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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 04:09 AM
Hi. Soon I'm going to be applying to Universities. I am an international student, and i'm thinking of applying to both the US and UK.
I have just finished my AS levels. I managed to get A's in all my 4 subjects i.e Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths.
I have also completed A level Maths and got an A. (Edexcel board)
I plan to do Bioengineering, however I need some more information about what Bioengineering is all about. I have gone to wiki , but I still feel that the information wasnt enough. What opportunities will a course in Bioengineerig open up ? Is there a future for Bioengineering ?
Now I have another issue. I will be doing my SAT reasoning in October and subject SATs in Math 1, 2, and in Physics.
However, my SAT reasoning score is not good. My range is between 1700 to 1800 . My english is terrible, and im only getting about 530 - 570 in the Crit reading and writing sections. My Math needs improving too, im only getting 620 - 690 . What should I do to improve ? My schedule is very tight because of school work, but I am willing to do what it takes to get a better score. Any advice on how I should be approaching the questions ? and how I could improve in general ? In addition, what kind of score should I be looking at if I want to enter Rice or Washu or any of the top end Uni's in the US ?

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 04:54 AM
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I cannot comment for the US system but I am more than happy to offer any advice as far as the UK. I have worked in University admissions so can pass on what I know.

For the UK, your first priority should be to improve your English. Each Uni will have a minimum language score, you don't have to speak perfect English but you should be able to converse reasonably and understand instruction in English. Judging by your post, your written English is excellent so you probably just need some practice at speaking and listening.

Some Universities may offer a summer language course before the degree course commences and or a foundation year - especially in Engineering subjects.

Most Unis in the UK are keen to recruit international students (you pay more unfortunately so it makes good business sense - but you do benefit). There are services dedicated to supporting overseas students in addition to all the support that you would receive anyway as a UK student -such as membership and representation by the Student's Union.

I know nothing about Bioengineering - so cannot help you there...if you are interested in studying in the UK you should first contact UCAS

You will find every University and College in the UK along with lists of all the courses they provide. Contact the Unis you are interested in and they will send you a pack. They will also advise you of the requirements for the course and what is required of you as an international student.

This site offers support and advice to international students in the UK

I hope that helps maybe someone else can help you with the US situation.

If you need any help and think I can help just holler.

Best of luck

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 12:01 PM
I have already registered at UCAS and have written my personal statement. Infact im almost done filling in the UCAS form. However, i'm still thinking about my Uni choices. Ive got Cambridge and Imperial so far. On the subject of Cambridge, I need help. How do I apply to Cambridge ? Could someone help direct me ?

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 02:50 PM
Cambridge and Oxford have their own application process seperate to UCAS.

All the best

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 04:14 PM

You have authored basically the same material in two threads, almost simultaneously. One thread should be sufficient for this discussion. So with that, I'm going to close this thread and direct all further comments to siddharthsma's other thread that is linked below.


Thread Closed.

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