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test all candidates for public service

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 04:05 AM
THis is a call to completely change americas legal and justice system.

A: stop the war on drugs, replace it with rational policy and humane treatment of nonviolent addicts. I.E restrict police ability.

B: Put all presidential candidates through more than 30 minute debates on abc moderated by wimps. I want 20 candidates or more, more election processes, and no electronic voting.

C: when elected, a president, congressman etc.. must go through a series of tests, written and physical including a lie detection test using safe serums to extract truth from questions that tell if one is lying.

D: Stop the use of tasers by police. Limit the powers of police and choose sane officers who know how to handle situations without getting gun happy on innocents. Not mindless obedient slave drones.

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