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Problem Lodge....

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 08:00 PM
Sure, I started my business Big Twinn Engine & Electric, the year I was certified by the Harley Davidson Motor company close to 27yrs ago, filled that business with $500,000 worth of equipment, built over 1000 Harley Davidson engines and then trashed my business web site with porn.
Take a look at my life time of work to do that, no one ever gave me a thing, I worked for it all. Look at 107 photos on 6 pages Some cats and guitars too.
If anyone thinks they are going to mess with that and get away with it, they are sadly mistaken.
Dont forget, there is RacerX also, 2 of us! And RacerX will return, and boy is he pissed! His business has been damaged more then mine
RacerX was secretary of the lodge for a short time until the Grand Master lied to him, he then quit. But he will return for the final round, right here on ATS, YAYYYY!
Through out this, the powers at the top have had more then enough time to get their act together and deal with it. Too bad, this Grand Master will be known for this for the rest of his years, and he deserves just that.
This would be quite the hoax of hoaxes, planning it 27 yrs ago, yes indeed!

Don Dyar

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Well bring it on Bully Masons, I would think you could find further ground to trash me. Like I wasted my life actually working, when I could have stolen money from the Lodge!
Honestly, some of you really turn my stomach.

Don Dyar Master Mason!

Ok, I feel better now, so here is a little joke for rockpuck.....

I went to a hockey game, and a Mason lodge broke out.

[edit on 19-5-2008 by HDFACTORYCERTIF]

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:26 AM
Last post I'll make in this thread, I swear it. Please don't censor it.

Originally posted by HDFACTORYCERTIF
Axeman, this is hard I know. But I will help you through this.

1. Spinning the kind of yarn you have here must be difficult, yes.

2. I don't need you to help me through it, but thank you for the offer.

As this unfolds, and we expose more documents, emails, and transcripts from recordings, ect.

Yes, yes. You've been saying that for months now. So far in the way of substantial, credible, even relevant evidence, we have:


I am afraid your toilet will explode.

I know one (former?) ATS member -- who shall remain nameless -- that would DEFINITELY believe you are a Mason now. Of course, he would have from the start. He thought everyone was a Mason. Good stuff.

Sort of an inside joke, sorry. Search ATS for "exploding toilets" and you may understand.

...a federal crime.

As I said in my previous post: Time/place/process.

Axeman, try some logic.

Yes! Logic is my friend! That is why I believe you to be a fake and after this last post, I wash my hands of the whole thing.

Also take note that this entire thread still exist. There is enough there that if it was not true it would have been already forcibly removed.

Why would ATS remove it? There is no way to prove/disprove what you claim in a concrete enough way for them to enforce the T&C's about posting knowingly false info etc. etc.

People even bought it for a while but you can only string people along for so long, even gullible people.

Why would ATS want to remove it anyway? You said yourself 13,000 some-odd hits; If people are reading this then they are on ATS and that's good for ATS, see?

It's actually funny you say that.

As I said to rockpuck, its OK to be mad at me, I am a big boy.

Oh, I ain't mad at ya buddy! It's cool; people play tricks on the internet all the time. In the end it's harmless, it's just a personal thing for some ATS members. That will naturally lead to friction, as it were.

The real problem here has been leadership in this lodge system.

You have in *no* way, shape, form, or fashion demonstrated this to be true. At all.

Once again, I told the Grand Master to control this situation or I will, since he most terribly failed. I have taken control. Since I am a machinist not a social worker, my methods be not gentle enough for you.

Are you implying that I am a social worker? Ummm... I'm not, if you were. Hell I'm not even if you weren't; I'm just not.

OK see this teeters on the edge of violation of the T&C's. I read this as an indirect (physical?) threat, directed at a specific person; i.e. M.'. W.'. Wayne I. Smith. Not only that, but libel and baseless accusations that have continued here for some months...

The ball was put into your court for awhile Axeman, but there is nothing you can do and I understand that.

You sent me a word file of a letter you *supposedly* sent to... someone... and a load of... well, shyte, frankly. You did, however, wish me a Happy Thanksgiving and I do appreciate that. I did, by the way.

I digress...

What I would do (assuming there were in fact a "ball" and/or "court") is have charges brought against you through the Junior Warden, just like I said I would. It's just I don't have to because it's all bollocks.

And here is the battle, civil/criminal law vrs the Masonic obligations, codes, teachings ect.

That statement tells me that you have a firm grasp on neither.

The two of us feel burned by these Masons and will prove in any arena that we have been attacked and why with malice.

And yet... you have not.

The completely stupid Grand Secretary said , "So What" to this criminal activity by this lodge of Monkeys.

Yet another libelous claim and ad hominem attack, this time directed at R.'. W.'. David P. Owen. That's not cool, man. Really. Not cool.

This is our town Axeman.

Not mine, Don. Whatever town -- in whatever world -- you're living in is your business, not mine.

I'm out. Good luck on your hit count. (BTW I authored the #1 and #2 most-replied-to threads ever in the SS section -- but who gives a damn?)




Please consider this another request to lock this thread; the member is making accusations and attacking the character of real people and to do so without proof as he has done is, if I'm not mistaken, indeed illegal. It is at the very least a violation of the T&C's -- just because the above mentioned gentlemen are not ATS members should not relieve Mr. HD of the agreement he made not to do those things, i.e. the Terms and Conditions agreed to upon joining ATS.

I could care less about legal action and I could care less if the thread stays here. In fact I would be upset if you DID delete it, as I see it as a prime example of an individual attempting to slander others only to have his story fall apart under scrutiny.

I expect nothing. That is, I do not feel offended or "demand action" on the part of ATS staff; it is simply a request. I do appreciate your consideration of it whatever the outcome, if any.


[edit on 5/21/08 by The Axeman]

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 01:41 AM
But Axeman, I have not named any names or places, I cant be liable for speculation by wildmen such as rockpuck and yourself.
Just because I fully and truthfully identified myself should not get your panties in a knot.
What you fear is when RacerX returns.
Further more, I did link to how my web site was hacked, how it was brought to my attention on clubchopper. This was found by a paid expert, I did scratch out the name of the perp who was web master for the lodge, York Rite and the state Masonic Alliance. Also the name of the expert was deleted, due to there are some people who may hurt him.
I can if you wish, provide to you my password to network solutions, if you wish to verify those findings of who did that to Big Twinn Engine & Electric.
As I posted in another thread, this really does not have anything to do with Masonry. These people would act the same in a bar or a church.

Don Dyar Master Mason

And again, this is how I found out my website was turned to porn. What kind of perverted piece of crap would do this? Answer, the same that did the rest.

[edit on 21-5-2008 by HDFACTORYCERTIF]

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by HDFACTORYCERTIF

Same as Axe, last post directed at you ever as you are officially going onto my ignore list:

Your a fake, you have no understanding on Masonry, how Masonry works nor even something as simple as the Masonic oaths .. you even botch when we do and do not take oaths let alone what they are.

If you are in fact a Mason, I hope it is a short while before you are officially expelled from the craft. I don't know what your hinting at, and I don't know what you chose a small town like Walla Walla to attack.. but you failed.

We see through you.

You type as if your in the age range of 12-16, not as an old man you claim to be. I think this displays why you 1. Know nothing about anything, and 2. Cannot come up with a decent story, or even a realistic story.

You where outed on this forum, you where outed on another forum, and you continue you this masquerade. Do you get something out of this? I don't know, I am ashamed for you.

I have to congratulate you though on having the longest standing blatant hoax on ATS .. I don't expect the Mods to close it, or remove you, or even put HOAX in the title .. for obvious reasons.

Before I digress to far from the topic let me just make my feelings toward you very clear.

I don't like you, I would never consider you my Brother, and I would never accept you to be a member of any lodge. I find your knowledge of Masonry to be disgraceful, your attitude childish and your vocabulary to be that of a preteen... I think your a kid who posts stupid crap on the internet and then shows your friend(s) (assuming you have one with that personality of yours) all the pranks you play on people, get off doing it, and even when it dies, continue on.

I can only thank you for your public demonstration of what Anti' Masons like your self stand for. Ignorance and a obscene public display of cowardice.

Best of luck on your next hoax. /blist

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by HDFACTORYCERTIF

This will be the one and only time I reply to you. Honestly, after this I am putting you on ignore. Stop with the silly stories. You've been caught and your obviously not taking your meds or you just get a kick out of getting attention on online forums.

Now that you've been exposed telling tall tales using the same "gun" and "documents" on different forums your trying to save face by attempting to tie it in one grand conspiracy. Bottom line is your own variations of the story contradict each other in regards to the "facts" you posted and the timeline doesn't add up either. Give it up already and get a new hobby.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 11:51 AM
My business web site hacking, is one of the few nasty little items, that we so far have not filed a complaint with law enforcement.
We were holding off on that as it will have a very negative impact on the fraternity as a whole, we were attempting to settle this first more or less with the higher ups.
That teen porn hacking really agitates you Bully Masons.
Once again for your inspection.....

Yes, Bully Masons, that was done by one just like you, one that thinks they are above the law. A Bully Mason with others, that fooled themselves to think they could get away with that and much more.

Don Dyar

By the way, this Bully Masonic Web Master, received the highest York Rite honor, so he boast anyway. Very impressive!

[edit on 21-5-2008 by HDFACTORYCERTIF]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:36 PM
MY, MY, MY or Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! Racer X and I face Masonic charges for truthful posting on ATS! Hell, last time they just plain threw us out on the spot!
Shucks, the Monkey Morons forgot to sign them!

Here is what ya do, try it again and sign them brain boys!

Don Dyar

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by HDFACTORYCERTIF

Ah, and when will they be doing this? .. I would love to attend the lodge meeting and then further more the Grand Lodge communication where you would be disgraced in front of every lodge.. I might even offer some evidence as to why you are the most disgraceful Mason I have yet to meet.

Of course, all that would be true if I thought you where a Mason to begin with, which you are not.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 06:57 PM
All a matter of perspective rockpuck. Your perspective is what it is, ours may differ.
Our perspective is, we never have seen any truth, light or whatever may be in your situation.
This bunch states, The obligations are meaningless words. There are no rules.

Interesting find here. I feel sorry for this guy.

Don Dyar

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by HDFACTORYCERTIF

What's that got to do with Washington? Or your lodge? Or your situation?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 08:12 PM
reply to post by Rockpuck

I'm beginning to think hes upset that he constructed this huge lie and then got mad when it was found out about. Hes been trying to salvage it for months now. He doesn't seem to understand its _over_ and NO ONE is going to believe him.

[edit on 12-6-2008 by ALightinDarkness]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 09:27 PM
Yes the same tired spiel from the Bully Masons!
What has interested me the most is, how weak they are. It would appear that the ones trying to put lipstick on a pig, pretending that nothing can go wrong in any Mason lodge are fooling just themselves.
In our observation of todays Masonry, it is for those that do not have the internal fortitude to make it through life on their own. They need a structure of Masters and Commanders to tell what to think and do, and give them a sense of belonging
RacerX and I are business men, we deal with a lot of people from day to day. I can say only one of my vendors is a Mason, his loyalty is only based on Money.
Possibly what bothers the Bully Masons about us the most is, we do not need you, in fact Masonry has become a detriment to our progress a financial burden, and a waste of time.
We walked away from the problem lodge long ago. The vindictive individuals continued to cause us problems, and thus resulting in these post and the course laid before us.
The fact in our town, the Masons destroyed their reputation many years ago, resulting in others walking out also.
Rockpuck says, now you will be humiliated in front of all the other Masons! What he does not understand is, it means nothing to us. They will do what they do and we will do what we do. Certainly not looking toward Masons for justice. Or a delusional Grand Master.
It can be seen in this link there is no justice in Masonry, and justice does not come from a Grand Stinky Old Man.

RacerX and I will do just fine and make more money than ever. If anything we have become stronger from this dreadful experience.

Stay tuned, rubber side down.
Don Dyar, Big Twinn Engine and Electric

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 09:33 PM
Actually, man, the MMasons on this board have been prett ygoodd about bad lodges and bad Masonic expieriences. when someone had a problem at theirs, they wante dto help. However, it turned out their help was unwarrented, and your behaviour adds to that.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:36 PM
Actually they helped considerably, they did everything I wanted them to do. My behavior is simply the way I am. Thats why I am payed so much for the custom work I do.
Being branded a horrible Mason is quite an honor considering where it comes from.

Don Dyar, Harley Davidson Factory Certified 1981

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:28 AM

Originally posted by HDFACTORYCERTIF
Possibly what bothers the Bully Masons about us the most is, we do not need you

You see, if that were actually true, then why is it that you repeatedly return to attempt to resurrect this sham of a thread of yours? It isn't Masons who keep picking at this. Ergo, some part of you really does need Masonry to rail against.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 03:42 AM
Well, James, could helpless be your true calling, I did use you all to get a nasty job that had to done. I fact I controlled you like brainless sheep.
What is absolutely funny about this whole thing is, I provided proof that can not be refuted, that a Bully Mason just like many here, and the web master for a state masonic alliance, did in fact turn my business web site into teen porn.
I even offered to give my password to network solutions for verification of this fact proving that a mason can indeed be a monkey.
Not one of the Bully Masons all filled with light and truth and with some sort of God mixed in, would dare to take it upon themselves to verify that.
And once again here it is, sick perverted masonic justice I would suppose, that caused severe damage to a "brothers" business, mine.

Discovered, when I was informed by the moderator on clubchopper here.

There it is, solid proof of monkey behavior in a mason lodge system.

I would suppose you Bullies find that funny. I can say that I am not amused. In fact I find sexual perversion such as that totally distasteful along with criminal.
Those are your brothers behind it, and got caught at it, so eat it and enjoy.
I do not hate you, I pity you.

Don Dyar, Master Machinist, builder of fast precision Harley Davidson engines. Over 1000 served.

[edit on 13-6-2008 by HDFACTORYCERTIF]

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 04:38 AM

You say that you belong to two lodges - one good, one bad.

If you were really in distress with regards to the 'bad lodge', as you claim, every single mason in your 'good lodge' would have done everything in their power to help you out of this predicament. By your own admission, all the brothers in your 'good lodge' are good masons.

I cannot believe that there is a single 'good mason' on the planet who would not have helped you out should your story be true. (Else they would not be good masons)

So, I am interested to see which fact you are going to suddenly change.

Are you:

1) Going to suddenly say that the masons in your good lodge are not actually good masons, in which case, you have been lying.

2) Going to say that even one good mason would not help out a distessed brother, in which case, you are lying.

3) Going to tell us that you don't actually belong to two lodges, in which case you have been lying.

If you really are a distressed brother, I offer to do everything in my power to help you. I have enough faith in the masonic system to know that I shall succeed in solving this problem for you.

Please U2U me the contact details of the brothers you have asked for help, as well as their lodge numbers. Please also U2U me the names of the brothers who have caused you this distress, and their lodge number. Please also U2U me the lodge number and contact details of the WM of your 'good lodge'. Finally, I need your details. Since I know you might not want to give your information to a stranger over the internet, I shall give you the contact details of my lodge, or even my grand lodge, so that you know that your information will be safe.

If you are genuine, I am offering to solve this problem for you, and I know I will succeed. If you are genuine, I shall ask every brother on this site to assist me in doing so, and I know not a single one of them will refuse to help me. Furthermore, I have a grand officer in my lodge, so the solution to this problem will be easy.

I await your U2U.

I am offering you the solution to this problem.

So, either U2U me what I have asked for, or be decent enough to admit that you were lying and apologize to the brethren.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 11:24 AM
Alright Saurus you are on!
Yes, one lodge RacerX and belong to are basic good people, mostly are elderly. They and you cant really do anything about a perverted dictatorship such as Grand Lodge.
Yes, the problems should and could of been dealt with early on. The Grand Lodge buckled to monkey business and created more on its own.
I am totally surprised the I have not been attacked on who I am, and that I am not Don Dyar owner of Big Twinn Engine and Electric, certified by the Harley Davidson Motor Company Dec 11, 1981 by John A Davidson.
Does anyone dare to dispute that?
Big mistake attacking one as well known in my industry, huge mistake.

Don Dyar

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:51 PM
A list of problems regarding your story HD:

1. You have never showed any evidence, or gave an inkling of possibility that you are a Master Mason. Your knowledge of the Craft is dismally pathetic, especially for one who has claimed to be sitting in an important officer chair....

2. You have proved to be hostile towards other Masons.

3. You have the vocabulary of a child.. Not to be directly insulting, but why do you use childish words like "Bully Mason" and "Monkey Mason"?

4. Highly defensive, you expect us all to believe you, and your wild tales. Your stories stretch so far from rationalization that it would be a miracle for ANYONE, anti mason or not, to trust what you say.

5. You have never shown or expressed any evidence or knowledge of the Craft, you have come out with absurd statements directed at me like "your not a Mason because you don't remember the Scottish Rite Oath!" .. OK.. What oath? .. And you have said that I am not a Freemason because I "claim" to be a 32nd degree Master Mason. Confusing, to say the least, and evidence imo that, especially you being an officer, you have no knowledge of Freemasonry.

6. You have shown ignorance in the matter of the basic ritual preformed in the opening of EVERY lodge meeting. Questions that with a little thought, you should have gotten near to the answer. Some say the question was not fair, however I know of no major differences in Washington ritual as far as the opening is concerned.

7. Your have expressed the intelligence of an anti Mason. Your postings are erratic, simplistic, wildly speculative, relying on pictures that offer evidence of nothing, poor vocabulary and a thought process expressed which says to me you are NOT a Freemason. Freemasons tend to be more intelligent quite honestly.

8. Wheres the proof? No proof has ever been provided. you have posted pictures of an old man in a bike shop. I can Google for pictures like this and come up with plenty.. it's not evidence. No evidence that you are a Freemason. No evidence of belonging to WallaWalla Lodge. No evidence of the supposed crimes. No information DIRECTLY given to Master Masons that have lead to any further clearing up of your supposed issues.

9. Incomplete story. It changes wildly, from apes in a lodge to attempted assassinations. You sire have had more excitement in the past year that most men enjoy in their entire life time. Suspicious, to say the least.

Again. I think your a child sitting at a computer in his mothers house getting off with friends while posting nonsense. I would not be surprised to find you have another handle on ATS, and angry at being refuted made some wild story under a new name. All speculation, sure, but you express the same simplistic and childish intelligence and posting habits of most Anti Masons.

10. You brought Lodge Politics to a public forum, which is a blackball offense. IF you are a Master Mason, which I know your not.. you have committed an unforgivable offense.

And for someone preaching about "meaning less obligations" you sure shattered yours didn't you? I suppose your Oaths and Obligations where meaning less words to you? Even if your story is true, you still violated your oath and should be quickly expelled.

I have no regrets to partake in this thread.. it's a shining example to the World that reads it the lowly and pathetic levels Antimasons stoop to attack Freemasonry. I only wonder where the Modship on ATS went and why they play the politically correct game with you..

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