds are pretty good he'll do something even more sneaky than was originally predicted and no amount of discussion will reveal it - for example I present to you the bible belief that the mark of the beast will be Accepted by us on our Right Hand or our Forehead

On a daily basis we put our right hand on the mouse... to buy goods, to communicate, and pretty much everything else we do in life these days requires a mouse in the right hand (so all you left handers are good, except...) we also accept that information into our brains - through our foreheads? speculation - but it could fit

Just think.... everytime you check this forum you're accepting the mark of the beast - pretty scary stuff

So in conclusion, technology is really the antichrist, religion is the false prophet, and we're all screwed

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 05:41 AM
Guys, this article is about "Is Ron Paul the Anti-Christ".

Anti-Christ, as in, a figure from many books in the bible, mostly new, some old.

To be INTERPRETED from the bible.

According to scripture, almost everyone alive will adore the Anti-Christ.

Have you SEEN BHO's approval ratings? The strife against him? His BS in recent times what with the fake Osama assassination among other things?

Don't look for obviously smarmy, sick people for your Anti-Christ candidate. This man is going to look like a righteous, holy savior of the world to almost everyone alive. "Even the elect, if it were possible."

Ron Paul interesting choice, because he'd be a sweet sigh of relief from decades of corrupt leadership in the white house..and nobody would have a reason to find fault with him.

Just seems many of you are answering this question as if it reads, "Is Ron Paul the most evil, influential man to ever live?" and not "Is Ron Paul the Anti-Christ".

I guarantee you, the latter carries with it more definition and discernment than many of you brought to this topic in order to answer the OP.

At risk of sounding repetitive, no candidate who isn't worshiped like God by the whole of the earth save an extra-ordinarily small minority is going to be the Anti-Christ. The man will look honest, sincere, he will have no black sheet that people can find (or care about), and he will be a sweet sigh of relief from the BS we've been getting in decades past. Even people who should know better will get hypnotized...and if God almighty wasn't protecting the elect with -supernatural might-, they too would believe.

So if you're going to answer this particular question, keep that in mind.

Just thought I'd define terms.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 04:58 PM
I highly doubt Ron Paul is the Anti-Christ. And even if he is, it doesnt mean he will kill EVERYONE on the planet and dominate the world. Instead, being an Anti Christ means simply that you dont believe in the Christian God. The term Anti-Christ has been defined in the wrongest way possible. That is why there are many conspiracy theories about the Anti Christ being the False Prophet. Anyway, If Ron Paul can do all of these things. Then basically, I am praying to whatever diety is out there for Ron Paul to reveal Alien Disclosure!

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 04:42 AM
Its all about "feeling" for the voters - they want to be "happy" and they simply react to those whom make them feel happy - if there is a major screw-up, then, there will simply be a new president and the process repeats itself.
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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 04:30 PM
See, I see it as the opposite. Paul's creating a dialogues for all of us that brings us together and debate. I've seen liberals, conservatives, outcasts, all kinds of people drop their judgements and have honest discussions that we haven't for a long time. If anything, if you look at Revelations as an allegory of what to expect if we take it too far, he'd be seen as someone who awakens the Christ spirit of truth, love and brotherhood in all of us. The Anti-Christ would be the failed system some cling to that controls, inhibits, makes us distrust one another and enslaves us all. And it's not even about Paul, it's about the message. Neither are deities, they're just metaphors for something larger, we're taking it all to literally by clinging to dogma, no matter our religion. Do we cling to the beast or choose love, compassion, truth and peace?

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:53 PM

Originally posted by jetxnet
Let's see here, Ron Paul as the AC.
-- Rising fast like a political rock star using loopholes in the Constitution?
Nope, don't sound much like Ron
-- Not native to the country he seeks power in
Nope, Ron is native to the country. A natural-born citizen
-- Will fool many with his Golden Tounge of Treachury
Nope, Ron seems pretty honest and direct. No massive lies and flips

Someone did their end-times homework! Ron Paul as Antichrist...DUBUNKED!

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:57 PM
Ron Paul in not the anti-Christ. If anything, he has been called upon God to straighten us up. Man, there is not a political figure in the world that is not considered the anti-Christ.

RP is for the common man plain and simple.

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