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Proper use of a Taser

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 05:43 PM
There have been a lot of taser incidents lately and a lot of the posts are debates about what can be called "proper" usage of a taser. I thought I would post this video since I believe it exemplifies a textbook case of the proper use of a taser in the line of duty.

The officer tried his hardest to talk the guy down. The guy was threatening him repeatedly and the officer didn't lose his cool. He was even going after him while the officer still tried to calm the situation without the use of force. The perp was bigger than the officer and he had no backup present. He ran out of ways to diffuse the situation and had to taser him imo.

Once he was down he didn't continue to zap him to let out his rage or to teach him a lesson or any other number of dumb and malicious reasons. He still continued to treat him like a human being when he was down and politely asked his wife (lol) to stop taping it and to stop antagonizing the inebriated man.

All in all, I think the cops abusing their taser finger should get a pen and paper and take notes as this is what an officer of the law should aspire to be.

Like I said before, my main reason for posting this is it makes a good reference for taser applicability.

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