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Information on underground bases

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posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 06:23 AM
Im very new to this forum but it seems there are many sensible and critically thinking people on this board. I have been an avid UFO-Extraterrestrial researcher in the past few years of my life and many times the talk of underground bases, supposedly run cooperatively between the American government and the Greys has come up several times. Locations such as Dulce, New Mexico, i've heard of bases underneath northern and southern California, and also of a base under Mt. Shasta, even underground cities with vast networks, more specifically one city by the name of Agartha has come up. However i have found no conclusive evidence to support the claims that these bases exist with the exception of the Dulce, New Mexico base. Can anyone provide further evidence or shed light on what they've found on this subject?

Agartha Wikipedia Link -

Dulce, New Mexico Testimonies -

I could not provide anymore links due to time constraint however if one simply Googles the information, multiple sources are listed as to underground bases as well as their function.

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