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Problem Lodge....

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 02:50 PM
Back to the topic... before it was derailed...

Originally posted by Rockpuck
reply to post by The Axeman

I concure..

I understand several of us have contacted members of said lodge, apparently from the sounds of it we all contacted different people..


No one has produce any form of evidence, publicly, unless being withheld from the message boards, that any of the activities that HD has said are true.


To be fair.

No evidence has come forth that has also said that HD is lieing.. however given the extreme nature of said claim that originated from HD.. one should expect even the slightest of information the proven true by the OP of this thread. However, it was not, the OP has offered no proof, only whining type ranting on about "monkeys" and specific offenses of the gravest of nature against him, but again, without proof.

So with no substantial proof one way or the other, and with only one members word who has, unlike the majority of the Masons on ATS, been unable to prove himself to be a Master Mason, I honestly cannot say that his story has even the slightest thread of merit to it. Because of the nature of the offenses he is detailing, he has incriminated him self above all others. It is Masonic custom to keep the affairs of any Masonic Lodge private and withheld from the public. It is our right as a private institution to keep our affairs to our selves, to keep internal conflicts within the Masonic jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge where the offenses take place. To openly discuss the offenses that HD has brought forth may be important, and if true, it would surely be a sad day for Masonry and I would expect the swiftest of responses from the Grand Lodge of Washington. However, the offenses of one Masonic lodge under the Grand Lodge of Washington are not the affairs of any other Grand Lodge, and have no business in public view.

Even if what he says IS true, there is NOTHING any Brother here or reading this else where can do for HD's situation. His energy, if he is a brother, is best spent pressuring local lodges and the Grand Lodge. My honest advice to you would be to attend the next Washington Communication, and publicly bring this attention to the every Lodge in Washington. If your story is true, and if you are in fact a Master Mason, and you are an officer like you claimed, speaking at the communication if all else has failed will incite enough to cause change.

Why you thought bringing your nonesense to a public conspiracy forum was the right choice is beyond me. I will assume it was blatant ignorance on your part. Perhaps you think you where in the right, when in fact your not. In fact, its an offense all in its self.

But I don't think your a Master Mason, or a Mason at all, and I doubt you ever had the honor of being an officer in any Masonic Lodge. I think your a liar, and I believe your entire story to be fictitious in nature. I believe you failed at showing your self as a Mason, you don't speak like a Mason, and you do not express any Masonic attributes. This of course is my opinion. But what I believe sold you off as a fraud to my self and many others.. is just the sheer ignorance of bringing such a matter as federal offenses occuring within a Lodge to a public forum, an offense I personally find as worthy for expulsion.

So whether or not your story is true no longer concerns me. There is no proof either way, however, proof that it is not true is not as necessary as proof that it IS true. The burden is on you to provide the evidence to publicaly prosecute our Brothers on this forum, and you failed to do such. So like Axe, I do not care your outcome, and I will not participate in finding out either way whether this story is true or false. I believe your a fraud, and I believe not out of personal spite but instead simply because YOU made me believe this by YOUR own actions.

So, if you are a Master Mason, I advise you to keep it between Masons who can assist you.

If your not, may you rot in the darkest recesses of the most desolate chamber that God keeps stored for liars, users and frauds.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by The Axeman
reply to post by intrepid

God willing, the topic has died.


I thought it died a LONG time ago, but he popped back into ATS with all kinds of new shennanigans..

I honestly wish my life was as exciting as HD's is haha...

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by Rockpuck

I've been patiently waiting for reports of exploding toilets...

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 04:12 PM
I have been following this thread from the beginning and i agree that alot does not seem to add up.

If HD truly is a fellow brother i think, along with others, that it's outrageous that he would think about posting it up on a conspiracy forum, why on earth would you seek advice on a forum where a vast number of users despise Freemasons? That just being one point.

I ask HD if he can explain why to even think about posting it on this forum?

I also think that if HD truly wants to continue this topic and try regain some respect from other members, this proof he keeps saying he will provide, for his own sakes better be arriving first class by plane any minute.

Otherwise, admit defeat, request topic be locked.

posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 05:02 AM
As much as I hate to ressurect this thread, I had to post this update in case there was any lingering doubt. I knew if I bided my time and waited this clown would make a mistake. I present to you evidence from HD's own writing that he was full of doo doo the whole time.

Check and Mate. Here he is in the Chopper forum AGAIN after I already pulled his posts. He is using the same exact pictures he used as proof here in his "Evil Masons" story, except now the story is that all of the problems were caused 15 years ago by a police informant from Montana. The gun pic, the "hacked" website picture, the "documents" he said revealed it was the Masons that hacked his site (except now they reveal it was an informant from Montana!). Even the titles on the pics were changed to match his new BS story....

I hope this puts an end to the smear campaign he tried to put against the ATS members here. I think I'll blow the whistle on him on the Chopper forum as well just because this kind of thing annoys me. All hail the lurker with too much time on his hands! *flex*

EDIT - Also check his other post about 5 down from the one I posted. Post #1582. Need to read both to get the full effect.

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 08:34 AM
Although I've experienced some officers acting less then solemn during many communications, I simply do not believe the OP, obviously he's having a laugh.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 06:48 PM
Unfortunately very serious.
You will get more than you ever wanted.
Thank you to those that contacted others at the heart of this problem.
I recieved a threatening letter from our deranged Grand Master!
In this letter, he threatens to discipline me for posting on ATS! He demands it removed.
What is discipline? Well, my business web site was directed to a teen porn site!
Whats going to happen now? My house wallpapered with it?
Here is the problem, some have been scammed to think that all the Mason codes and ect trumps civil and criminal law.
How about freedom of speech?
I fully intend to give you a civics lesson Mr Grand Master. You have my reply.
The clock is ticking.

Don Dyar

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 07:16 PM

Originally posted by Zenskeptical
I didnt mean that as you took it.

A master mason would know his duties and i would like to think know how to perform them- not asking on the internet for help.

sometimes you need help where ever you can find it.
and knowing that a few masons read these forums and write in them it may be a good anonymous place to find advice.
I would not attend lodge at this particular place and at the least petition a PM or another lodge member to join as witness and have the Grand Lodge suspend this Lodge until the officers and members act accordingly.
I sometimes have yawned during practice and ceremonies- and practice is boring sometimes, but this behavior is so against what masonry is about i would try to expel the offenders. good luck

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 08:39 PM
rockpuck what you last wrote is good!
Here is the problem, many members are afraid and I can say all members are diving under a rock at this time.
The Grand Lodge really screwed up at the start and could of dealt with it. They said they would, then buckled.
By not dealing with this only caused the Monkeys to act out in various attacks on the two of us, compounding the problems. On this, the two of us talked personally with the Grand lodge folks. As I stated before, I told the Grand Master to control these people or I will. This made the Grand Secretary mad, he screamed "dont give the Grand Master an ultimatum" I then turned to the Grand Master and said,, What do you want me to do, he said go to lodge and we will handle it.
They failed to handle it, and, thus you are seeing it here.
Sure, we are probably crappy Masons, but, we are new to this and had our training by these people.
We, from the start have been pushed, pushed, through this stuff, we had to be officers, we had to join this and that.
At this point, non of the Masonic stuff makes any sense to us, but, as Americans we are not going to be culpable for criminal activity for anyone.
We just want this nightmare that has been waged on ourselves and family to end. It will end, because it must end.
If the ending is reasonable, we should probably be retrained as Masons.
This, I think could be worked out, even at this late date. But some one at the Grand Lodge level? Needs to come forth and help.
Until this missing leadership surfaces, we will have to go forth and deal with this.
You see, we have quit attending lodge, yet we are still being harassed, we simply have to stop this anyway we can.
I still cling to belief that Masons are good. My Grand Father and Father were Masons in this very lodge. They were good people.
Some one needs to explain to me truthfully, what the hell happened!!!

Thanks and God Bless,
Don Dyar

I am going to add this for the Grand Lodge bunch. Look at me! A real person that you have intentionally hurt.

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by HDFACTORYCERTIF

That picture was taken in the year of 2000 lol.

If your going to be a fraud, be a good fraud damnit!

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 01:07 AM
How about this one? This is with the Alex Singer racing bicycle that the famous Ernest Csuka of Cycles Alex Singer built for me in 1970.
I am even wearing the dumb ass Mason hat I bought at the last Grand Lodge Comunication! photo 6months or so ago.
I tell you what, I will see about having a live cam going
Of course nothing will satisfy you, but thats OK, get back on the phone and complain, tell them that terrible Don Dyar is still posting on ATS!!!!!!

A funny thing rockpuck, I see your 32 degree Master Mason handle, but there is only 3 degrees. Your are a 32nd Scottish Rite.
I attended a public Scottish Rite Officers installation, I heard what you swore to. Upon hearing that and me having a machinist memory, I know what you swore to, and you are attempting to do that.
Could be your efforts toward me are wasted, and it may be better to keep your cool and think of a way to help the situation, as I really am just but a symptom of a lodge and Grand Lodge gone haywire, so to speak.
Heck, if you are a good boy when this is all over, I may let you take my 1965 Harley shrine bike for a spin!
Wow rockpuck talk about spreading misinformation, the photo of me leaning on one of the best lathes ever crafted by man. Looking at the pratical machinist forum where I registered in May 2003. Thats when I purchased that lathe from the government. That photo is no more then 2 years old as I moved the machine to that spot around then. Just try to get something right for a change rockpuck, things go better that way.

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 04:22 AM
Its a little late here but I will move forward with "Grand Lodge civics instruction 100". This also applies to the current officers of the problem lodge.

Never get in your fancy car with all your gold and general city slicker crap and go to a small town and rub a home boys face in s**t, dont do that.

Never threaten a home boy, never, what happens is, the others that have to live here with us cant side with you.

Never threaten a home boy, never, you have lost much support and more is forthwith, you are being ratted out.

Never attempt to get a home boy to commit or cover up a crime, we are honest here. Use your city scum for that operation.

Study this as there will be a test next week.

Civics Professor and certified Harley Davidson tech,

Don Dyar

My certification for the nay sayers-

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 08:33 AM
AdamL, Wonderful, you really asked for it and here it comes. I really didnt want to bring this up but here it goes!!

The Secretary of the problem lodge belonged to a motorcycle gang by the biker name "Cream Jeans" in the the gangs "The Under Takers" WOW!! Before that The "Sonnenoff Gang", even more impressive!! Whats even more fun, yes indeed the Secretary of the problem lodge was informing for the police on other clubs.
But due to his total failure in this area also, this resulted in no other than the Banditos coming to his house and taking his colors, patch or whatever and telling him they would kill him if they ever see him anywhere.
Lets face it, police informers are scummy, they are involved in drugs and other nasty things.

We will just have another little look at This fellow that the problem lodge voted in.

Not only did the problem lodge buy computers and share baby pictures with him, they loved him.
Yes indeed Jeff Gene Mader was an informer also. He was injected into RacerX business and caused more than $100,000 damage that RacerX is still recovering from.

Now, lets talk about drugs. I informed the Grand Master that the Junior Warden of the problem lodge was dealing METH, We discovered this when we were approached by a local person that wanted his camera back that he hocked to the Junior Warden for METH.
I informed the Grand Master and others of this by email, that I will soon share with you all here.
Here is how the drug dealing system works here. We are blessed with a State prison. Drugs are smuggled in, but, the inmates cant hide tons of cash, so, the cash is handled outside by cohorts.
In our investigation of the problem lodge bank accounts it was discovered that not only was a huge amount of money missing and the lodge has 15 bank accounts, there have been multitudes of bank wire transfers using the lodge accounts. This lodge does absolutely no charity work.
This lodge has alot of money that was left to it from dead Masons
RacerX and I reported this to higher law enforcement after the Grand Master attempted to cover it up.
Now the stings and other nasty things, you see when one starts uncovering criminal acts bad things happen to them.
We first caught on to Jeff Gene Mader when he approached us on the drug dealing in an attempt to cut us in on the cash as we were catching on to the skim that the problem lodge was getting. When that didnt work things like the gun happen. More on the gun later as that is developing.

the gun-

AdamL, look what you have done! I certainly did not want to drag the Masons into of all places clubchopper! I was only talking of police stings there!
Now, I have to go over to clubchopper, where I had posted thousands of times and clear up your blunder!
ATS is going to be over run by bikers, because I most certainly have to link all this over there to clear my good name.
AdamL, before the next time you do something like that, check with me!

Don Dyar

Grand Lodge Officers, more civics lessons are coming!

Another foot note,
What is really sad is, some people are really going to get hurt over all this that dont deserve it, some have just done stupid things that are tied to the other crimes.
There have been so many human interactions regarding the problem lodge that makes things a bit confusing.
The main cause of these problems is money and greed, however, the Grand Masters failure is not excusable. As he was informed all along and did nothing but cover up criminal acts and allow this to reach this point.
The Grand Master is delusional that threats, malice from others, and bully tactics can solve these kinds of problems.

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 10:56 AM
Oh for the love of...

Just stop already. You're only making yourself look foolish now and I have to tell you - If I believed at this point that you *were* a Mason, I would contact your JW to file charges and have you expelled.

Time/place/process. If you were what you claim to be you'd know better.

Maybe you should take up fishing. Libel isn't working out so well for ya.

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by The Axeman

hehe.. I am just glad to see this God forsaken thread is being ignored.

We needn't loose any more of our Brethren over this troll.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 11:57 AM
Axeman, this is hard I know. But I will help you through this.
As this unfolds, and we expose more documents, emails, and transcripts from recordings, ect. I am afraid your toilet will explode.
This certainly could have been all avoided if the Grand Lodge would have done the right thing from the start.
Really sorry to have to do this, but threatening and damaging the businesses of two home town boys was not smart. This was the worst and most stupid action of the Secretary of the problem lodge, turning my business web site to porn, a federal crime.

And actually the least of the problems facing this situation.
Axeman, try some logic. Some have made contacts, and through this nothing would be confirmed or denied. Think about that.
Also take note that this entire thread still exist. There is enough there that if it was not true it would have been already forcibly removed.
You all well know my name is Don Dyar a real person and much to your dismay a Mason.
You see, since the Grand Lodge concurs with the Master of the problem lodge that the obligations are meaningless words, and the state Masonic code can be twisted as Charles Manson reads the Bible and hears things in Beatles music, and the fact that the state Masonic code was held from us through most of this ordeal. We chose to follow the laws and have the rights of this great country.
As I said to rockpuck, its OK to be mad at me, I am a big boy. The real problem here has been leadership in this lodge system.
Once again, I told the Grand Master to control this situation or I will, since he most terribly failed. I have taken control. Since I am a machinist not a social worker, my methods be not gentle enough for you.
The ball was put into your court for awhile Axeman, but there is nothing you can do and I understand that.
And here is the battle, civil/criminal law vrs the Masonic obligations, codes, teachings ect.
The two of us feel burned by these Masons and will prove in any arena that we have been attacked and why with malice.
The completely stupid Grand Secretary said , "So What" to this criminal activity by this lodge of Monkeys.
This is our town Axeman.

Don Dyar

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 01:17 PM
Just look at this mess!! over 13000 hits!

I was just contacted by a local business leader"not a Mason", as many in town are aware of whats going on and are following this.
He wants me to hold off just a little, in effort to control damage to the name of our good town.
This situation with the Masons here, in no way has any bearing on my home town, even though some non Masons will have some problems resulting from it.
The Masons have developed a bad reputation long before RacerX and I joined.
From what I understand, some here want the building bulldozed!
The bully Masons here on this site are quite frustrated, as never before has anything like this happened. And the nature of the internet changes all that.
Due to the structure of Masonic systems no one from the outside has any pull, as Axeman offered help but was not able to do anything. I do thank him for trying.
I still have to deal with what AdamL did on clubchopper however.

Don Dyar

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 06:33 PM

I am not a mason, and I have no vested interest in this particular topic. However, the thread intrigued me and I read it. It is extremely obvious that you are simply making all of this up - to what ends I'm not sure - but your story is a failure and no one believes it.

I must thank you though, as your seeming hatred for a institution for which you are NOT a member of has inspired me to look into the masons more and consider joining. The patience and willpower the masons on this thread have shown gives me a great respect for the organization.

It's over, Don. Even non-masons know by now your just making this up.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 06:54 PM
Well now, the bully Masons really attempt to make it seem that way. But the fact is the Grand Lodge is not able to remove this thread because its true.
Look closely at the photo of the gun, see the header? They can not remove that because its true, and they are very mad.
Ha, even the family of Jeff Gene Mader or the police handler of him can not do anything either, again, because its true.
Calls that have been made by others to others under the hammer who will not confirm or deny, because its true.
Just hold on, I have some meetings coming up in regard this situation and then the letters, emails, lodge minutes, charges, reinstatment letter, names, and much more will be posted

Don Dyar

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by HDFACTORYCERTIF

Dude, the Grand Lodge can't do crap about this thread because they don't have anything to do with ATS. How many threads do you see deleted here? I've seen them moved and closed, but not delleted. Even proven hoax threads are kept here for reference.
So the the veracity of a thread has nill to do with the thread existing.

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