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Ghosts are spirits serving Satan

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posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by Zane Zackerly

When you die as a saved person, I believe your "ticket" to Heaven means that angels are waiting when you die to whisk you off to Paradise. You have no means of getting there on your own. When an unsaved person dies, there are no angels waiting. The dead person is simply left to his own devices. Because the enemy is like a lion seeking whom he may devour, he and his minions roam the earth looking for fresh disembodied souls. I believe actual "damnation" and being "sentenced" to punishment don't actually happen until judgment day. The saved dead are in Paradise until then; the unsaved dead are disembodied spirits that are earthbound but subject to demonic capture and removal to Hell.

I think you guys are making it a little too easy on yourself. I'm not a Christian, but I do believe in God and also in what I call the "Dark Side." What kills me, though, is that Christians always think that whoever has "accepted Jesus as his savior" is automatically "saved."

Here's my take on this thing: I believe that how well you fare in the afterlife mainly depends on how well you lived. For example, I once heard a story of a mother with two sons -- one a born-again Christian, the other not. The born-again Christian basically didn't give a damn about his elderly mother and was a greedy, self-absorbed person. The other dedicated himself caring for his mother and was a thoroughly loving, caring being. The latter son died and the priest who came to the mother expressed his regret that her son was going to hell. "At least the other one is saved," he said.

See what I mean? Since I know for a fact that not all devout Christians are loving, caring (or even halfway decent) people, I truly don't think Jesus/God would prefer those to someone who didn't believe but spend their entire life in service to others.

I recently read something (forgot where and by whom) that said there are basically two paths in life: Service to Self and Service to Others. I think THAT would be a much better criterium to determine who's good, bad or "saved" than anything else.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by Zane Zackerly

Similarly, there is evidence to at least suggest that phenomena such as UFO's, Bigfoot, and even the Loch Ness monster may in fact be demonic in origin!

I'm still out on the UFOs, but I'd like to step in front of poor Bigfoot and Nessie (or Vermont's Champ) here. I'm completely convinced that both of those have perfectly natural origins. I think that our scientists are mistaken in their belief that this, that or the other species have become completely extinct. They just have retreated in the darkest, most secluded places on earth and hide from humans (which they do well to do). So, I think Bigfoot is one of our Neanderthal-like ancestors (or a split-off mutation from those), and Nessie/Champ are the last members of the plesiosaurus family that have managed to survive untouched.

Case in point: I just watched an episode of "Monster Quest" on History Channel, about Sasquatch. A sasquatch was believed to have visited a cabin deep in the Canadian woods and stepped on a nailboard that the owners had left out to divert intruders. A microbiologist analyzed the blood and tissue samples from the board in his lab and found that the DNA was 99% human, with the exception of one gene sequence that resembled that of a chimpanzee. That's enough proof for me.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by Zane Zackerly

What endgame to frightening people? Perhaps we are closer to the end of the world than we think and the Devil is desperate. He doesn't care anymore. That is an unanswerable question.

Here's my theory: to be able to get to you, the "Dark Side" has to be a) invited in, or b) somehow make a hole in your aura so you're vulnerable to them.

In my experience, they operate in two ways: they try to either tempt you or scare the sh** out of you. With the scares, they try to make you so fearful and paralyzed that they can find an "opening" to directly influence or possess you. That's probably why someone with a very strong faith and solid spiritual foundation can resist them and drive them away.

The temptation part is harder to figure out, and I think that's the way they get most people through. They will -- directly or through a human messenger -- offer to give you something you want VERY MUCH (maybe even more than anything else). Of course that offer comes with strings attached...

I had them try both on me, and a couple times they almost succeeded. Once or twice I was only saved because I must have had hordes of guardian angels around me at the time. As for discernment between good and evil spirits: it can be incredibly hard, but quite often they will betray their true intentions. Good signs are: a) they start flattering you and make you feel like you're something special or "chosen" for some special task; b) the line, "... and you can have ANYTHING you want." (Beware when you hear that line!!!)

Agents of the Dark Side can portray themselves as spirit guides, passed-over relatives, angels, highly advanced extraterrestrials, etc. And make no mistake: many of them are incredibly smart and can tell you about God, the universe, spirituality, purportedly conveying great "truths." Often they mix some great truth in with their lies to make their stories more convincing. They are residing in the lower astral realms, closest to our dimension, that's why they're so easily contacted via Ouija boards and other relatively simple means. I once read some author's opinion that EVERYTHING that could be that easily contacted HAD to be evil; he said angels and truly advanced beings would gently nudge and influence us through our intuition and not intervene or talk to us directly. I found that interesting.

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 12:54 PM

Originally posted by Zane Zackerly
Now that I've gotten your attention.

I've made a study of ghosts, poltergeists, and related phenomena for decades.

I've slowly come to the conclusion that "ghosts", i.e. disembodied spirits of the dead, are one of two things:

1) They are demons masquerading as souls of the dead in order to deceive the living that "there is no Heaven or Hell."


2) That they really are the souls of the unsaved dead, but they have been drafted into the service of deceiving the living by the Evil One.

I am a Christian, and the Bible clearly forbids people to contact the dead.


I believe it is because the dead who belong to God immediately go to Heaven. The damned, on the other hand, do not NECESSARILY go straight to a Hell where they are "separated for all eternity." I believe the Devil and his angels are able to "come and go" from the nether regions, and either masquerade as the souls of the dead, or the souls of the dead themselves (under the control of demons) are able to come and go from "Hell".

I'll cite as one example the TV show "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel. Based on actual events, episode after episode brings up situations where the entities "haunting" a dwelling turn out to be either demons or "spirits of the dead" under the control of demons.

This is why you are forbidden to contact the dead. If your Aunt Lucy went to Heaven, you CANNOT contact her. A demon will pretend to be her.

If your Aunt Lucy went to Hell, then even if you contact her, you are not contacting "good ol' Aunt Lucy"; you are contacting "Aunt Lucy as the demons have corrupted and enslaved her."

I'm sure many of you will disagree with this, and that's fine. Please give your evidence as to why I'm wrong and don't simply be insulting.

I'm sure others of you will be able to submit evidence as to why I'm correct.

The Bible forbids Necromancy but not because spirits are demons. The Bible identifies a number of unclean spirits like the Shedim and Seirim. The thing is they dont pose as dead people. They are not considered Dead.

On the other hand the Witch from Endor raised a prophet from the dead, when King Saul consulted her. This was Samuel according to the Bible not some demon. That is what is forbidden. Necromancy and Demonolatry are two completely different things according to the Bible. Both are forbidden, but they are not the same thing.

In addition to this, Satan does not reign, live, dwell, or visit hell/Gehenna. That is a Sunday School myth like the Three wise men. There's no three wise men, there's just three gifts. Likewise according to the Bible Satan travels back and forth from Heaven to Earth and its implied He dwells in the Heavens.

So if one follows and believes the Bible, one would clearly not think Ghosts are Spirits serving Satan. It all depends on what one believes. If you want the Biblical version I gave you a brief idea. If you want other versions I can give you an idea about those too.

I personally believe in anomlous phenomena. Alot of it is very deceptive. I wouldn't just outright label it demonic though. The Phenomena can't be labeled into black and white. It seems much more complex and there are alot of things where the Bible is vague, contradictory, or just plain doesnt answer.

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